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Vote me out also but give me one term and not more than two. That is OK.  I won't mind, but make sure you include everybody in your bum's list who now is in the process of taking away so many freedoms that we may never be able to get them all back.


Judge Andrew Napolitano is awesome. He is a great speaker and he is a great American trying to help all of us know that our liberty and freedoms are fragile and greedy men and women are ready if we let them to take them from us.  They have been doing well while we have slept. Now that more and more of us are awake, our duty is to not let them rob us from another iota of freedom.

If they are for it, be against it. if they are for it, it feeds their greed. If they are for it, we are paying for it. It's time to serve them all their eviction notices in shame, as shameful creatures they are. Let's start with the Senate Seat in Massachusetts in which the Kennedy family has too much of a stake.  And then, let's bring it on all around the nation -- throw the bums out! When it is our turn, let's make sure Harry Reid's new minion, Benedict Arlen, and Nancy Pelosi's two choir boys,  our own Paul Kanjorski and Chris Carney get their pink slips. And then in just a few years we get to send Bobby "sorta pro-life Obama or bust" Casey back to Scranton for early retirement.  Give them all the "F" grades they deserve and keep them home. If not us, them whom?


Enjoy Judge Andrew Napolitano Speak Up for Americans