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Brian Kelly for Congress PA District #8 Primary in 2022 :

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Things Are Not Really So good!


Some people such as President Biden and Matt Cartwright think the war on terror is over and our enemies have decided to be nicer to us.  This blind-eye notion is offset by the reality of today. Remember the Fort Hood Massacre and the Underwear Bomber? How about the debacle in Afghanistan with hundreds of Americans left behind. 


The former was a radical Muslim terrorist and the latter was a radical Muslim terrorist. Surely this is chance coincidence.  The former killed 13 and wounded dozens on a huge Army base that is home to over 57,000 soldiers.  The latter was able to get on a plane along with 80 grams of PETN in his shorts. 


In both cases as I recall, the Prez called them isolated incidents.  In other words, don't blame Al Quaida or the radical Muslims.  Yet many people died or many people may have died, and in neither of these "isolated incidents," was there a beer summit. The beer summit of course occured because a white radical policeman stopped a black friend of the Prez from entering his own house under suspicious circumstances.  


Well, that was the story before the long-time ago Obama beer summit. Biden did not attend.  The message from all this is that if we really want to keep America healthy and safe from the bad guys,  don't jump to conclusions, no matter which way you feel.  So far, the Prez twice removed was 0 for 3 on guessing right. He is not getting another chance but his surrogate Joe Biden will figure some way to mess things up. We know it.  I used to say this because when you heard Obama speak Democrats felt guilty that they did not offer up their first born.


By they way, PETN is a compound that is a key ingredient in the plastic explosive Semtex and 80 grams was enough to put a big hole in the Airbus 380.  Is the war on terror over? Seems to me that they still want to kill us and we should not dally with PC while others want to take our lives en masse.


Hey, look at the Director of Homeland Security, whoever he is today.  Why do we never see him? You may recall that way back in 2009,  Homeland Security released a report that noted who gave the department most cause for concern. It turns out is was folks like you and me. How about that. The Justice Department is targeting parents at School Board meetings. Is this America. Not the way the founders envisioned it for sure. We must turn things around by sending the communists like Matt Cartwright and Joe Biden, who run the government with Dem Marxist philosophies, packing. 


The list included returning veterans, pro-life individuals, and other regular Americans.  She felt or was directed to feel that Americans pose a greater threat to our homeland security than the radicals who commit acts of terror.  When elected, I will work to remove Ms. Napolitano from her seat in whatever way I can. She is a disgrace to the US and she is a threat to the well-being of the US in her current position. We do not need leadership that is blind and dismissive to the kind of real threats that we face today.


We must remember that there are terrorists and they want to kill us. When somebody- anybody, any entity, at all, is determined to kill you, a state of war exists. This is not your choice. Their next attack will be another battle in a big war whether Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, or Matt Cartwright believe it is so---like it or not.


Ambassador Alan Keyes writes that "the doctrine of terror is the opposite of the moral principle our country is based on, that our rights come from God and must be exercised with respect for the authority of God – beginning with the right to life, which no one, for the sake of any agenda, has the right to disregard. Do we really adhere to that principle, or not? If we do, we will have the courage to defend it. "


Prior to listing the platform elements, I would like to show you the main Table of Contents from Brian Kelly's new book, Obama's Seven Deadly Sins.  Kelly shared with me that his liberal friends joked about the seven sins in that they found it unbelievable that the President could have committed seven deadly sins, already, in just a year in office.  Kelly noted that it was actually hard to keep the list down to just seven.


The sins are as follows:


* Sin 1 of 7  Bush / Obama Bailouts

* Sin 2 of 7  Indoctrination of American Children

* Sin 3 of 7  The "Porkulus" Bill

* Sin 4 of 7  The Economy & the  Auto Bailout

* Sin 5 of 7  CZARS, Cronies & Snitches

* Sin 6 of 7  Cap & Trade

* Sin 7 of 7  Obamacare



This briankellyforcongress.com Web Site is a continual work in progress as we hope to keep it up-to-date right until the Primary in May and then again right until the General Election in November.  Soon we will have a few chapters of the books mentioned above up on the site for you to browse and all of this reading will help you get a better appreciation of Brian Kelly and his worthiness to be your Representative in the 11th District of Pennsylvania.


Before we show the platform as a long listing of categories and items, let me take the opportunity to show you the table of Contents from the book, Obama's Seven Deadly Sins, subtitled: Will America Forgive or Have Some Tea?



Table of Contents At a Glance



Chapter 1  What's The Buzz? Tell Me What's Happening!

Chapter 2  The Government Takeover of the United States

Chapter 3  Sin 1 of 7.  Bush / Obama Bailouts

Chapter 4  Sin 2 of 7.  Indoctrination of American Children

Chapter 5  Sin 3 of 7.  The "Porkulus" Bill

Chapter 6  Sin 4 of 7.  The Economy & the  Auto Bailout

Chapter 7  Sin 5 of 7.  CZARS, Cronies & Snitches

Chapter 8  Sin 6 of 7. Cap & Trade

Chapter 9  Sin 7 of 7.  Obamacare -- the Intro

Chapter 10  Sin # 7 -- No Free Lunch     

Chapter 11  Sin # 7 -- What Is Poor?

Chapter 12  Sin # 7 -- Government Lies Don't Add Up

Chapter 13  Sin # 7 -- Second Look -- House Bills / Senate Bills

Chapter 14  Sin # 7 -- EMTALA & Medicaid ---Healthcare for all?

Chapter 15  Sin # 7 -- Everybody Has Healthcare -- What's the Buzz?

Chapter 16  Sin # 7 -- Enhanced Medicaid and Enhanced EMTALA

Chapter 17  Sin # 7 -- Attributes of a Good Health Plan – No Takeover

Chapter 18  Sin # 7 -- Known Problems With Health Insurance

Chapter 19  Sin # 7 -- Are There Simple Steps-- that Can Be Taken?

Chapter 20   Obama's Seven Deadly Sins -- the Bottom Line

Appendix A  The Constitution of the United States of America

Appendix B  The Bill of Rights & Constitutional Amendments

Appendix C  Constitutional Amendments Not Ratified

Appendix D  From the Internet -- Inspiring Letter to Glen Beck