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 There is a lot of unrest out there in everydayville. And Northeastern Pennsylvania is a perfect example. So, When John or Jane Q. Public goes into the booth, he or she will see the incumbent, the politically charged lawyer from Lackawanna County, and nobody else on the Democrat side. So, just write me in. It is that simple. With my own personal disgust level at this point, I bet you feel like me. I think a lot of people will think about the fact that regular people can't ask for regular people to run for office to replace politicians and then when it happens, they reject the very type of person they were looking for. You can change that. Vote for a regular person, not a politician for office in the Primary and then again in the general election.  

The Democratic machine rejects my candidacy as folly. I ask regular people to try to recognize one of your own, who is of the people. Besides the fact that a John Doe ought to favor another John Doe, my sense of logic suggests that even a generic paper towel could beat Matt Cartwright if the people knew they could write in the name generic in the voting booth. Instead of generic, write in Brian Kelly. I can help. I will help. But, first you must help me to win.

I've seen generic paper towels and though I don't know that I should claim that I will be the "quicker picker upper," my goal certainly is to clean up the mess in Washington. So, watch out Washington, Brian Kelly, with or without a few huge boxes of generic paper towels has you in his sights.

I think I am going to win the primary election -- Congressional Representative for Pennsylvania District 17 as long as the people know I am available to help. Regular people are for regular people. Of course, I need all the help you can give me in the voting booth -- no campaign contributions please.