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Today's Democratic Party led by Barack Obama and backed by almost 100% of the Democrats in Congress have enacted policies to kill America and especially regular Americans, especially white Americans. Good people who love America must take over the Party and bring some sense to America. A good number of Republicans should be voted out also but they are not as bad as our Party. Democrats are single-handedly destroying everything that’s made this nation great. 

It is OK for Democrats to be values-oriented and have conservative principles. When anything goes, you get anything and the anything is typically not good. A group called young conservatives has put together a simple and understandable list of nine different ways the Democrat Party has managed to ruin America. I regret to say that Matt Cartwright, who currently holds the House seat in the 17th PA District is a disciple of this nine point philosophy and must be replaced. Cartwright has proven he is not one of us. Now that it it is election season again, if you watch closely, you might even catch a glimpse of him in NEPA. He shows up this time of year to get reelected. They say every now and then he sneaks out of his secure gated community to get a latte.' 

Here are the nine points killing America. These are backed by Democrats in Congress and at all levels of the bureaucracy. Ask Matt Cartwirght if he subscribes to this list. I suspect he will honestly day. yes, because it is the way he voted. What does Matt Cartwright and other Democratic leaders really want?

  1. Let criminals out
  2. Let illegals in
  3. Let boys in girl's locker rooms
  4. Let women kill their offspring
  5. Prosecute innocent police officers
  6. Persecute Christians
  7. Accept barbarity in the form of Islam
  8. Over tax the hard working
  9. Coddle the lazy

That just about does it. Matt Cartwright and Bob Casey Jr. liberal progressive socialists from Pennsylvania share many philosophies. They are well documented. You won't believe how radical Matt Cartwright actually is because he does not often engage the people with his radical philosophies. But, it is how he votes and how he says he will continue to vote. We must stop him. Feel free to add Bob Casey's name to this greatest hits list coming up. Here is his list of favorites. We cannot afford Matt Cartwright. We must defeat him. 

Cartwright is 100% for Obamacare even though it costs taxpayers big time.
Cartwright is happy giving the NSA more power over citizens.
Cartwright wants you to pay huge taxes just to sell your parents' property.
Cartwright is against US Energy independence.
Cartwright want the EPA to shut down all coal plants & increase energy costs.
Cartwright want to keep spending money we do not have.
Cartwright does not want to limit Obama's executive power.
Cartwright want same sex marriage.
Cartwright is against a solid US space program-- No NASA as we know it!
Cartwright is against Medicare prefer a change to Obamacare for Seniors.
Cartwright is pro Obamacare as US only insurance.
Cartwright endorses Obamacare penalties to younger, healthier Americans.
Cartwright is OK losing everything to Mideast terrorists.
Cartwright believes PLO and Israel are equally dangerous.
Cartwright support Obama's giving nuclear weapons gift and $billions to Iran.
Cartwright is pro Castro even when Castro is against US.
Cartwright is pro UN even when UN is against US.
Cartwright is pro terrorist rights want same as American Constitutional Rights.
Cartwright wants children of illegal immigrants to become citizens by decree.
Cartwright wants illegal aliens to have government-subsidized healthcare.
Cartwright wants amnesty for Illegal aliens and expedited citizenship.
Cartwright loves big government raise debt ceiling unlimited times no budget. 
Cartwright wants to raise taxes on taxpayers not receiving government help.
Cartwright loves Common Core educational principals.  
Cartwright wants Feds to take over control of schools from the states
Cartwright is OK with school districts being controlled by the feds. 
Cartwright has no respect for 2nd Amendment.
Cartwright is heavily into gun control and like Obama are OK with gun confiscation as in Australia.
Cartwright is pro-choice and pro-mutilation of babies in the womb for profit.
Cartwright has no problem with Planned Parenthood live baby dissections and sales of body parts.
Cartwright wants free birth control for the sexually active.
Cartwright sees global warming a big threat to the environment; Science says the contrary.since the idea is bogus.  warming
Cartwright is Anti-energy no offshore drilling happy paying Mideast terrorists for oil and gas.