Write in BRIAN KELLY for Congress PA District #8 Primary in 2022

Brian Kelly for Congress PA District #8 Primary in 2022 :

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I am Brian kelly and I am running for Congress. Though I am 62 and able to collect social security, I am hoping to put in two more good years of work.  I'm thinking of beginning my new two-year job on January 3, 2011.  Of course that January 3 2011 date is all up to folks like you. If you decide to send me to Congress for those two years, I can promise two things for sure.  Nobody will own me and I will work for you -- the people of Northeastern Pennsylvania.


When you and I look at the Congress of these United States in the past two years, I bet we both think that nobody is thinking.  Issue after issue from bailouts to the big pork bill to the energy tax, and now the preoccupation with making the US health system into another Post Office, I have found our current congressman voting for things that you and I know are wrong.  


This is killing our country and killing jobs in Northeastern Pennsylvania. He might not like to admit it but our Congressman voted nine - that's nine out of ten times in the last year for Nancy Pelosi instead of for Northeastern Pennsylvania.  The only time our incumbent did not vote Pelosi's way was for the healthcare abortion amendment authored by Bart Stupak of Michigan. 


This prohibited Obamacare from funding abortions through taxpayer dollars. Thank you for that Congressman Kanjorski. But, that is just 10% out of 100%.  At Marywood, in high school, and even in grade school, a 10% grade is a failure.


This is a failure that is being paid for by all Americans especially those of us in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  Now that the people have begun to keep score, It's time we got some passing grades from Congress.  Yet, in their arrogance they are still trying to jam stuff we do not want down our throats. Just like many of you, I say, Throw the Bums Out! And that means our own incumbent must also go.   


I thought about how I could help. I thought long and hard.  I am ready to make myself available for service to our country. This is the right time of my life. I am schooled on the issues.  I am ready to bring the hijacked government of this United States back to the people. I hope that 433 other new people join me in Congress on January 20, and I hope Ron Paul is reelected and that he becomes the defacto leader of the House. He's prettier than Nancy Pelosi anyway.


Why is it that today's Congress wants to give all of the earnings of the working man to the non-worker? There are two answers. Philosophically many Democrats have become socialists and more and more on the hard left espouse Marxism and Communism as the way to redistribute your wages to the guy down the street who sleeps all day.  The second answer is that they buy votes with your money.  This is not my democrat party or yours.  They also beleive in healthcare redistribution.


They want to redistribute your health insurance to someone who never had it and put you on a plan of healthcare rationing.  At a $trillion dollars in cost, the money is coming out of somebody's pocket. It's your pocket.  Moreover, $500 billion is coming from reduced Medicare benefits.


All of these socialist programs are going to bankrupt this country. We can not sustain the debt.  If you spent like the government, you could not even get a credit card let alone a car loan.  The Chinese hold a substantial part of our debt. In other words, the Chinese own a big hunk of America -- stuff that you think you own. 


When the debt gets so high that the Chinese come collecting, get ready to speak Chinese as your primary language. And, by the way, at that point, our immigration problem is solved.  I can assure you, with the Chinese in charge of America, replacing Obama's Czars with commissars, English and Spanish will both be second languages.


I think that with sound conservativism and constitutionalism and a respect for our founding fathers that we can avoid this eventuality.  Using many of the principals that Ron Paul and Alan Keyes have been writing about these past years, we can save America. First we have to get rid of the perpetrators -- the House and the Senate of the USA.


I could go on like this,  and I do. You can get a pretty complete story on my Web page. But for now, let’s ask what can be done.


It actually is complicated but understandable.  First, we need to face the truth: We’re in bad shape. Then we need to unite ¬left and right, black and white, male and female, young and old¬ behind a simple truth: The United States of America was created to be a Republic, not a Monarchy, and not a socialist state.  It’s time to restore the Republic starting May 22 in Pennsylvania by putting in a brand new Congress in office with ties to nobody but the people.  I am asking for your vote to help get this done.