1. RRRRRR The Trump Way. 2016.
    >This book represents the overarching theme of the Trump campaign with verbs ready to reign in the excessive policies of the Obama Administration. These are the six verbs for the RRRRRR plan: Reduce, Repeal, Reindustrialize, Raise, Revitalize, Remember



  1. The US Immigration Fix The Trump Way. 2016.
    This is the full banana. It is a Donald Trump Plan to fix the
    problem of 60 million interlopers in America plus everything else that is wrong with illegal immigration and legal immigration in America. Kelly has updated this book with different titles over the past five years.



  1. Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! The Trump Way. 2016
    This is the Trump Solution for Creating Jobs in America. It is so good that it cannot fail. Ordering link is below.


  1. The Trump Plan Solves Student Debt Crisis. 2016.
    This is the Trump solution for new student debt and the existing
    $1.3 Trillion student debt accumulation. Trump is a Problem Solver and this plan solves the Student Debt Crisisfor Students & America. When Brian submitted an update for this book, Amazon canceled his account. And you thought this was America? None of this will happen with Kelly representing Pennsylvanians.




  1. 101 Secrets to be a High Information Voter 2016.
    Part of The Trump Way Series. There are over 101 ways in this short book to help anybody who wonders if there smart to be smart and it inoculates the reader from ever being a Low Information Voter. The more you learn, the less you will want Hillary Clinton as president. The moral of course is that smart voters vote Trump!



  1. Obama's Seven Deadly Sins Second Edition. 2016.
    He's not gone yet and probably does not want to go. In this book,
    you learn the Top Seven Obama sins committed in his eight years. This book is part of The Trump Way Series as it contrasts the last eight bad years with some great years to come. You can bet with Hillary as the new Obama, it will make you want Donald Trump even more.



  1. Healthcare & Welfare Accountability The Trump Way. 2016. This is Donald Trump's Plan to account for free healthcare and welfare debt. Why shouldn't Lottery Winners pay something back? This book teaches a lesson in accountability. There is no free lunch.



  1. Take the Train to Myrtle Beach The Trump Way. 2016. This tells all about the Donald Trump Plan to restart private passenger railway systems in America while it tells you how to get to Myrtle Beach by Train. This book is part of The Trump Way Series. it is a fun book to read and it shows that despite what elitists in Washington think, passenger train travel is doable and Trump is a doer.



  1. Seniors, Social Security, and The Minimum Wage: 2016 This book is part of The Trump Way Series. Why do Seniors Always Come in Last?   If Hillary Clinton gets to raise the minimum wage to $15.00, seniors will suffer from higher prices. Trump's plan is to assure seniors are kept whole with proper cost of living increments.   This book has been refreshed several times since 2016.  Seniors have been ripped off as gimmicks have been used instead of the true cost of living to assure seniors a tough life without using the true dollar value.
    The Social Security Act was signed into law by President Roosevelt on August 14, 1935. In addition to several provisions for general welfare, the new Act created a social insurance program designed to pay retired workers age 65 or older a continuing income after retirement. Seniors would be earning double monthly payments if the government caretakers used the true value of a dollar based on inflation from August 14, 1935.  The government has cheated seniors and this book and all the refreshed versions of this book tell you how they did it and what you can do about it.  

Brand new book: Ordering Link will be available in 2021 if Amazon permits