Write in BRIAN KELLY for Congress PA District #8 Primary in 2022

Brian Kelly for Congress PA District #8 Primary in 2022 :

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This had been a press release.

Question:  Who the heck do you think you are coming out of retirement, never having been in government or politics, and after challenging one of the longest serving representatives in NEPA, Paul Kanjorski, and losing in the 2010 primary to the incumbent, you now have the nerve to take on Matt Cartwright, one of Scranton's finest lawyers once from the firm of Munley, Munley & Cartwright? Shouldn't an opportunist like you just stay retired? 


Thank you for the question. I ask myself that all the time but not exactly as you have asked it. Why should I run for the US Congress as a write-in candidate? The short answer is that I care and I am deeply concerned that the current government is selling us all out for their own benefit.

Matt Cartwright for example through self-serving acts has become a multi-millionaire. How did that happen. I am suspicious of anybody who is part of the current administration, Democrat or Republican! How's that for a start?  Matt Cartwright needs to be sent home regardless of who becomes the Congressman for the 8th PA District. If I succeed because I am a Democrat, we can get rid of poor government by Cartwright on May 17, 2022, and not have to wait until the Fall.  That is a good reason for everybody to vote in the Primary.

By the way, I am running as a write-in because it allows me to bypass the political machine and conduct a quiet campaign that costs me little to run. I am not following the method prescribed by incumbents to dissuade potential opponents from the citizenry at large from challenging them. This campaign should cost me just a few dollars depending on how many yard signs I purchase, v several hundred thousand or more from my opponent--unless, of course you count my time, which I am pleased to donate. I count on the media to get the word out about me and what I stand for. After all, I am running for Congress. Let's see how well the media does on this one! They have all received this press release. Moreover, my platform is clear and it is listed on the www.briankellyforcongress.com web site to which you are linked.

Though I have chosen to put my hat in the ring, I am really not excited about the prospects of picking up, uprooting my family, and heading to Washington. I worked for several years in New York State when I was with IBM, and I was very happy to come back home to Northeastern PA, where I have lived ever since. Yet, I feel I have something to offer and I think it is my time to serve. I do not want to be a politician and I will not become one. But, I think that a government of the people is too important to leave to politicians. Maybe that gives you an idea of who I am.

If I were not so upset with our National Government, and its elite demeanor, and its unresponsiveness to the people, I would not feel the need to run for this important office. If I did not think that I could help in a big way, because of how differently I feel than the people who now claim to represent me, I would not even think of taking on this challenge. I would not bug you with my thoughts and opinions.

If you do not like me because you do not know me, I ask you to kindly think about your prospects of ever getting somebody to serve you in Congress who is not a politician. Unless you really know why you may choose to reject me, you, unfortunately for you, are doomed to vote for entrenched politicians and complain forever that they care more about themselves than they care about you. If it is because I am not already in government, think about those who are already in government and those in official offices and how well they serve you and the general public.

I know there is a perception that those who have never held political offices should start at low offices and work their way up the ladder. My thoughts on this notion are that this is the perfect way to create a politician and keep government in the hands of a political class of elite know-it-alls. Meanwhile, the people more or less are told to eat cake. I agree that any politician looking for name recognition should start small at an early age and then go after more important offices until their political career is over.

However, I am not a politician and I do not want to become one. I was once a professor on Marywood's faculty, and now I teach an occasional IT course when asked. I am a computer specialist, a writer, and a businessman. At my age, 74, and with my experience, I know a lot about a lot. In recent years, I have learned more and more about government, our Constitution, and how our democratic republic should be working. From what I have learned, it is not working the way it should. So, I think it is time to retire most of the politicians and put some hard working, competent, ordinary Americans to work for the people. I think I fit the bill on that one. I just completed my 293rd book. Three of my very recent patriotic books are

America 4 Dummmies
The Constitution 4 Dummmies
The Bill of Rights 4 Dummmies

This gives you an idea of what I care most about.

I know that there is a perception that it helps to have legislative experience. I have heard the rhetoric over and over, from the grocery store to the barber shop to the town tavern: "A new guy in Congress will not serve the people well. We need to bring back the ones who are on the big committees so that our area can be well represented in the Congress of the US." How has that been working out for you?

I do not buy that argument. If it were true we would have the finest Congress there ever was. Instead, we have had the worst, and our own one-time Congressman from the recent past got very good at gaming the system and profiting from it with 13 precious terms not representing NEPA. Matt Cartwright has followed diligently in his foot steps. We see Matt only at election time. Look at Cartwright's platform and you will be shocked at what he is advocating for the people of Northeastern PA. As a good citizen, you must check out his far left ideological ideas for NEPA. It is more than likely not how you think. I ask you to learn who he is before you vote him in again. Then, think again and write in BRIAN KELLY.

What we now have is the kind of representation Northeastern PA does not need. The approval rating of Congress is in the toilet because of the quality of its work - for special interests vs. the people's interests. I am a candidate for Congress to help end poor quality representation and be part of a Congress that realizes that its roots are the people and the people are who all of the representatives are to serve.

The perception that big time experience counts in Congress may be correct. It may be correct if only politicians can get in and out of Congress in four to six years before they are corrupted by the political industry in Washington DC.

The reality of course is that politicians use their experience for their own benefit, not for the benefit of the people. After learning "the ropes," over several terms, representatives in Congress forget all about the people they are supposed to serve and they become powerful enough so that they can create their own lucrative corrupt sweet deals. Sometimes this results in Pennsylvania grabbing taxpayer's money from Alaska or California or Missouri. And when PA does get a small share of tax revenue back, it does not come back to the people because the politicians have to pay back relatives and cronies as we have seen in our own back yard over the years.

I do not think that being a representative is about getting the biggest grab bag of goodies possible and bringing the bag home and having a party. What happens when PA taxes go to fund Alaska, California, or Missouri? Such a philosophy hurts all states and the country as a whole, and eventually even if a Congressman makes a big grab one day, it will all come back to hurt Pennsylvania. It is a bad idea that has gotten even worse as politicians are brazenly corrupt while serving themselves. Enough of that. Write in BRIAN KELLY for Congress. 

Ultimately, Pennsylvania is victimized and really not assisted by such a system that rewards corruption and back room deals. Where are the people, US, in all this "action." The people are soon left behind and the corruption is practiced openly as Congressmen and Congresswomen openly say, that's just the way it is! Sorry Dear Congress but when my constituents write me in for the US House of Representatives, that is exactly the way it will no longer be.

It is a corrupt system, and over time, it corrupts our representatives. Today, we see entrenched establishment politicians no longer caring if the Democrats or Republicans win the presidency as long as it is a member of the establishment they know. If we can get rid of dirty politicians after a term or two, we won't have to worry about lifetime politicians becoming an establishment and working to ruin America, while serving themselves.

The more Congress-persons, who believe that their role is to bring more of the bacon home, are elected into office, the more the taxpayer's are cheated in all states. Their hide is whipped paying huge taxes for another politician to produce the bacon. At best, it is a lousy system. The representatives who learn the tricks are the ones who trick the people into thinking it is OK. It is not OK!

The federal government has no business messing with the states, especially favoring one over another. The people do not want one state to grab from another. So, if this is the system, it must be changed. We must not permit a system that lets a knowing representative steal from one who does not know the system well. We must not permit special interests to rule over the interests of the people at large. I can assure you I will fight for these changes to help make our government serve the people. Of course if there are 434 other new Representatives in the 118th Congress, the thieves will have been expunged, including our own.

I know that this is a tough argument for any potential rookie to make. I think I can do well for Pennsylvania but while doing so I will work to make the playing field more fair for all representatives. One of my favorite movies is Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. In my personal ranking, it is just a bit behind Meet John Doe, and It's A Wonderful Life! I am not suggesting that I can come anywhere close to the good work that Mr. Smith (Jimmy Stewart) or John Doe (Gary Cooper) did in those movies, but if I could just get close, and I will try, then maybe it would be a more wonderful life for us all. What would be wrong with no corruption in Washington?

Oh, it may be goody-goody to think like I do, but I can't believe that we must settle for what we now have in Washington. Go see Mr. Smith goes to Washington and see if it can bring some hope back in your heart that maybe it is OK to be goody-goody about important things. What is the alternative -- corruption, greed, graft, and back-room deals?

There is nothing written anywhere that says that Americans must give up on our country and our government by reelecting professional con artists every two years. Remember the naive Mr. Smith trying to convince the pros that their style of corruption was not good for the people and how he showed that even the most honorable representatives are often not honorable at all when they must make a choice for people or special interests.

If you choose to favor me with your write-in vote, I promise that I will use my conscience and my sense of honesty to put forth legislation, with no backroom deals. That, my friends, will make us all proud. And when I do, you will hear my voice from Washington, and when you make your voice known to me, I will hear you and work for you and all the people of PA District 8.

Thank you for being part of the quiet populist revolution to save America.

Write in BRIAN KELLY for Congress in the 8th PA District.