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Brian Kelly, a former IBM Senior Systems Engineer and Assistant Professor of Business and Information Technology (BIT) at Marywood University in Scranton, announced his write-in candidacy for Congress in Pennsylvania's Seventeenth Congressional District on January 26, 2016. Kelly, of Wilkes-Barre, is seeking the Democratic nomination to challenge incumbent Democratic Congressman Matt Cartwright of Scranton. Cartwright, with a huge campaign war-chest is his Party's choice and is on the ballot. Kelly will run as an independent write-in candidate in the general election in the event he does not win the Democratic Party nomination.   

Though there may be additional write-in candidates challenging Matt Cartwright and Brian Kelly for the Seat in the 17th PA District, I would ask your support for my write-in candidacy. Of the two major candidates for the seat in District 17, Kelly is the only one who is not a lawyer. He is the only one of the people. Brian Kelly has worked in the private sector all his life. 

Can't we do better than sending a lawyer to Congress? You may know that only about 5 percent of Americans have ever thought about running for elected office, according to 2002 survey. Yet another survey shows that 58 percent of lawyers have considered the idea. Lawyers are in fact, politicians in waiting. We can do better than sending a politician back to Congress. 

Brian Kelly expresses his reason for running for public office in these simple terms:  "to return our government back to the people."  Kelly notes that government spending is out of control and that only a change in leadership can turn government away from more unpopular tax-payer funded bailouts, crippling taxes and government-takeovers. Cartwright of course is for more spending and more taxing of those who earn a living in Pennsylvania. 

“We must create jobs, not destroy them. The policies of Matt Cartwright and Barack Obama are killing US businesses. Like many, I fear the building of a huge, never ending bureaucracy wherever you look. Government is the only "industry" prospering. I fear the seemingly predestined government takeover of healthcare, the disrupting of the doctor patient relationships, and the bankrupt notion of repressive energy tax legislation and the destruction of the industry that produces America's most abundant energy source-coal. I fear that all of this excessive government, which the incumbent supports, will make it tough for Americans to live like Americans. You can be assured that I will work to stop these flawed changes brought about by poor leadership." Kelly said.

Kelly said that in order to restore the economy, "a brand new Congress must be committed to getting government to stop micro-managing the economy."   Kelly told his supporters, “Matt Cartwright, who is on a mission to be the next Paul Kanjorski has spent his time in Congress pushing for bigger government, higher taxes and what can be argued as tax-payer funded bonanzas and even jobs for the politically well-connected.  This is exactly the medicine that we do not need." Kelly offered. 

Kelly said:  "It is no accident that at the heart of the corruption problems in Northeastern PA, a certain few have always been well taken care of, first under the huge 'Kanjo' umbrella, and now the Cartwright umbrella. Meanwhile those of us who do not live in gated communities-- the rest of us taxpayers, waste our ink writing to this Congressman. We are to accept that all "favors" go to special interests near and far. We know that members of Congress such as Matt Cartwright have squandered our economic resources, reduced economic growth, and have operated in a wrong-headed plain unfair fashion. As good as Paul Kanjorski was for NEPA in his early years, and as good as we all thought Matt Cartwright was going to be, things have not worked out well for NEPA. It is time to return this important office back to the people. It is time for NEPA to have a level playing field wherever government touches the public." 

Government takeovers, national debt, a huge deficit, and the major job killing regulations of the Obama / Cartwright administration are being rejected by all Americans. Pennsylvanians will be hurt even more than others by the shutdown of coal and an "energy tax" since many communities still have a viable coal industry. Yet, Matt Cartwright has lined up against Pennsylvanians again on this issue. His votes are to kill the energy industry.  

Besides being unfriendly to Pennsylvania business and industry, the only creators of lasting jobs, Matt Cartwright is vulnerable in 2016 because his positions mirror those of the unpopular Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, and the worst president ever, Barack Hussein Obama. Why would our Congressman, against constituent write-ins, support Obamacare and other socialist, budget busting legislation?   

It's been hard to find Mr. Cartwright lately to ask him why he chose not to represent Pennsylvanians in this important legislation. Unlike Paul Kanjorski before him, Cartwright has not scheduled town hall meetings to meet his constituents because it is easier to hide from the people when you are doing a poor job. CHeck to see how many people thought Cartwright retired before his name showed up as being on the Democratic Ballot for PA. Big time Matt Cartwright, lawer first, and friend of the people last may be good for California and for Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama but he has lost touch with average Pennsylvanians. 

Kelly sees the term “culture of corruption” as overworked but it surely fits this Congress.   "It is not enough just to unseat our own Congressman but all the members of the House -- all 435 of them must go, as well as 1/3 of the Senators. The broom does not necessarily have to sweep them all out but there are not many of these actors who have been doing the people's business.  Too many in Congress have chosen to serve by using their offices to benefit special interests at the expense of taxpayers. A new broom sweeps clean." Kelly noted.  "This is surely a do-nothing Congress," as they have given President Obama, the authority of an Emperor without being brave enough to even wimper. WHatever Obama gets, this Congress gives him and it is killing our country. 

Kelly boasts that he has the backing of no political machine and he is taking no political contributions. "It sure should save a lot of time, not having to run fund-raisers." Kelly said.  He is proud to say that his total war chest from contributions is $0.00, and he is nowhere close to having to pay the "Obama / Cartwright Rich Tax."  Kelly feels his message will be brought forth now that he has made it known that he is a serious contender for the nomination and for election in November. By writing in the name Brian Kelly, the people will recognize that a regular old "John Doe," not a political operative has made himself available to the people. 

Kelly has a lot of affinity for the "Tea Party People," and those like you and I, who are not part of a named group but who nonetheless are justifiably enraged at the unresponsiveness of our government.  He said:  "At this stage of my life, I see things that can be so much better if Americans had better representation. I feel in many ways like George Bailey from the Building and Loan in "It's a Wonderful Life," seeing the face of the corrupt Mr. Potter in too many hallways of government. I'd like to take the spirit of Jimmy Stewart as George Bailey and keep all the Potters out of government for an awful long time--even if it means that I have to put in a few years myself."  Kelly is not interested in a career in politics and when elected will stay for just a few terms.  Kelly says:  "A regular person holding an office becomes a politician when trying to be reelected."    

Matt Cartwright has an awful lot of money.  He will have a dramatic financial advantage over write-in challenger Brian Kelly.Kelly expects the public to be overwhelmed by the Cartwright media war chest. "The biggest thing Kelly has going for the campaign is that he is very active spreading the word through letters and press releases so that the people know they can write his name in on the ballot and that will be the start of something good. When the constituents of NEPA get in the "voting booth," no matter how many dollars Matt Cartwright has spent to advance his candidacy, the only thing voters must remember is one name, Brian Kelly, just ten letters and a space. When they write that name in BRIAN KELLY on the ballot, things will begin to change almost immediately.

"The voters will ask themselves, 'is he a politician?' and the answer of course is 'no.' As voters across the US are trying to free themselves from machine politics, with votes to the highest bidders, Brian Kelly is betting that in Northeastern PA, being 'of the people' will matter more than anything on April 26, 2016. "  Kelly said.

As previously noted, Kelly, unlike his opponent, is not a lawyer.  Like most of us, Kelly sees that as another big advantage.  Too many elected officials are lawyers and it is no accident that the laws are unnecessarily complicated for the people to read.  "That may be good for lawyers but it is not good for the people. Look at the poor legislation passed in the last year alone--despite public outcry. Look at the do-nothing Congress pleased to permit Barack Obama to break the Constitution to serve his own agenda. This Congress does not even have enough respect for the people to read the legislation without passing it blindly.

As an independent computer expert and consultant, Kelly is accustomed to solving big business problems. His career in Information technology and his 23 years with IBM and more importantly, his ability to listen and think about the big issues we are all facing,  give him the background to figure out the right solutions for US and then fight for them.  

For most of his life Kelly, like you, has observed the damaging results of entrenched power of all sorts on the lives of those of US living in District 17.  Politics!  Politics! Politics! Nepotism! Cronyism! And, then more of the same!  We have it all in Northeastern PA.  For Kelly it has gotten too much to take. Along with the mess the Country is in now, that is a major motivator for his candidacy for Congress.    

As an author, Brian has written 63 books, many of which are in the high tech field.  In 2007, he began research for his first book about government. In 2008, he released these first efforts with a book titled, Taxation Without Representation, sold on the Internet at such places as and  He has updated the Taxation book and wrote twenty-one new patriotic books. These are the product of major research as well as his clear opinions as to how the country has gotten off course.  Two of his newest books include Wilkes-Barre PA Return to Glory! and The Constitution 4 Dummmies.  

On May 4, 2010, when Brian first ran for Congress, he released his 42nd book titled, Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! Subtitled, Where Have They Gone?  How Can We Get them Back. The text of the book is available free on this site and the paperback is available at 

Kelly is an ardent defender of the Constitution and in many of his books, he adds appendices with the full text of the US Constitution and other founding documents. 

By visiting this website at or by reading his books, available at, it is easy to know that Brian Kelly stands where you stand on the issues of the day. He sounds like one of US because he is one of US.    

Brian Kelly asks all Democrats in NEPA to vote Kelly in the Primary. He also asks Republicans and Democrats to vote Kelly in the general election. "I promise that you will have change --- this time it will be change that you can live with."  And, won't that be a grand day.    ---------  Best wishes for a better America from Brian Kelly.