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Brian Kelly for Congress 2022:

Above: Pat & Marty Election Night 2010 / Below: Biden/Cartwright--Problem for US Scroll down please

please donate-- help pay costs of running.  Send a check to Brian Kelly for Congress Box 621 Wilkes-Barre PA 18701

Matt Cartwright & Joe Biden "Accomplishments"

Incompetent governance;; Higher Taxes;; Costly regulations;; Shut down the Keystone Pipeline;;  Canceled oil & gas exploration in the Artic;; Opened Russian Pipeline;; Destroyed energy independence;; Begged OPEC for more drilling;; Nobody can afford gasoline;; Killed many American jobs;; Bankrupted America with give-aways;; Set inflation record for Americans;; American surrender in Afghanistan;; Botched Afghan withdrawal;; OK’s Americans left behind;; Stranded Americans in Afghanistan;; Gave in to Iran on nuclear bombs;; Groveled, kneeled and genuflected to China;; Took China cash for Big Guy from Hunter;; Promised unity but divided the nation;; Promotes Critical (Criminal) Race Theory;; Against the Constitution;; Against the 2nd Amendment;; For packing the Supreme Court with Democrats;; For creating two new Democrat States;; Puerto Rico & Washington DC States;; Rolled back Trump’s working immigration policies;; No end in sight to Biden’s invited border surge;; No Biden initiative to solve border crisis;; Open borders;;  Surrender at the southern border;; Drug dealers, human traffickers, violent criminals permitted;; Botched 2021 COVID response;; More COVID-19 deaths under Biden;; Non-citizens admitted without COVID-19 tests;; Unconstitutional vaccine mandates;; Against effective remain in Mexico policy;;  Americans unable to find one positive thing Biden has done;; Pompous Ass Biden bullies and imposes his failures on America;; Most Americans cannot take any more of Biden;;  Let’s Go Brandon!—vulgar or simply true?;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Pat & Brian Kelly Voting at Kistler School in 2010 Election. Keep Scrolling

please donate to help pay the costs of running.  Send a check to Brian Kelly for Congress PO Box 621 Wilkes-Barre PA 18701

The worst that can happen to me by running for this office is that you may want someone else.  If you find that person, I won't even run.  I want that somebody else also.  All of us want an honest representative for the people.  I hope to be that representative but  I am just as willing for it to be that somebody else. If I am sure we have another guy, I am fine with letting George do it.  Just in case I am available and right now, it looks like I am,  the best choice in May and in November is Brian Kelly.  I owe it to all to tell you about myself, and that I shall do.  There is much information on this web site for your edification.

In my most truthful moments of self meditation, I say to myself, why, why , why?  I tell my wife that I am not interested in Washington because I really am not and that is why I am willing to give just two to four years of my life to this endeavor.  I am actually fine with staying in NEPA complaining about how things are if you choose not to elect me.  I will have done my part.  I ask myself when I get frustrated with own my representatives,  If not me, then who?  Please know that I am as reluctant to run for office as you are.  I am probably just older and I think it's time for me to help because I believe I can. Instead of why, I now say, why not? 

Yes, if elected I will serve.  I can assure you that I will work as hard for the people of NEPA as I have hoped my elected Representative would have worked for me.  And I am not talking about delivering a load of pork to the Susquehanna.
Do I expect to get elected?
Originally I said no to this question but as my message has gotten out and I have visited all five counties, and met more and more people, I do expect to win the primary and again prevail in the fall.    Though I did not originally accepted contributions, I changed my thinking. I will take small donations. Send your checks to PO Box 621 Wilkes-Barre, PA. I do not have a huge advertising budget ( a few thousand dollars at the most). Many have already gotten my message, and the people like this message of conservatism after tasting the socialist /Marxist / Communist hard left.
So, I do think I will get elected in my ideal world in which people vote for representatives to represent them. In a world in which the people are not concerned about paybacks of any kind, I am the ideal candidate.  The playing field is about to become level.
Why would you vote for somebody who takes your money and then uses it to buy your vote by providing you with a gift.  Representatives of the people should not even be permitted to do that.  Your representative takes all the gifts from your treasury and you well know it.  It is wrong! Our representatives take from the people in broad daylight and give to their colleagues and often their families, so they can prosper, much to the chagrin of the people!
I think it's time that we the people prosper, not our elected officials. 
What do you think?
But feel free to tell everybody you know about me when you've learned enough, and tell them to write in a vote for BRIAN KELLY for Congress. They will have to write me in for I will not appear on the ballot. Vote for me in the Primary and in the General Election to assure that our government changes for the good of the people.  
What do I have to offer?
I think without any specific results I can promise the following:
1. Honesty (I can't stand liars.)
2. Scaredness (Yes, I will be as scared in the chambers as I was in my first classroom.)
3. A quivering voice at times (It goes with 2 above!)
4. Love of NEPA and an NEPA citizen's perspective (I've been here all my life)
5.  An honest man who will have a voice in Congress to represent only the interests of the citizens of NEPA.
-- Lots more on the issues as you can read in any of the essays on this site or in any of my books