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Ways to Solve the Jobs Problem - Fair Tax & Illegals 

Fair Tax
How does the 16th amendment help business?  This authorizes the "progressive" income tax. We all know that more than a mechanism to feed the government's need to defend us, and to enable highways to be built and other things that individuals cannot do by themselves, the income tax has been used as a mechanism for wealth redistribution.  Employees do not like this, but the non-working, especially the deadbeats, really do. They think it is fine.

We all think that it is a good thing to help the helpless. It is not good to help make poor people out of those who otherwise would be fruitful contributors to their own lives.
The notion of giving to those who should not need anything returns nothing to the people. The government really decides way too much for the people.  And, our government, unfortunately consists of mostly dunderheads who don't know their back end from a hole in the ground. Worse than that, they do not seem to care as long as they get their paycheck. The leadership in Congress is even worse.

The income tax is a convenient vehicle to manage the people's purchases via tax exemptions, credits, and deductions. How does government know what is good or bad for you or for me?  Why should we care what they think about what we do?  We all know they do not know much about anything because most of them are unfortunately asleep or too inept to make a positive difference. But, they sure know how to get in the way of a citizen's productive life. 
Since we do need taxes to support the good parts of government that we the people control, the best tax is clearly a consumption tax. We know that our current income tax system has become absurd when those who make zero dollars by not working are entitled to a refund.

Because the system is intrinsically unfair, everybody tries to scam the system. Its like scam or be scammed. We have all seen waitresses and waiters who treat you and your family quite well. I sure have. You and I know that they prefer to get cash, rather than have the tip on the bill.  Why is that?  It's because cash is not reportable to the nasty IRS. A consumption tax, such as the FAIR Tax, would force get them along with you and I and even illegal aliens to pay a tax whenever we spend a dime.  But, there is no income tax so we have more to spend and we can afford the tax. If restaurant employees choose to spend their tips, they would then pay a tax regardless of whether you gave them cash or it was on the charge card.

Please know that I am not talking about a Value Added Tax or VAT that permits the government to keep the unfair and incredulous income tax and add a 20% sales tax through the supply chain.  A FAIR Tax is a national sales tax yes. But, the income tax goes away first. Moreover, there is a way to help those who are poor and those with many children within the FAIR tax.  

So, a Fair Tax can save the money the government uses for the IRS to find the tips that these folks might hide.  The 16,000 IRS agents for Obamacare at multiple bllions of dollars in salary would not be needed. Instead the tax would be applied evenly on all items in which it is spent.  

A consumption / sales tax would therefore force those operating outside the current income tax system to pay their fair share -- whether they are legal or illegal.  In this way, nobody gets public services for free. Nobody!  

Why is that not something that we all like?  Anybody with a job and those who receive money from those with a job all pay taxes. This lifts the burden from only those who work to all.
There is a notion that a sales tax can be a very practical measure by which we will gradually wean ourselves off of our dependence on federal and state services. By slowly lowering the percentage of the tax over time, the size of the government overall can shrink and government services can eventually be returned back to state control where they belong or perhaps, other than those deemed extremely essential, they will be ended entirely.
So that you understand the salient components of the Fair Tax Plan, I have captured the following from the
http://www.fairtax.org/ site. It essence is noted below.
What is the Fair Tax Plan?
The Fair Tax Plan is a comprehensive proposal that replaces all federal income and payroll based taxes with an integrated approach including a progressive national retail sales tax, a prebate to ensure no American pays federal taxes on spending up to the poverty level, dollar-for-dollar federal revenue neutrality, and, through companion legislation, the repeal of the 16th Amendment.
The Fair Tax Act (HR 25, S 296) is nonpartisan legislation. It abolishes all federal personal and corporate income taxes, gift, estate, capital gains, alternative minimum, Social Security, Medicare, and self-employment taxes and replaces them with one simple, visible, federal retail sales tax  administered primarily by existing state sales tax authorities.
The Fair Tax taxes us only on what we choose to spend on new goods or services, not on what we earn. The Fair Tax is a fair, efficient, transparent, and intelligent solution to the frustration and inequity of our current tax system.
The Fair Tax:
• Enables workers to keep their entire paychecks
• Enables retirees to keep their entire pensions
• Refunds in advance the tax on purchases of basic necessities
• Allows American products to compete fairly
• Brings transparency and accountability to tax policy
• Ensures Social Security and Medicare funding
• Closes all loopholes and brings fairness to taxation
• Abolishes the IRS

The Fair Tax makes taxation fair for everybody from regular citizens to illegal foreign nationals to those involved in illegal activity such as robbery, drug peddling, prostitution, etc. Everybody pays taxes whenever they buy something. Buy nothing and you will pay no tax. It's the only way because it is fair!  Some other ideas to help American jobs are shown immediatly below and then we close out this essay.

Jobs for Illegal Foreign Nationals
Another place where Jobs go is to illegal foreign nationals. As part of illegal labor arbitrage, corporations seek to establish the lowest possible wage to drive down the hourly rate that they must pay American and foreign workers.  For example it is widely reported that the meat-packing industry average wage is now approaching $8.50 per hour when just fifteen years ago it was at $19.00 per hour.  Wages in the construction trades have seen the same downward spiral.
The solution is simple. As of a certain date, without any penalty to the companies, (amnesty of sorts), they get to report the number and the wages of each of their potentially illegal foreign nationals who are employed.  No action against anybody will be taken.  However, the company will pay a wage differential equal to $5.00 per hour to the federal government for each hour an illegal foreign national has worked in a given pay period. The bottom line is that non-citizens will cost businesses $5.00 per hour more than American citizens.
This would be a voluntary program.  However if in government audits, it is found that a percentage of the employees are illegal and the company has not reported the workers' wages and paid the tax, they will owe double the amount plus the cost of the audit and the full cost of the collection.
H-1B and Other Visas
The Visa Program will be examined to be sure it is not used for labor arbitrage and if American workers are available, visas will not be granted and existing visas will be shortened.
Quick Summary
All of these methods, from discouraging offshoring to illegal foreign nationals to a proper visa program to better regulations and tax reductions for small businesses will have a major impact on jobs.  

The FAIR Tax makes sure that everybody pays taxes and that is fair.




Hopefully you will elect me your next Congressman and we will not have to fear the lack of jobs anymore.  I know how to bring Jobs back to Northeastern PA and the USA at large.  I am a regular citizen and not one of the elite. Why not give me the opportunity to help all the people -- US!  

When I ran for Congress in 2010, I wrote a book for all Americans. The title is Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!  The subtitle is Where Did They Go?  How Can We Get Them Back?  In 2016, I revised and updated this book and it is available for free on the briankellyforcongress.com web site.  

The original soft cover paperback of the book is available for sale at 

www.bookhawkers.com. Check out the BookHawkers site to find other great patriotic books. Scroll on the site menus right on the Congress site to find all the chapters in the Jobs! book available as free downloads. The book is a compendium of many essays about the Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! problem in the US and NEPA. 

Enjoy it for free or buy a hard copy from bookhawkers. 

You can read these essays, which are much of the substance of the book, free on the web site. You never have to buy this book unless you want hard copy. Kelly has packaged a deal for you that you won't believe. Your friends and family can read the updated book right on www.briankellyforcongress.com for free.  

Since the time he ran for Congress, Brian has written two more books on the subject. One is called the RRR Plan, a very comprehensive plan for reestablishing America as a business leader and Saving America, a detailed plan for saving America from financial ruination. These books are available in hard copy on the BookHawker site (www.bookhawkers.com).  

As noted, the revised text of Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! is also on this site packed in up-to-date essays. Each essay that is in the book is available on the right side of the home page under the Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! heading.  

Yes, it's free. No kidding.  Even the book's Preface, a worthwhile read as an essay unto itself is on this site. The Preface is also included in the hard copy of this Brian Kelly for Congress book that you are now reading.  

It is where you should begin as it is another important essay on the Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! Landscape. If you would like to get the book in paper form, feel free to take the link to bookhawkers.com or www.trumpbookshop.comOtherwise, it is on the web site for you to read and to enjoy.  

Thank you for choosing to visit the Brian Kelly for Congress web site.    

By reading the full content of Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! just like author Brian Kelly, you too will get an appreciation about jobs that you may never have had before.  Kelly wants to create jobs in the US and in NEPA in particular and he outlines how it can be done when Congress finally wants it to be done.  So far, it seems Congress is disinterested in anything that is good for America. They get their cues from President Obama.  

So far, as you well know, Congress has avoided its responsibility of helping Americans in need of jobs. For years, they have either taken no action or given more rights to foreigners and International Corporations.  

Instead of being a force to help the American people, Congress, especially this 114th Congress, now in session has chosen special interests over the needs of the American people. Along with Matt Cartwright from Northeastern PA and Barack Obama, they have permitted unbridled crony capitalism with huge corporate profits to the friends of Congress and cronies of the President.  

Meanwhile, the same corporations are shipping jobs overseas or bringing in foreign workers to replace Americans in their enterprises.  This is not fair.  

That is why Brian Kelly is running for Congress -- to change the jobs scenario and many other scenarios that work against the people. Kelly thinks jobs are more important than special interests.  

Don't you agree?  

Why not pick a person for Congress like you, who thinks like you do?


Preface to the Preface:

This is both an essay and a Preface for Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!.  All of the essays in this Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! menu have already been packaged into a book titled Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! When you create a book, it needs introductory material. Much of this is packaged in a front matter item called the "Preface."  Front matter comes before all of the other material in the book. Typically nobody wants to pay for Front Matter. When they buy a book, they are mostly interested in just the chapter or essay contents.
Anyway, this is no ordinary Preface. As you may know, the whole book titled Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! is free in this section of the site (you just do not get the paper) . Without having the preface that I wrote for the book, it would really be incomplete.

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!  The Government's Plan?

Hello Everybody.  My name is Brian Kelly and I am running for Congress Some at one time may have called me a mild mannered professor at a fine Northeastern PA University. But, regardless of what I am called, the message in this essay is Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! 

I am 68 years old and I am able to collect social security,  I'm thinking of beginning my new two-year Job on January 20, 2017 as your Representative for District 17. My plan is to serve replace Matt Cartwright for one term and help get things going for my successor, who will be another man of the people and not at all like Cartwright. I will help us find a suitable replacement for myself. Of course the first January 20 2017 date is all up to folks like you. If the folks decide to send me to Congress for those two years, I can promise two things for sure.  Nobody will own me and I will work for you -- the people of Northeastern Pennsylvania. In January, 2019, I plan to begin another new job in the Senate of the United States of America. Bob Casey Jr. is one of America's worst Senators and my plan is to replace him as soon as possible with a man of the people. That would be me.   

Red Tape Is a Jobs Killer 

Try starting a small business in the US?  

You will face a mountain of laws that say you are not worthy to be in business.  That does not sound American. Those who have skipped the skip or danced the dance will tell you that you have to compromise your ideals to get what you want from the government.  Is that true?  If it is; it should not be!

No matter how good your idea, it will be all but impossible to gain the capital necessary if you are a reasonably unknown entrepreneur.  But, let's say you are able to launch your small business but you forget to grease the wheels of government. How long will it take for the government will notice you are out there and they come collecting? They tell me, and surely you have heard this-- that if you happen to know somebody who knows somebody who knows a Congressman, your little business can get a boost big enough to get it over the start-up regulation issues and perhaps even keep it going. But, then again, some crook in government then gets to believe they have a stake in your business and you must show you are grateful. It's just the way it is. But, it should not be that way!

Worker Visas Take Many American Jobs 

The US Visa programs have been used by corporations and a complicit Congress & President to sell out American intellectuals and skilled service workers in recent years.  The scam continues even while Americans are unemployed in record numbers.  The Visa Program had noble beginnings and there is no obvious problem with the type of people who come in on visas. However under certain visa types, employers get a big bonus as they can access foreign technical talent for slave wages. 

Solving Jobs & Illegal Immigration Together! 

Corporations that Cannot Outsource Find Another Way 

What a shame for corporate titans who saw their golfing buddies moving huge portions of their businesses offshore to reduce their labor cost.  They saw their buddies being able to move their businesses offshore to take advantage of lower wages and their buds also got "less punitive" environmental conditions. They hoped they could figure out a way that they could create a labor force that was similar to those offshore. But, they wanted to keep their company in America. They figured out how to succeed.  

They wanted all of the advantages and none of the disadvantages of offshoring for their companies.  They wanted a  cheap labor source and a labor force that would not complain at all about the work environment.   The overriding problem of course for industries such as farming and meatpacking  and even construction is that companies that require "American" workers in America cannot offshore the work to other countries.  What a problem. These businesses were stuck in America and therefore had to hire American workers. Not so fast!  

Suppose, for example, your company packs meat from animals raised on US land or suppose you are selling berries or vegetables grown on US land, or you are building homes in the U.S. You simply cannot pack up and take your enterprise offshore.  It cannot work.  The poor Corporate titans could not gain the benefits of offshoring unless magically the Chinese and Indian workforce, willing to work for peanuts was brought to the US. Hey, maybe that can be done? 

It may not be Chinese workers or Indian workers but the workers come nonetheless, and they are still coming.  The US government solved the problem of no labor arbitrage by taking no action when illegal foreign nationals came in and took American jobs. Thank you Congress. Thank you, Mr. president. The companies seem to be able to hire illegal workers with impunity and they never look back. Americans can be fired and cheap labor hired, and the profits come in even more than expected. Thank you American business.

Yes, profits never looked so good as wage rates are now as depressed in many industries as in the Robber Baron days. Somebody is being taken advantage of and somebody else is out of a good job. But, a heartless anti-American corporate titan is now able to share in the bounty of offshoring without even having to move his company.  When the government's border watchdogs decided that need to take no overt action to stop the practice during the last several administrations, its non-action was enough to put a big smile on an industry mogul's nasty unkind face.  

With the government choosing not to enforce illegal immigration laws, companies thus became able to create little pockets of employment that had almost all of the "business friendly" characteristics and the big benefits of third world countries right here in the good ole USA.  Yup! because of lax government policy intended by the Republicans to give businesses who could not offshore the financial breaks they needed, life was good.  Huge corporations were able to find labor arbitrage opportunities that had not been seen since the Robber Baron days, right here in America.  Just as in those days, all the workers suffered and still suffer. Meanwhile Democrats are not trying to be nice to American workers. They do not need us anymore. They are trying to figure out how to leagailze the illegals so thay can vote to keep the Democrats in office.   

Meatpacking Industry Big Corporate Names Are on Top of the Bad List

The story of the meatpacking industry is an egregious affront against the American way. We all seem to think that all illegal immigrants pick berries or vegetables or otherwise work on a farm.  This is not true.  The once highly unionized labor force in the meatpacking industry, which had been dominated by black workers making big wages, for example once commanded 25% higher wages than other manufacturers. In the early days, meatpacking was an undesirable profession because it was dangerous work and because the wages were depressed. Unions changed that but the unions let the meatpackers off the hook when they moved the jobs and hired illegals. 

With the union influence, meatpacking became a desired job especially for new legal immigrants from all countries.   Paying such good wages however soon was too good for companies like Swift and Tyson and others so they figured a way to get back to slave labor wages.  They shut down their city operations and moved their plants to the country where nobody lived.  

Their American workers for the most part chose not to go with them.  A huge proportion of those who lost jobs were black and because of the great wage, they had lifted themselves well into the middle class. It was too good to last.  When they opened their facilities in rural areas, the plants were non-union or were about to be. The wages were about half of what they had been when the companies were all unionized.  Along the way the meatpacking industry came up with a lot of tricks so that unions were never again able to take hold of the industry.  Illegal foreign nationals as workers was one tool they used since no business person worried about an illegal alien joining a union.  It would be almost certain deportation. 

Just like the government has begun to lie at a wholesale level,  company managers and executives learned to lie so that they could keep their profit margins and they could also avoid jail time. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) people did come around, but not too frequently, and most of the time, they came after having been announced. There were few surprise visits.  When companies are asked about their workforce, they are quick to verify that they have no illegals working on premise.  Of course, they lie.  Here is a great story that demonstrates this. 

A few years back, the Swift Plant Managers in Greeley Colorado were informed that ICE would be a calling soon.  Why ICE would tell them they were going to be raided is another part of the problem.  All of the meatpackers in recent years use illegal aliens (foreign nationals) as a major part of their workforce. So, when informed by ICE that a raid was imminent at its plants, Swift immediately went before a judge to ask for an injunction to prevent those raids.  Why would that be? 

When they got to court seeking injunctive relief, Swift told the court that the raids could severely impact its ability to conduct business. The company argued that it could lose up to 40 percent of its workforce and this would compromise its ability to continue as an employer.  This is verifiable by checking Swift's court documents. The funny thing here is that Swift had always claimed that it had never knowingly hired an illegal worker so the idea that they would be harmed in any way was counter to their prior testimony.  They lie.  

Of course we know and the workers know they lie. The bottom line is that if the company believed it had no illegal workers then where did the 40 percent loss in its workforce estimate come from in a potential immigration raid?  Again, the answer is they lied. Those looking at the meatpacking industry over time know that no amount of raids at Swift would ever stop Swift's Greeley plant and other plants from being work havens for illegal immigrants. There is just too much money at stake.  Since nobody goes to jail, the inconvenience is merely a cost of business. 

How about fruit, berry, and vegetable pickers?  It is a similar scenario to meatpacking and even construction but there are more legal ways to get the job done in those industries. Yet, there are still lots of illegal foreign nationals working on farms and building buildings. Obviously farmers cannot offshore their business so they do the next best thing. They find the cheapest labor in town.  So, it is possible to bring all of that cheap labor to the farm without having to move the farm. 

Of course we know the farm cannot be moved and there is an ample supply of illegal aliens to fill the bill.  This is a real coup for businesses that cannot go offshore.  Only American workers are harmed but no political party today represents American workers. Corporations are able to pay substantially less than the prevailing wage to gain the labor supply they need. It is really not good for Americans and it is certainly not a real good thing for the impoverished workers.  

Today everybody seems to understand that offshoring is the sending of American Jobs to another country and leaving the Americans who once had those jobs out of work. There is an argument that we just presented that most meat and poultry workers, farm workers, and construction workers, whose jobs cannot be outsourced are victims of labor arbitrage with no union protection. 

Workers in manufacturing and now customer service industries, as well as IT and Accounting are witnessing massive job depletion by offshoring.  So entrenched US industries use illegals for labor arbitrage and healthy corporations that are not bound to the US, simply take the jobs overseas to third world countries. With the major influx of foreign nationals a.k.a. illegal aliens, those corporations that cannot offshore do the same thing onshore.  They have been able to bypass labor laws and they have been able to craft a “third world” strategy for the U.S. meat and poultry industry, as well as many other industries. 

So, why did I take you through all that? 

The solution is actually very easy.  I love the notion of cybernetic systems. As a computer systems engineer, I build self-correcting attributes into all the systems I design.  I think the government missed its opportunity years ago of dealing effectively with border jumpers who become illegal workers.  But, no problem is beyond the thinking of a problem solver as long as the government, meaning both political Parties want to solve the problem.  

Years ago I knew the problem with illegal immigration was these folks somehow all got jobs.  They would be long gone if nobody hired them.  BTW, that is another reason why a consumption vs. an income tax would help. Everybody would pay some tax.  Illegal immigrants can't all be on welfare no matter how good the identity theft business has become. So, we must conclude they have jobs and that American companies are paying somebody off or are winking and nodding and all is OK.  

The solution is very simple and it would put so much money in the US treasury that that neither party would ever want to make citizens of the "illegal alien." Moreover, it would increase the opportunity for American Citizens to be employed in the industries in which the illegals had downgraded the wages.  

Here is the plan. 

1. Amnesty for all employers who admit they have illegal immigrants working for them.  

2.  As part of the amnesty the company provides the number (not the names) of the employees who are illegal or who may be illegal.  I am OK with providing names but this is not a trick to discover identities for deportation.  

3. A new $5.00 per hour payroll tax is imposed by the Federal government on each employee who is not a citizen. Companies report hours quarterly along with their 941-A reports.  

4. The current employees' wages cannot be cut as long as they work for the company. 

5. Any new jobs are to be filled by verified Americans. Americans can keep the $5.00 differential. If an American has the job, he or she keeps the $5.00. In other words, Illegals make $5.00 less per hour but the company pays the same.  

6. The tax money goes into state unemployment funds and/or Social Security. 

7.. Either the companies continue paying the employees the equivalent of $5.00 more per hour (with the $5.00 going to Uncle Sam) or they hire American citizens. 

8. If a $5.00 differential is not enough, the Congress increases the number appropriately. 

The demand for American citizens will push the labor rate up so that Americans can again be employed in meatpacking, construction, and even in the farm fields. 

The 5.00 pay differential causes the companies to be able to afford regular American workers.   If $5.00 is not the right number then it is changed to a number that favors Americans over non-citizens. 

Problem solved. Why? Only if both Parties want it solved.  

As an Aside 

Many of us have been out to the blogs and we get a chance to catch the unabashed feelings of Americana.  The blogs have been really buzzing since Obamacare is now affecting most Americans. Not only do a lot of healthy Americans not want to buy insurance but they are annoyed that they will be paying for many people who for one reason or another choose not to contribute to society and who are content to take, take and take.  

These folks are not only concerned about Obamacare but the next step,  a shamnesty, which then compounds the financial distress of Obamacare by adding 30,000,000 illegal aliens and their families to the welfare rolls and to the Obamacare rolls.  These folks suggest that those on welfare should replace the farm workers who choose to go back to wherever they are from. Not a bad idea! 

I forget where I got this but it sums it up pretty nicely 

"... Why are we questioning if we should be accepting things that are illegal. If we bend the rules for one group or action, then we have to bend the rules for all or it would be 'selective enforcement,' which in itself is illegal. I agree. Able-bodied welfare recipients should take the low-paying jobs. If they do not like them, it will serve as incentive to work toward something they would enjoying working at. Welfare was originally meant to assist people back up on their feet. It was not meant to be a source of life-time income."

Helping Americans was never intended in America's worst hours in Congress to mean giving illegals benefits while taking the funding from the wallets of hard-working Americans.



Bringing Back US Jobs from Offshore -- Greed Is the Answer!

"Corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed."

Who do you think said this? Could it be: Barack Obama?  George Bush?  Ronald Reagan?  Sean Hannity? Keith Olberman?  Katie Couric?  If not the famous, then who?  Tom Stites, the author of one of my sources for this piece thinks that the inflammatory rhetoric may "sound like a protester railing against the World Trade Organization?"  Then he inquires as I just did in these words:

Offshore Outsourcing Is a Jobs Killer

Outsourcing has been with the world for thousands of years.  The sale of food, tools, and other goods from one community to another is a form of outsourcing. If you don't grow your own food then you outsource its acquisition. Outsourcing is a necessary facet of every business and it is practiced by every company because nobody can do it all.  Offshore Outsourcing as practiced by American corporations, or as it is simply called, Offshoring is simply anti-American.  It happens when the business believes it is so important that the workers and the country in which it is franchised, no longer matter.  

There were US companies in the 1800s and 1900s who were vertically integrated and thus, they did it all.  Rugged individualism was the credo of the day, and if you could not do it all, you could not compete.  These companies took care of their own production, mining, manufacturing from raw materials, while they built finished goods, shipped the goods, sold end products in their own stores. Many of these companies even went so far as insuring themselves; handled their own bookkeeping and taxes; had their own lawyers etc.  Some even designed and built their own buildings as it was viewed as the proper way to expand their enterprises.  To do that, they required a major diversity of talent.
Eventually, in American History, it no longer was a matter of pride that a company did it all.  It became very difficult to have all the talent required in one business and so companies began to concentrate on what are called their core competencies.  For example, furniture manufacturers began to get their wood from loggers rather than maintain their own forests. Other manufacturers began to bring in raw materials that were in a more finished state from contractors -- steel sheets rather than iron ore.  This is how it began.
As service companies began to emerge, the manufacturing companies found it more productive to do business with these firms and gain a number of other services.  Firms could never be the best in specific areas that were adjunct to their core businesses by relying only on in-house expertise.  In the industrial revolution, there was a large growth in the service sector as manufacturers began to purchase needed skills. This was the first form of outsourcing.

Companies needed insurance services, architectural and engineering services, legal and accounting services, and many others. At this time in the U.S., the companies performing the outsourced work were almost always located in the U.S., and most often in the same city, just like their customers. Therefore it was not against national interests to outsource parts of the business to domestic firms. 

Corporate Globalization Takes Outsourcing Offshore
As the economy became more global as fast ships and large airplanes and fast voice and data communications channels, and information technology innovations were established, this permitted people and goods and information to be moved rapidly from country to country. Because of these advances, it became feasible to move activities that were once done on-shore in the U.S. to a foreign country, off shore. This process is known as offshore outsourcing or simply as noted previously, "offshoring."

At first it was an experiment but the ingredients of success were in the cards.  As relationships were formed in developing countries, it became easier and easier for the next company to do the same thing.  Facilitator service companies emerged who would set up the whole offshore deal for any company that did not know how to get it done. In the beginning of course, the outsourcing channels were not greased as well as they are today.
Companies of today, who are ready to outsource no longer have to do the work themselves. They outsource to "facilitator companies,"  such as IBM,  to gain the outsourcing / offshoring expertise. There are many such firms that are now in place to expedite the entire process. For the US companies that employ such offshoring avenues, it does help that they write their checks for offshoring to companies such as IBM so that it does not appear to the uninformed that they are un-American. Yet, they are un-American and IBM is un-American and it is time we call them and other companies out and show them all for what they are. If its such a good deal for everybody then nobody should be embarrassed about it. 
In the last twenty to thirty years, the notion of offshoring has become as commonplace as outsourcing on-shore had been and it has gotten more and more positive press in the business community.  Corporations are not created to provide benefits to employees or alms to the poor. They are created for one purpose-shareholder profit. Offshoring therefore has become very popular, especially in large companies in which business titans and needy stockholders believe their company is as modern and as profitable as the times permit.  Additionally, the big consulting firms have been recommending offshoring as a solution for bad American management for many years now.
In some ways offshoring has become a corporate management status symbol besides a way of doing business.   Companies that have decided to stay American are belittled sometimes by their elite peers and industry moguls for not having taken their businesses overseas.  Another little told secret is that even though the corporate miffintiffs would argue against this premise, offshoring provides little benefit for the sending country. 

Low Tech --  First Jobs to Go 

The first types of products to be manufactured overseas were the low-tech items such as toys, shoes and apparel goods. Eventually, higher value items like high-tech components, computer chips and wafers, and consumer electronics began to appear. There are no televisions or VCRs or DVD players  made in the U. S. today but who knows that?  Apple Computers and iPods, iPads, iPhones, Apple Watches, and even new models of everything are all made in China.  How does that make you feel?  

The iPad et al may have once been designed in the United States, but Apple's money-spinning products are manufactured in the high-tech factories of east Asia. Asia expects a big uptick thanks to Apple. India is also booming because of US jobs brought there by big name US corporations such as IBM, HP, Microsoft, Apple, and others. Welcome to America? 

How Did We Lose the Stimulus' Green Jobs & More? 

Over 20,000 green jobs have been shipped to India.  As far back as 2008 with billions of stimulus dollars, American companies and Obama cronies took the money and ran. They used the stimulus money to create jobs in India, and elsewhere. Congress and the President simply winked..  No it isn't fair.  They argue that there are jobs from green in America but they admit that those jobs are low-wage installation and construction jobs.  Though you may think India is where the cheap, low-skill jobs go, this is not true.  For the green jobs, India has gotten the very good and the high paying jobs.  

While the US suggests that high speed rail is impractical, more stimulus money and other taxpayer dollars were given to China to build, and operate a high speed rail system in California. The Chinese government  will be working with the State of California and General Electric to help Gov. Brown get these lines built and operational.  American taxpayers are paying.  At least the work will be done in the US but the US has no skills in the rail area so Chinese engineers will be brought to the U.S.  Ironically, 150 years ago, low-wage Chinese workers were brought to America by the railroads for the back-breaking work of laying track and setting up the US rails system.  

China is not just interested in building trinkets any more.  The Chinese take pride in the fact that they are a big exporter and they are the pioneers in bullet trains traveling 220 miles an hour. What happened to American business pride?  This environmentally friendly technology has permitted China to race past the United States in the last few years.  Now that the President has shut down NASA, other than for his Muslim Outreach program, and the US is officially out of the Space Race, China and Russia will be taking our astronauts to the space station and back.  The truth is that US firms have fought so hard for profits, they have hurt the US in its ability to be a real player on the world's high tech stage.  This does not help America.   

The new green jobs coming from the US to India include  engineers, strategic business management, and major support technicians. These folks are the innovators and are the ones designing the innovative environmental friendly solutions.  If you are in India, you can get some good US jobs such as sustainability engineers, marketing and business development executives, data center management engineers, utilities and electric engineers and quality specialists. In the US, don't expect too much. American corporations with the help of the government have sold you out.  Expertise in the future will be something that US companies buy from overseas.  No, it is not good for America. 

Pittston PA Plant Abandoned 

Even the analog television faceplates, which were once made by Owens-Corning and later Techneglas in Pittston Pennsylvania are now made in Korea. So, discrete manufacturing was the first activity that began to move to offshore destinations in the corporate quest for significantly lower labor costs. I must ask you as a reader, if there is anything about American workers losing their jobs because American corporations found a "cheaper way" that you find admirable?  Yet, these corporate economic traitors are protected by our government with endowed rights and privileges to do business in the United States regardless of whether our people benefit? Why is that? It surely is time for that to change, and as you will see in the later essays in this section, I have a plan that means business. As A Congressman and later as Senator, I will help put get that plan passed. And, for US workers, it means good jobs. 

Nobody really shows the costs but with energy costs sky high, think about the cost of shipping today. Do you think there is much savings for products made in country X if the product must be shipped back to the US?   You are right. The wage rate really does not make up for all of that.  For products that otherwise would be shipped across the world, however, US companies make a lot more money and save on taxes by doing business outside of the U.S.  Maybe it is time to send in some replacement players for these corporations while we wholesale clean out both chambers of Congress and the Executive Branch.  

Some argue that India and other countries create a better college graduate prepared better to engage the workplace. As a long-time professor, I see grade inflation as one of the things that is destroying our ability to teach students in our major universities. Student evaluations force professors to give more As than anything else. So, other countries not focused on making sure Johnny gets an A even if it is not earned, produce bette engineers and technicians. So, yes, US education from K-12, and from Bachelor level to PH.D.,  all must improve so America again can be the best in all it does.  

The Corporate Income Tax Is the Jobs' Real Bad Guy  

The real culprit causing greedy US corporations to turn their backs on America is the corporate income tax.  Just look at the balance sheets of American corporations who do lots of work overseas. These companies have figured out how to stiff the US corporate tax system by doing business in foreign countries, and keeping their profits without declaring taxes. They gain on taxes and on labor arbitrage.  

The jobs are not about to come back for lots of good reasons.  Companies make too much money to ever decide to help the home country without big change in the U.S. tax system and the way corporations and their executives are treated in the U.S.  While the government thinks they are nailing corporations with excessively high taxes (35% just at the federal level), corporations are showing they have more might than the US government. They simply pack up their bags, their plant, and a few of their people, and they take a quick and permanent trip overseas mostly to avoid the sting of American taxes. Then, they donate to congressional and presidential campaigns so nobody gets the idea of shutting down the profit spigot just to help American citizens.  

Jobs will not come back without major change.  Right now, once a company sets up shop in a foreign country, it is a sign of management failure to come back to the US. Management would always decide that 500,000 regular employees should be fired rather than one manager.  It's a culture thing.  Top managers protect top managers. I point that out so that we all have little sympathy for American managers who ship jobs overseas. 

IBM Offshoring Example
Today's poster child for treating workers poorly is the IBM Corporation.  IBM has fired as many as 200,000 employees and has shipped many, many jobs overseas in the last twenty years. Plant sites such as Endicott, New York are decimated as is Rochester Minnesota and other huge hallmarks of IBM's onetime relationship with its American host.  Today IBM and even Microsoft and especially Apple the biggest tech firm in the world, could care less about America and Americans. 

What IBM executives, such as their chairman Ginny Rometty have been doing for years is dumping experienced and expensive people, who work in expensive countries (US) and moving their jobs to low cost countries, using the cheapest resources available there. IBM has decided that the US is an expensive country. Ask them at their next stockholders' meeting. Insult to injury is when the replaced IBM employee must go to the foreign country to train his replacement.  

The IBM company is pushing everything that can be offshored overseas as fast as it can.  If the Chinese built a high speed rail over the ocean, IBM would be its first customer.  Additionally, since IBM got so good at stiffing its own workers, it has made a business out of it.  IBM makes a ton of money helping other "American" Corporations do the same thing.  Thank you IBM!

By the way, I have a new book available on www.bookhawkers.com. It happens to be called Thank You, IBM.


To further explore the Offshoring dilemma and to pick up a few really good solutions to keep jobs in the US, please continue with the essay titled:  Bringing Back US Jobs from Off Shore." 

Bringing Good Jobs Back to America!

As noted in the Essay shown as part of the Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! book, titled. "Where Have All the Good Jobs Gone?,"  unemployment in the US for the past seven years has been at record levels.  The financial collapse created a lull in buyer confidence and of course that resulted in significantly less sales for all companies.  When sales stop, so does hiring. 

If buffoons or perhaps my favorite, 435 blocks of granite or sludge (your choice) had taken over Congress in 2009, they would have already done better than the 111th Congress. If there were a right way and a wrong way to get something done, Congress in all circumstances went the wrong way despite cautions over and over from worried constituents.  

When the people said, "no bailouts," Congress responded with TARP and the bailouts. When the people said "no" to the pork and the opportunities for Congress to buy votes for their 2010 through 2016 elections, at a cost over $800 Billion plus, Congress responded with the stimulus bill. While it was being debated, this bill was rightfully renamed by Republicans as the Porkulus bill. It is a national shame. It was supposed to be a jobs bill. If it created another job, that new job would be lonesome. When has anybody even mentioned jobs in the last five years. Democrats, now socialist progressive communists by desire want nobody aspiring to life-bettering jobs for they will be less receptive to socialist designs to make theme equal to their neighbors. 

When the people cried out for tax relief for individuals and for small businesses, Congress chose instead to continue taxing. They led with Cap and Trade in the House, more spending, more bailouts, and of course more porkulus. That was not enough.  Then despite vocal opposition from Americans everywhere, Congress rammed through the Obamacare package, and the Republicans decided to stand down rather than help beleaguered Americans.   

Obamacare has already cost seniors and will dearly cost Seniors even more and it will tax the country another $4 trillion over the next ten years when there just is nothing to give. The people have no more to give. It is a jobs killer.  Now the winds are brewing for a Value Added Tax rather than stop spending and become fiscally responsible.  All of this taxing and spending has drained the country of capital and the threat of new and more costly taxes looming everyday.  Business is exercising deep caution to avoid being caught by the next dumb Washington decision. It is a matter of survival and government is clearly the enemy. Because businesses are afraid to expand, they are not willing to hire people for the jobs of the future.  

You and I know that you cannot spend and spend hoping to be become rich by spending. It ain't going to happen - ever.  American businesses are very timid about their futures and their opportunities. Now, with increased expenses for healthcare, businesses are hurting more and pulling back even more.  With Obamacare taking more and more of the capital and minimal a dismal business outlook, many businesses are about to reduce their health insurance benefits but it is even worse than that.  In many cases, companies have had to make the decision to cut their workforces.  Incenting businesses to cut their work force surely does not create any jobs  

Obama and this Congress are clearly anti-business. Yet, after more than two years of openly punishing and demonizing business, they can't figure out why businesses are not hiring and creating jobs.  It is a cause and effect scenario folks. You and I know the answer. Government took all the money. It is still taking it, and it is spending even more than it takes.   

There will be no jobs recovery until the Halls of Congress are swept clean and 435 freshmen arrive to give this government back to the people.  For this changeover to be a success, of course, the people's job, that's you and me, is to make sure no incumbent sneaks back -- even if they may have a nice juicy porksicle getting ready with your name on it.  

Forget about new hires! American companies have still not yet bottomed out and there are no government programs other than those that will hurt jobs in the foreseeable future. Moreover, the full boom has not fallen as the Cap and Trade has yet to become the law of the land. Even with that business is concerned about the new dictatorial powers of Obama in that the EPA is about to nail business anyway by bureaucratic fiat.  Who does the EPA head work for?  Obama! Congress can stop this usurpation of Congressional power by the EPA by de-funding it, and I will vote for that for sure. Congress is playing dumb like they either don't know or don't care that this is actually happening.   

Wherever businesses look, there is an Obamareason why they cannot hire people.  Each reason is supported by the Congress.  So, how do we turn things around? How can we put America back to work?  How can we bring good jobs back to America.?  It's time to end the switch to socialism first of all. We cannot afford it.  Socialism is anti-business and anti-jobs so along with lots of other things, socialism has got to go.  Check out these three plans to help bring Jobs back to America:  

Plan 1 Replace Congress and Lower Taxes 

One way to create a solution that would work would be for the Senate to choose not to ever pass the business-killing Cap and Trade Bill. So far it is not on the horizon. That is a good start.  Another would be to really not spend the $trillion dollars on Obamacare.  More than likely both of these cannot happen until there is a new 115th Congress because the current Congress is not the solution. It is the problem. 

The 2016 elections are right around the corner.  Some primary elections such as ours in District 17 in Pennsylvania offer the opportunity to remove an incumbent even before the November general election.  Those Pennsylvanians who want to assure the same rats do not get back to Washington, should vote out the incumbent, Matt Cartwright.  Don't just blame Nancy Pelosi. Matt Cartwright is one of her boys and he brought a bankrupt California set of ethics to the Congress this term, and it is time to say adios to Mr. Cartwright. Say it April 26th so the Congressman can use his huge campaign war-chest on his retirement. Vote Brian Kelly by writing me in.  

Across the country,  the whole House and 1/3 of the senate must go.  Unfortunately we can vote out just our own representatives.  Another one who must go is Pennsylvania's own pro-life Senator, Robert Casey but you have to wait until next election in 2018.  Send Casey packing as soon as you can.  Don't forget the king of prevarication. Hussein Obama. We can get rid of him and his spirit as long as we do not go for the liar and cheat Hillary, and the socialist (Bern). It is time for a guy like Ted Cruz for four years at least to help undue the stuff Obama did that we Democrats cannot stand. Hillary wants more and the Bern will male it even worse.

Ironically while he has dedened the Republican Congress, Obama himself has died a number of times over the past seven years. When he goes down again, let him lie.  He is like the Energizer Bunny with multiple lives and energy to spare.  Don't let him get into your mind.  Who knows what his next trick will be. 

If American sees the tricks as tricks we have a chance but if Americans see the tricks as Obama having had a change of heart or that the devil made him do it, we will all be hurting for a long time. The new 115th Congress is our only hope if and only if there are almost all replacement players.  We ( I am a replacement player) can then enact real jobs measures by lowering the taxes on the businesses that generate jobs.  The current strategy of increasing taxes is moving the country from recession towards a great depression. 

Start replacing our PA players on April 26. it will be good for Pennsylvania. it will be good for America. It will help us begin to give businesses hope so that tax relief and hiring is the next order of the day.   

Plan 2. Implement an Americans First Strategy
Assuming Congress is replaced, we have the opportunity to do some big things to create an environment that is good for business, good for workers, and good for America.   The lowering of taxes and perhaps some small business incubators will give at least 8 million companies reason to look forward and therefore have reasons to increase hiring. However, different measures need to be implemented for the largest American Corporations.  

Quite frankly, and this is why I am not a Republican, I would like to see American Corporations take an oath of allegiance to America.  This whole large company solution according to my plan begins by having America's Fortune 500 Corporations admit that they are American Corporations and that they are not global entities that merely play a little ball in America.  You'll see what I mean as we expand this essay with Plan 3. 

Plan 3. Other Areas in which Solutions are Proposed
Check out the next three essays as the following ideas are fleshed out and you will see there is reason for optimism.  The other areas that are examined in other essays in this Jobs Section of the BK for Congress site include the following

  • Offshoring -- Cost in jobs and the solution
  • Illegal Immigration -- Cost in jobs and the solution
  • Worker Visas, such as H-1B -- Cost in jobs and the solution
  • Government Regulation -- Cost in jobs and the solution

Please join us by reading the solutions proposed in each of these areas in the menu options on the site. To say the least, they are non standard. 

Where Have All the Good Jobs Gone?

These are really tough economic times. Job losses are almost as bad as during the depression.  A plague of fiscal irresponsibility is gripping the nation and won't let go!  Millions of Americans worry about how to pay their mortgages, feed their families and heat their homes.  Washington, like Nero while Rome was burning, is fiddling its way in a sea of inexperience and just plain incompetence. If there were smart men in Washington doing what they are doing on purpose, it would be criminal! We would put them all in jail!  
Washington is saying that its huge economic stimulus package created new jobs and put the economy back on track. Nobody believes Washington but it makes great prose. Where are the jobs? The answer is clear. They do not exist! You can't spend all your time on Obamacare and Global Warming and expect that adding a trillion or two in expenses will create an uptick in the economy. There are fewer and fewer jobs each week. The greatest innovation this administration had done regarding jobs is to rig the books. The finest administration lies cannot change the facts. And we all know the government is lying about how bad the situation really is. 
Is that why Washington focuses on the "success" of Obamacare six years later, instead of the economy?  Is it because nothing they have tried has worked?   The last good thing that happened in Washington regarding Jobs was that Bart Stupak announced he was turning in his keys at the end of this ride, and he left for good.  Honest Bart gave up his job after giving up his soul for Obamacare. The question of the day of course is "Why isn't Washington concerned enough to be working to get the economy back on track, and to get people into jobs?"  The Cat in the Hat would see that as a real puzzlement.

Let me ask again -- How can adding  a trillion dollars to the federal budget for a new entitlement, one which siphons the good will of  small businesses and large alike, along with their precious capital, be good for the economy?  Obamacare has been postponing if not completely killing economic recovery for you and me?   Caterpillar, John Deere, Verizon and others for years have been openly discussing the devastating effect of trying to battle the bad economy and Obama's schemes at the same time. This scheme will cost jobs and it has already cost a lot of regular people their insurance policies. 

Was this the law of unintended consequences at work or was it the Obama plan?  Is having the economy in the tank also part of the plan?  If it is, it sure is working. The debt and deficit are at such record levels, a wise man would have to go along with Rosetta Stone's recommendation to learn a language that will help your future.  They say Rosetta Stone has a pretty good course in Chinese.  If future and past Obama's are equal, it is time that we all learn to speak Chinese. 

Jobs still is not even on the government agenda.  Who do they think they are kidding?  Jobs will never be on the agenda.  They lied about it, and continually affirmed their lies hoping repetition will make the lies believable. Yet, they have done nothing to help but spend huge sums of money, most of which wound up in the pockets of cronies. Did you see the shift from Healthcare and Global warming to Jobs?  It was either non existent or imperceptible! I know I missed it. Your elected officials have been busy doing everything but helping the economy get back on track.  They have been destroying jobs by spending and creating debt while debating the takeover of energy and healthcare, beer and soda, toilet paper use, and whether the Russians are good for their word on NUKES.   They just don't get it!
They are TOO BUSY trying to destroy small businesses and Medicare to actually try to create real jobs.  Oh, and election season is here again so that too will be a big, but worthwhile distraction for almost everybody but Bart Stupak.  Congress has stopped paying even lip service to jobs. And when the President way back when, was supposed to be finished with healthcare, you know he was heading to Asia, Indonesia etc. with his family for some R and R.  Why Indonesia? He grew up there. Is that why?  Was it because of Jobs?  Did he plan to bring a few jobs back or give a few million jobs away? 
Maybe he had a few billion dollars in his stash to give away to Indonesia? I just can't say I trust his motivations. Then again, maybe he was going to continue his apology tour and apologize that the US had been so successful prior to the day that he had become President? Sometimes the truth hurts!
There must not be a good school in which Congress can get educated so they know how to represent the people.  By 3 to 1, the American people if given two choices (all incumbents are defeated or all incumbents are reelected) --those polled would vote to throw the bums out. Congress, working on its own agenda, not the people's agenda, has weakened America economically and for years the Congress has permitted the President to weaken America on the foreign stage.

As Sarah Palin calls them, the "Lamestream Media" offer not one negative word for the damage Obama has done and continues to do to the American economy. Instead the media treat the "ram-job" on Obamacare, and all other Obama missions such as permitting all illegals to stay with immunity, as OK. It is like the President of the US just won the Decathlon.  When Congress touches anything, through gamesmanship, gimmickry, or downright corruption, they always make it worse. We can do better. Obama gets his but everybody else in the country loses. 
Washington just doesn't get it. Actually, they don't get much. Most people do not pay attention or they would realize that to save America, it is time we send the whole Congress packing. Let the good ones work their way back and let the bad ones stay out there weeping and gnashing their teeth. We do not need them ever again.  

There are a few, very few indeed, in Congress that we should keep but those are few and far between.  Get rid of them all and we will be better off as a country!  Congress is killing jobs with heavy tax burdens and they are killing America by shackling generations in a pile of inescapable debt.
They kept breathing life into an unworkable healthcare system (Obamacare) rather than helping the American people keep part of their American dream.  Then, like thieves in the night, they all threw in an artificial heart, and instead of the economy rebounding and everybody having jobs, they created something unreal through an unconstitutional processes. They created a m-o-n-s-t-e-r! And, they got away with it. It was called Obamacare! It is a people killer and a jobs killer. 
When the dust was almost clear during the major debate, it looked like despite the gimmicks, they were never going to get this artificial notion to come alive. Then, out of nowhere, Barack Obama, who is clearly more powerful than the energizer bunny, jump started the monster's artificial heart and within seconds, the monster began to call on members of Congress one by one. 

If there were another brave soul in Congress, on that day in March on the 21st, 2010 -- it would have been a lonesome soul.  Nobody challenged the monster and instead of more jobs, we got the potential to lose another 4 million jobs and then over six years we lost them all but they were not reported. Meanwhile, at the time, the lying speaker Pelosi claimed just the opposite. The people knew better and still know better and that is why Mr. Trump is doing so well today. 

The one-time speaker Pelosi brought back to a Dem leadership role, but not as speaker, never wanted to talk about new taxes in all of the massive entitlements which she has endorsed. Yet, the Obamcare bill, one of her pets at the time, raised taxes by over $600 billion.  Where did all these funds come from?  The answer is long-in. They came directly from the wallets of the American people. The fact is that most jobs come from small businesses while the Democrats and Republicans over the last 30 years have let the big jobs go offshore. Another inconvenient fact is that the bulk of these tax increases has fallen on small business owners, who have changed their idea of full time to a number less than needed to have to provide Obamacare. Thus, most new employees today are part-time. . 

An entry course in economics helps any college student know that less money with which to work, reduces capital and limits economic growth and hiring. No wise business person thinks about hiring more people while the cost to hire is being increased.  Congress and Obama either really do not get it at all, or they have a more insidious agenda in store for us.  Can it be socialism? 

Who are the perpetrators of this particular fraud on Americans?   It is the same group of bums who are the perpetrators for just about all of the hoaxes we have endured over the years. The difference this time is that we have their names.  So, we can all blame nobody but Congress for putting America on the Sci Fi Channel. 

The artificial heart of the Obamacare monster, in full view of the public, was jump-started on Sunday March 21, 2010, as if it was a good thing for America.  Au contraire, this was just about the worst that could have happened and that Congress was the worst the US had ever produced. Moreover, it came complete with an equally ineffective and misguided President. Mattel has all the packaging notions it needs to make a hit product.
Each day without early Republican interference, they passed some bill somehow,  or the President would give up and write an Executive Order. Each time, whether Congress or the Executive Branch acted, they make things worse for all of US. It's time for them to find out like US, what it's like to be without a job!  ....  not be able to pay a mortgage, ... feed their families, ... heat their homes!  It's time for them all to go!

The raw statistics do not lie. Congress would like to think that their message to Seniors about no increase in Social Security benefits was because there is no inflation. But, when gas had been increasing steadily at the pumps, and electricity was going up by 30% in one jump, and city and state taxes and fees and real estate taxes were increasing faster than the bills come in, and drug prices and just about everything else was skyrocketing, how was it that the Seniors were supposed to believe there was no need to increase benefits as there was no CPI increase?  Simply put, the CPI was and continues to be a lie. The whole notion of something like the CPI is a lie and the justification for a theft of $528 billion from Medicare was also a lie. The idea that Medicare, after taking $500 Billion for Obamacare could be sustained for the long-term was an even bigger lie. And the over $600 billion in new taxes, was just enough to tip the economy lightly over the edge so that the people did not know it would not be coming back. 
As the economy kept getting worse from Obama's first year until today. the number of private sector jobs has been decreasing at a rapid pace. Unemployment is in the 10% bracket, yet government jobs somehow have been increasing. The latest statistic that I saw is that during this meltdown, the federal government added over 160,000 jobs, including 16,000 to 17,000  IRS agents. These guys will make sure you have health insurance but there is a mandatory four year training program. When we actually see them, it will be way too late.  Why are times so good that Washington is hiring using IOU's to our grandchildren's children to pay the new bureaucrats?  Perhaps they have not heard of the recession, that even in 2016, nobody thinks has ended.
To add insult to injury, the number of federal employees earning more than $100,000 has jumped from 14% of all government workers to 19%. In 2016, the number is much highers. Government employees make at least 25% on the average more than private sector jobs. How is it that in this dire economy, politicians cannot reduce the government employee salaries by even a small percentage or reduce their ranks even a little to help the people out of our tax burden.

Even at the local levels there are no reductions.  I am afraid it is because that would be against the politician's prime directive: "cause no harm to reelection chances."  Yes, nobody in government will be asked to share the pain. You can bet on that  because at least at the local level, these are the votes that are assured each election and this set of voters cannot be disappointed. 

Lower Wages/Fewer Jobs
The Heritage Foundation research shows that low-skilled and low-income workers will be the ones most clobbered by the weight of this huge healthcare bill.  It has been proven in 2016. They  lose their jobs first.  Obamacare imposes tons of new taxes and "fees" on businesses and the prospects of this have already discouraged companies from hiring or continuing to employ those at the lower wage scales.  We have seen and we can expect more and more pink slips.

The bottom line here is that Obamacare's higher taxes on all employers (not to mention the energy tax consequences) equates to fewer jobs and lower salaries. This is not good for the working people?
Inept Administration

The reason this recession, with no jobs, is more than the typical 11 months (How about a seven year recession?) is that there is no remedy in place to fix it.   When nobody is working on something, chances are the something will not get fixed.  Small businesses have been waiting for a sign by this inept administration that it is about to reduce their tax burden and their regulatory burden. And the result is Obamacare, Global Warming, etc. This is a huge burden and there will be little capital to reinvest after paying the tolls. 

Obamacare is just one of many of the axes that small businesses have been been concerned might fall on their opportunities for survival. From energy to immigration, there are lots more axes to fall. Neither Obama nor Congress plan to help Americans other than to make US all dependent on the progressive welfare state that is being created.  There will be no jobs. That is the jobs plan. Anybody here, seen a jobs plan? 
Government is not a facilitator. It impedes and prevents business and industry from conducting business. Get out of the way Uncle Sam!  When government prepares to punish business as it so often does for political reasons, it needs to be stopped. Yet, without the consent of the American people, who loved Obama far too long, and who have not noticed the Congress ramming his stuff down our throats for so many years, nothing good can happen.

Americans have been on the precipice of a huge energy tax and the huge healthcare tax is now being absorbed. Businesses have reacted and continue to react by cutting jobs and / or farming jobs overseas. When the people truly believe that government is not our friend and it is not the friend of business, which creates our jobs, we will at least say that the jobs are gone and Obama is learning how to play the fiddle. Hopefully Obama will be gone in 2017, and we can recreate our glory a a country.   
Remember these words, "this nation cannot survive on government jobs alone."  Somebody someplace has to do real work. 

When somebody decides to really work on this problem, it can be solved, but not until that day comes.