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Good Government Service Is an Oxymoron! 

We do not need the government running anything including healthcare, period. Perhaps I should have correctly attributed it -- Obamacare.  When have you ever gotten good government service?

  This next statement may be a big surprise to a lot of good people but, here it is anyway:  The whole contraption called government from city to county to state to federal is not designed for excellence. Sorry!

Think about it in the healthcare context from the experience you have had when looking for service in other areas.  Once the government takes over anything, including healthcare. the next step is you won't be able to get any care. If you come to the government counter with a major wound, and none of the ten people seem to be on duty as they smoke in the corner or are in the break-room; it is up to you to understand that their coffee break trumps your pain. 

When I was at the state offices in Harrisburg way back in 2010 to process my nomination petitions for Congress, there was a big line of people and just a few servers.  It was the typical bureaucracy scenario. The line was moving slowly. All of a sudden after finishing with a client, one of the servers, clearly exasperated from having served the public non stop for at least several minutes since coming back from lunch, got up and said: "Sorry folks I am outta here." She left and nobody took her place. Maybe she was still hungry? That's the difference between government and private industry in a nutshell.  

Once government is installed as the gatekeeper for healthcare, just try to get in to see your doctor.  If it is hard now, wait until the government is in full control.  You simply won't be able to get to see your doctor for regular visits, so maybe you will go once every couple years if you are lucky. Maybe, just maybe, you will be able to be seen once a year.  Your money won't mean anything because the government will eventually be the single payer for all health care services. You will not be able to pay your doctor anything extra.  

That ladies and gentlemen is what is known as healthcare rationing and you can bet that your friendly government has that in mind after they get the money in the government treasury that you or your employer today pay for healthcare.  But first they must control the market, and Obamacare is exactly what the government doctor ordered.  While you read this, they are filling the prescription that puts them in control.  That means that you are not in control -- even though it is your health, not theirs. 

Before Obamacare passed, the people had control and the government hated that.  Now that the government is in control, after a short settling period, YOU, a person who always had the right insurance, but your premium has been directed to help somebody else, YOU will be begging for healthcare forever. The government now has all it needs  to make you beg for service.  

There may be ways around the system. You will have to know somebody, just like everything else in government in order to have healthcare for real.  Is that what you thought you voted for?  

Obamacare has given Obama's government control of 1/5 or so of the economy, considering the education piece. That is a lot of power and this is the biggest power grab in US history. That's what it is all about.  

Our government will never bug you like other governments.  Hah!  

US Government is so intrusive into all our lives that it is nothing short of tyranny. Call it what it is. Words once reserved to describe the acts of dictators now describe the spew coming from our government. These words include tyranny, socialism, respect for special interests, and corporatism. Each and every one of these notions threatens our Republic. I am so sick of it, I wrote three books about it.  

How Many Bureaucrats Are Essential - Cut the Fat! 

Recently, I admit, I have been smitten by the cogent thought and heady writings of Ron Paul. In the last few weeks as I have been trying to figure out what I am all about, having had Alan Keyes as an Internet mentor, I have been impressed by the deep thought and the logical solutions proposed by Doctor Ron Paul. (MD) I never knew he was an MD and I like MDs. They are intrinsically good in my opinion.  So recently I have listened more intently to the words of Ron Paul, a doctor, and an impressive person. He may no longer be in Congress and his son may not be as good as him, but he is really something. 

Ron Paul has been looking for the penultimate test as to whether we need all of the federal "officials" in Washington. He sees many merely in place to waste our money and take our liberties, and other than that, they provide no useful purpose. Don't you feel the same?   

Ron Paul suggests that there is an acid test to determine whether you really need a particular federal employee or group of employees.  It is intuitive but in this PC world, nobody but a brave man would put this forth. Paul says " One test to determine if a vacant job needs to be filled is the 'essential employees test.' "  What a great brain! 

"Whenever D.C. has a severe snowstorm, the federal government orders all 'non-essential' federal personal to stay home. If someone is classified as non-essential for snow-day purposes, the country can probably survive if that position is not filled when the jobholder quits or retires."