Write in BRIAN KELLY for Congress PA District #8 Primary in 2022

Brian Kelly for Congress PA District #8 Primary in 2022 :

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Do We Really Need Change?

In a word, "yes."    

We needed change from a number of the policies of the Bush Administration.  All ills are not Obama  or Biden ills though most of the deadly ones definitely are.

Trump cleaned up a good part of the government but Biden immediately reversed his good actions. The people have turned on Joe Biden because he is a failure.
Whether George Bush was really bad or not is debatable but the Country surely was suffering from Bush fatigue and Bush.  Eight years or so earlier, the country suffered the same malady with Clinton fatigue.  Obama literally stunk out the White House with bad government.  Trump brought order out of the chaos and Biden has made us all miserable by being the worst president of all time--even worse than Jimmy Carter. 

Nobody, in either the Bush or Clinton Administrations made it seem like it was a good idea for the government to get more active.  Nobody asked the government to begin to control everything. We did not need that kind of change.   

From unimportant things such as big taxes on juice and soft drinks and small pleasure items to one ply toilet paper instead of two-ply to more serious matters such as no Mammograms for women over 40.  The Obama czars are quietly serving but they have been destroying America for their seven year existence. 

Socialist bureaucrats have been changing the US to what Russia was before President Reagan ordered the big wall torn down.  Most people cannot believe how bad it is but then, others have their eyes wide shut.  

So the people did not wake up and find Obama and the 111th through 114th Congresses in their socks, their underwear, their private items, and their bank accounts, this administration and Congress have been hurrying to get the job done before anybody noticed that our freedom was disappearing fast. That is not the change anybody was seeking.

It is my party, the Democrats, who have done all this to us and it is time to replace all of the corrupt Democrats in Congress with real people.  While we are at it, let's get rid of all the Republicans too. However, in a head to head with Republicans and Democrats, remember Republicans are just ineffective in defending America. Democrats want to destroy us. 

It is hard to believe that deep down the Democrats in Congress want to make everybody's life worse. So, they are doing the best they can to make the country fall apart. It cannot be by accident. 

Democrats under Obama were undermining the country at every turn and they made America weak?  They are not blind. They knew what they were doing so we got rid of a lot of them. Trump solved the problem but Americans forgot and now they are back and Biden is now being turored by Obama behind the scenes that's why it seems like Obama III but worse.  We must get rid of them again. It is happening before our eyes and it is one of the big things I want to change. If you don't see it, then permit me to admonish you of one thing, "Please pay attention, our freedom is on the line." 
As bad as the Bush Administration was reported to have been by the low-ratings media, ole Bush and company never tried to stifle our lives with massive regulations and massive taxes.   Bush may have wanted and may have gotten his but he was not trying to take yours.  Bush never declared human exhale a noxious and hazardous gas. The hard left--should never be in public office again-- Democrats have been plain silly since they took control and we need to bring sense back into Congress.  
Additionally, I do not recall Bush and his cronies changing things so that extreme Muslim Terrorists ever found America an easy target. Democrats will not even use the term terrorist. What is that all about. Should we simply capitulate? 

Dr. Thomas Sowell, one of America's deepest and finest thinkers was asked about his greatest fear in a recent interview. You wont believe his response but it is true.  He said his biggest fear is that the Iranians will get nuclear weapons and attack not Israel, but the United States. Well, Obama and Kerry have already given them permission for nukes.

Dr. Sowell added that this was his deepest and first fear but his follow-on fear was even worse. He said that what would happen in the US if the Iranians actually attacked us is his worst fear, bar none.  He said that let's say Iran fires a nuke and hits a major city like Chicago. He is convinced that if Obama were president when it happens, that he will surrender. Yes, you heard me right. As commander in chief he has the power to surrender the US to a foreign power. If Iran blew up Chicago, would Obama surrender the US to Iran and dismantle our government and the military so the Mullahs would have no resistance when they came to Washington to rule. Ask Thomas Sowell!  If you wonder how Biden would respond, consider that Obama is now calling the shots behind the scenes. 

Yet, this is precisely what the party in charge and the President have done.  This group of bad actors have done so bad that I am embarrassed to be a Democrat.  Many Democrats and other Americans, including myself are looking at the Bush days as the good old days.  That's how inept our 111th through 114th Congresses have been and our President's continual worldwide apology tour has not helped our image at all. "I'm sorry" may have made the day for Connie Francis but it is destroying the notion of American Strength." Even Castro got an apology. 
My candidacy to win the Democrat nomination as you might suspect is not endorsed by the established Party Leaders because they would like to give you more of the same corruption and misuse of the people's treasury.  My candidacy is the right medicine for the Democratic people of NEPA, not necessarily the "go with the flow Democrat leadership."  I do not expect any established politicians to get up any day soon to give a speech that heralds my choosing to run for office.  In fact, I am tickled about that.  I would be worried otherwise.
It's time for all hard left Democrats to be called home and to be replaced by better Democrats such as yours truly.  As hard as it may be to say, even the Republicans in Congress have done a better job over this last years than the Democrats.  

Democrats have become socialists, Marxists, fascists, and communists while calling themselves progressives. Most of the people of Northeastern Pennsylvania will have nothing to do with that. That's why they like me as a candidate. I offer a no politics approach to government and I think the people understand that quite well. They are looking for a change they can live with.

The Administration with hard left Democrats in charge has abandoned the American people and along with the 111th through 114th Congress with Democrats in charge most of the time, they continue to siphon the American Treasury to make it more comfortable for trespassers in our country than for citizens. Lets write in BRIAN KELLY for the 118th Congress. 

Why do the foreign nationals who sneak into the US have more rights than citizens and how is it they benefit from our bounty more than we do? I regret to say that Democrats today in Congress have become un-American. That is not the change anybody asked for and it is time to send them home and to clean up the Democratic Party. It starts at Home in NEPA. If we cannot muster the strength to send socialist Matt Cartwright packing from Washington, why should we expect anything to get better?

No incumbent who does not love America better than Lobbyists should ever be elected.  I had been looking for a wholesale 435 representatives exiting but there are some, though very few who still have what's best for America at heart.  There are not many Democrats in their lot, unfortunately. That's why we need more Democrats and even more Republicans but very few of the same type.  The Founders never expected the people to vote scoundrels back into office.  We are smarter than to ever do that again. And, while we are creating some good change, maybe we can clean up the Democratic Party so the people no longer fear it!

Send Matt Cartwright back home after five terms. He has had his chance but failed just like Biden. Write-In BRIAN KELLY for Congress for PA District 8