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Brian Kelly for Congress PA District #8 Primary in 2022 :

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The End of Personal Privacy 

How does 16,000 more IRS agents sound as a solution to a fear of a lack of privacy?--Obama's plan. How does 85,000 more IRS agents sound? -- Biden Plan. Let's say they are now permitted to lurk around in the hinterlands with no restrictions to nail those bad people who have not paid for every healthcare mandate that has been mandated?  Do you like the idea of the IRS being the big enforcer for any health faux pas you may commit. What if you get too sick?  Will that be an offense? Will you go to jail on a health-care rap?   

Obamacare erodes privacy and expands the use of the IRS in mandating that insurers, employers and government agencies all share with one another your personal financial information. Why not give it to hackers also? These 16,000 + 85,000 new IRS agents mean business. How about that?   But, don't worry, they won't misuse any of your personal data in your file. You can trust them. Right? 

Why bother even having a HIPAA law when the government is trashing privacy. 

Obamacare has grown the IRS into an even more humungous, more powerful, more formidable force to fight US.  There are already 16.000 + 85,000 in our way to fight our keeping liberty and freedom... and yes, we pay their salaries but their allegiance is to the bureaucracy. Maybe they will be packing HEAT like the FBI? The IRS will ensure that more of your personal information is shared with more people, and that more of your ready cash will be used to serve your neighbor down the street who chooses not to work.  

Privacy Smashed in Stimulus Bill 

In early 2009, with the stimulus bill, our government began to think that it had the authority to mine, collect, and store information on the personal matters of all American citizens. That means YOU and Me? In the stimulus bill of early 2009, the government in stealth fashion authorized the building of a huge bureaucracy to handle the takeover of healthcare -- almost a year before the bill passed. 

Many did not realize this privacy takeover was in the bill as Healthcare had not even hit the agenda.  But, the Obama plan was always to get the bureaucracy on board to support the many dangerous parts of the bill. If they were already in place when Obamacare actually passed, nobody would know what was going on. Most still do not know this, just like many are trying to decide how student loans are financing Obamacare.  They lie and deceive and now students are contributing to the financing of Obamacare.  

One of the things they put into the stimulus bill was that the government would keep all of YOUR health records in something called an Electronic Health Record (EHR). All kinds of information will be kept and doctors have been given major financial incentives to provide the information about your health to the government.  

What are they going to use that data for? Is it to see who first goes to the gulags?  They say it is OK because it is based on security or expediency. Not that anybody is talking but it surely appears that lots of what is happening is a violation of our 4th Amendment rights. But, then again, Obama does not like the Constitution as dictatorial power is much more efficient.  

The 4th Amendment guarantees against illegal search and seizure, and our 5th Amendment guarantees against self-incrimination. In 2016, nobody should be basing their arguments on what the government is supposed to do however. They do what they want and we must stop them by sending in the replacement players to both chambers of Congress and of course we cannot invite a third term of Obama by voting in a Democrat president.

Whoever thought Obamacare would ever pass when years ago even a liberal state like Massachusetts sent a Brown to Congress to stop it all  Consider me a volunteer replacement player. 

In 2021, almost as if we live in the same Communist Russia that President Reagan fought against, many are concerned that the government needs to prosper and "protect our national security". But that does not mean that the government should become the problem against which we fight. Government should not be able to intrude into the personal lives of American citizens, plain and simple.  

So, as Americans, it is up to you and I to fight on behalf of preserving our personal liberties. Let's start by throwing these bums out of office.  It even sounds refreshing