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Brian Kelly for Congress PA District #8 Primary in 2022 :

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Obamacare -- Bad for America

Healthcare should be determined by the marketplace 

Instead of further removing healthcare from the market, in which doctors and patients and other providers work together to help patients, we should return to that true free market in healthcare.

Healthcare Rationing -- Inevitable


Sometimes would it not be nice if we could all be as smart as the legislators and the bureaucrats in Washington think they are?

Obamacare 101 -- A Tough Pill To Swallow  

Do we all need health care? You bet we do! But even before the big March 21, 2010 Pelosi / Obama/ Stupak takeover, the citizens of the US already had health care. Do you remeber those days.

Read the Bills 

Government waste has gone far beyond outrageous and government corruption is a rotting, bloated stinking pig that has been poisoning us.   Many of us were unaware it was even happening.

Obamacare Is Full Government Control!
Your government, also known as the politicians that you elected to represent YOU, have been hiring a ton of bureaucrats to take over control of YOUR healthcare. They began the hiring process with the stimulus bill and hired over 160,000 people in just the first year, even before the passage of Obamacare.

The Obamacare Medicare Caper 

On Sunday, March 21, the US U.S. House with just Democrat support voted 219 to 211 to steal over a half trillion dollars from Medicare. I know some of you think they just got rid of Medicare Advantage to pay off AARP for some good moral support.

This ought to be on the front page of every newspaper in America -- in large bold letters. This was a "letter to the editor" in an August Jackson MS newspaper.

Healthcare Accountability


Healthcare is a right!  How can it not be? Why should some have healthcare and others not have healthcare? Are these issues not at the center of the debate about who gets the bounty produced by the workers in America? 

Hello My Potential Constituents; (It's Up to You In May and November!)

I received an email that spooked me because it might be true.  It might not be true either.  Snopes a very liberal site has not made a declaration on the matter which means it may very well be true.

HealthCare Redistribution: Keep the Government from Getting Between You and Your Doctor!
Essay by Brian Kelly
Finally, a real explanation of the new form of health care rationing coming in the new bill. If you find your tongue hitting your cheek on this don't worry, it is not a medical emergency.
Don't let all this talk about health care rationing disturb you. It is already happening.  Whenever there is less available than what is needed, there is rationing. So, if 20,000 new people or even 50,000 people -- those who reportedly do not have healthcare today, are added to an already overextended system, what will be the result? The result is more rationing, of course. 
How is it that we have rationing today?

HealthCare Redistribution: Rationing By Any Other Name Would Be Rationing!
Finally, a real explanation of the new form of health care rationing coming in the Obamacare Bill that passed in 2010.  If you find your tongue hitting your cheek on this don't worry, it is not a medical emergency.

Obamacare Anxiety / Betrayal


As a Conservative Democrat, giving the government control of healthcare does not fit in with my way of thinking.  Healthcare is for doctors and patients only.  So, even though I am a Democrat and even though you may be a Democrat, that does not mean that you should have had to give up your freedom to feed three big political egos.