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Because, contrary to what you've been hearing from the liberal mainstream media, ObamaCare is not a done deal... and Obama, Pelosi and Reid know it."


Blogger Alan Caruba summarizes what is going on and warns us that this struggle is about so much more than so-called "health care reform"... it's a battle for the soul and the future of this great nation:


"The bribery and thuggish pressures and threats against Democrat Senators and Representatives to pass the bill reveal a political leadership more devoted to ideology than the will of the People. ... it is an example of naked Communism at work. It is a bill put together behind closed doors and so extensive its control of the lives of Americans literally determines who lives and who dies."


Obama, Pelosi and Reid knew that ObamaCare could be stopped. That's why they had to desperately issue threats and cut secret deals.  


And their desperation was proof positive that you could have stopped them.


However, representative after representative gave up the high ground and caved under the pressure of the mighty trio -- Pelosi, Reid, and Obama.  Obama called all the shots. Pelosi was the drill sergeant.  Kanjorski and Carney from Northeastern PA went with no resistance.  Both represented San Francisco, not the Doctors and Patients of Northeastern Pennsylvania.  Not a scream or a kick was heard.  They followed willingly.


On May 18 and November 2, we the people have the opportunity to pay these two scoundrels back for turning their backs on the people of NEPA.  


Chris Carney and Paul Kanjorsky, if you want to continue representing those who you have been representing the last two years, please move to San Francisco.