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Mr. Cartwright and Mr. Kanjorski are the same person but Cartwright wants 22 more years to get where Kanjo got. During that time, he would be able to be a solution.  Like Kanjo, his model, however, he will not sacrifice his personal, political ambitions, put his nose to the grindstone and in his important role, will not do what is necessary to assure that America is solvent again and that no financial corporations (banks) are in a position to rip off the country and a substantial portion of the citizen's hard earned retirement investments. 

But, for his own reasons,like Kanjo, when it comes to helping the people, Cartwright is AWOL. He has not been the solution then and he surely is not the solution now.  It is time that he ejects himself or if necessary is pulled from the game before he can hurt the team anymore than he already has. Cartwright has no original thoughts. He was and still is and will still be part of the problem if we let him return. It is time to go. You may know that our Congressman carries some big titles given to him by the Communists and Socialists in the Party. He will support either of the communists running for the Presidency. I will not. He offers no thoughts on the solution for potential future financial meltdowns and he wither will be under his desk or hidden so he can say he did not see it coming.  Despite his impressive titles, we, his constituents have no obligation to permit him to make a bigger mess out of America by helping his buddy Barack when Obama is on the outside looking in. Let's get rid of the problem and get him out of office.  

Whether you find me to be the right person or not to represent you, the one thing I am sure of is that neither Paul Kanjorski nor Matt Cartwright are the right man.  Kanjo may have been at one time but Cartwright can't even tie Kanjo's shoes. Do not wait for the general election. Make your decision in the primary. Do not give Paul Kanjorski whoops, Matt Cartwright, your vote.  If you hear my message and you choose not to give Cartwright your vote in the primary, I have accomplished my mission even if you choose not to give your vote to me.  

Still, I ask you for your vote. I am a regular person like you. My total campaign war chest is $0.00. I am my own man. I am taking no contributions from my neighbors and most importantly, I am taking no contributions from the machine.  The bottom line is that with nobody investing in my run for Office, I am trying to gain your favor so that I can help NEPA and I can help America to get back on its feet.  I ama a write-in candidate so remember the coach of Notre Dame, Brian Kelly, my namesake, and use the spelling of his name when you write me in in April. It's easy. Do it for America.   

I was a little league and soccer coach like you. I have a loving family like you, I am a member of the American Legion and the Catholic War Veterans like you and like you, I absolutely love America.  I want America to stay America, and I promise I will work hard for the people of NEPA to assure just that we can again be proud of our country. 

Vote against Washington and for yourself

I think that the people of Northeastern Pennsylvania owe Paul Kanjorski a debt of gratitude.  He did not get elected thirteen times to Congress because he did not help a lot of people.  I am sure he still believes he did the right thing voting for Obamacare and the Bailouts and the Energy Tax and all of the socialist legislation that Nancy Pelosi pushed through the House of Representatives. The fact is however, that what Congressman Kanjorski did was not in the best interests of Northeastern Pennsylvania, the country or the people.  He has been out of the territory for some time now but his replacement, Matt Cartwright, like Kanjo misses the sentiments of the people. Kanjo did the wrong thing. Maybe if he were reelected, he would be contrite and help the people as he should have. Cartwright is no Kanjo. I have analyzed his positions and if you think Barack Obama is a president who has hurt America, there is not one thing that Obama is for that Cartwright is against. Cartwright is Obama in white face.  

In his heart, as  Christian he knows that he has done the wrong thing in siding against the people in the flurry of a potential legislative victory.  And, so I am asking Matt Cartwright to withdraw his petition to run for the Congress in the 17th District of the State of Pennsylvania.  Matt, do one for the Gipper!  You have worked hard in your four years to help Obama destroy America. In Kanjos years before his last ten, he was a better man than Matt Cartwright. So, we in NEPA, should celebrate his service (Kanjo's). I would be pleased to give one of the many toasts at the victory ceremony marking Cartwright's decision to step down.   

I am not trying to be cute.  I think Congressman Kanjorski could have left a hero about ten years sooner. Kanjo was a part of the least loved Congress that has ever occupied the halls of Congress. Cartwright is a mime for Barack Obama, the only president whose ratings are less favorable than Jimmy Carter's.  I would hope that because of his anti-NEPA platform, in the APril Democratic Primary, the people of District 17 choose to effectively eliminate the incumbent from consideration and write-in Brian Kelly as their selection. It is time Mr. Cartwright retire while he can still do more lawyer work. Hopefully, he can do pro-bobo activity for the people to make up for his two terms in Congress.      

As a reflection of the sentiments of ordinary people, many across the US had singled out Paul Kanjorski as one of the bad guys in his day. They picketed his office because he helped create these big problems for America.  For NEPA, Kanjo, other than his personal indiscretions, served better than Matt Cartwright. Cartwright needs to go before he becomes too powerful.

Ordinary Americans want to trust their government again, and we are all looking for leaders that love America first -- with no apologies.  We are looking for leaders who will help ensure that this great country honors the sacrifices of those who have preceded us. 

Though those who Democrats who love America faced a huge defeat when Obama was reelected by the fringes of society in 2012, it is not time to give up! It is time to force those who either created this mess or who admire this mess (Matt Cartwright) out of office and replace them with leaders who will work tirelessly to assure the same opportunities we all had in our lives to those who will come after us.  With Cartwright and Obama, we may not have an America to enjoy.