Write in BRIAN KELLY for Congress in 2022

Brian Kelly for Congress 2022:

Above: Pat & Marty Election Night 2010 / Below: Biden/Cartwright--Problem for US Scroll down please

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Matt Cartwright & Joe Biden "Accomplishments"

Incompetent governance;; Higher Taxes;; Costly regulations;; Shut down the Keystone Pipeline;;  Canceled oil & gas exploration in the Artic;; Opened Russian Pipeline;; Destroyed energy independence;; Begged OPEC for more drilling;; Nobody can afford gasoline;; Killed many American jobs;; Bankrupted America with give-aways;; Set inflation record for Americans;; American surrender in Afghanistan;; Botched Afghan withdrawal;; OK’s Americans left behind;; Stranded Americans in Afghanistan;; Gave in to Iran on nuclear bombs;; Groveled, kneeled and genuflected to China;; Took China cash for Big Guy from Hunter;; Promised unity but divided the nation;; Promotes Critical (Criminal) Race Theory;; Against the Constitution;; Against the 2nd Amendment;; For packing the Supreme Court with Democrats;; For creating two new Democrat States;; Puerto Rico & Washington DC States;; Rolled back Trump’s working immigration policies;; No end in sight to Biden’s invited border surge;; No Biden initiative to solve border crisis;; Open borders;;  Surrender at the southern border;; Drug dealers, human traffickers, violent criminals permitted;; Botched 2021 COVID response;; More COVID-19 deaths under Biden;; Non-citizens admitted without COVID-19 tests;; Unconstitutional vaccine mandates;; Against effective remain in Mexico policy;;  Americans unable to find one positive thing Biden has done;; Pompous Ass Biden bullies and imposes his failures on America;; Most Americans cannot take any more of Biden;;  Let’s Go Brandon!—vulgar or simply true?;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Pat & Brian Kelly Voting at Kistler School in 2010 Election. Keep Scrolling

please donate to help pay the costs of running.  Send a check to Brian Kelly for Congress PO Box 621 Wilkes-Barre PA 18701

Throw The Bums Out! 

Hello America! 

The global recommendation is to throw all the bums out. 

In every district and every state in America, we cannot permit our own legislator to go back to Washington -- especially if they are part of the regressive lunatic left -- i.e. Democrat.  Do not think that your representative is the exception because he or she brings the pork back to town.  The pork you get back may not be worth the price of the pig you send back to Congress. Their actions again have been nothing short of treacherous for this country and no matter how much pork anybody gets, if there is no America left in which to enjoy the pork, what good is it! 

The global recommendation is to throw all the bums out.

Intrinsically, that may sound unfair.  So, I vote that we keep Jim Jordan and Rand Paul and we bring back Ron Paul.  You may contend that some legislators, though very few, really represent America and Americans in the two years of the 117th Congress or the last two years of their time in the US Senate.  However, most Americans would be pleased for them to voluntarily exit--stage left.

It is time for them all to go! America would not be hurting and Joe Biden would not be mocking us all if Congress were doing its job.

The Congress (House and Senate) on both sides, Democrat ad Republican enjoy a very, very low approval rating.  Your Congressman from wherever you live, contributes to that low approval rating.  So, the sentiment in the country is to not send them back.  Get rid of them all!  It would make America a better country for sure if we got together and decided to not send any of these treasonous rascals back to Washington.  Few people who love America would argue with that.  

In NEPA, I hope my fellow Democrats have had enough of incumbency and the pain it lays on Americans. We in NEPA definitely do not want to send back to Congress our socialist representative Matt Cartwright. In his five terms, he has become a hard core socialist / communist. Check out how much he loves Nancy Pelosi by examining his web site. 

The problem that most people, who want all of Congress dumped, is that they cannot get the moxie up to dump their own representative.  Matt Cartwright knows this. Sometimes constituents who are favored by their Congress person are greedy and want to make sure that their nephews and nieces can get jobs and freebies and goodies even though their neighbors kids cannot get the jobs. Why?-- because the system is rigged.The privileged keep incumbents in power because it pays off for them. This is wrong. Ask not what your country can do for you! 

So, we do have people across the land who want to dump all incumbents except their own.  They would like to dump yours and maybe keep theirs but that cannot be done.  The risk of keeping yours is that none of these scoundrels get dumped when we want all to be dumped.  

The message is that it starts at home folks. For District 8 in the State of Pennsylvania for example, it is our duty in 2022 to dump Matt Cartwright. He does not represent the people of PA even if he sends you some pork every now and then!  The replacement player is in the dugout folks ready to be in the on-deck circle and even ready to go to bat for the NEPA constituency in District 8. They person is Brian Kelly. Ready to serve!  Thank you.  

The global recommendation is to throw all the bums out.