Write in BRIAN KELLY for Congress PA District #8 Primary in 2022

Brian Kelly for Congress PA District #8 Primary in 2022 :

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Hello People of Northeastern Pennsylvania.


My name is Brian Kelly and I am running for Congress in the 11th District of Pennsylvania.  And, I am mad as hell!


And from what I hear, so are you!  And it's no wonder... 


These are really tough economic times. Job losses are almost as bad as during the depression.  A plague of fiscal irresponsibility is gripping the nation and won't let go!  Millions of Americans worry about how to pay their mortgages, feed their families and heat their homes. 

Washington, like Nero while Rome was burning, is fiddling its way in a sea of inexperience and just plain incompetence. If there were smart men in Washington doing what they are doing on purpose, it would be criminal! We would put them all in jail!  Wouldn't we?  Yes, we would!

Washington is saying that the huge economic stimulus package created new jobs.  But where are the jobs? The answer is clear. They do not exist! There are fewer and fewer jobs each week. 

Worse than that... the government is lying about how bad the situation really is.  Is that why Washington was focusing on healthcare for so long rather than the economy?  Why isn't Washington working to get the economy back on track, get people into jobs? Why were they hell-bent on adding  a trillion dollars to the federal budget for a new entitlement which seems like ti is about to postpone or even kill economic recovery for you and me? 

You and I know that  anything that adds to the defictit is not good for the economy. Well, President Obama was is a double dipper on justifying the cost of his Obamacare bill. He took $528 billion from Medicare to help pay for the healthcare of 30 million Americans.


Then, in a magical stroke greater than Merlin the Magician, he made the $528 billion from medicare disappear again.  But the seond time it disappeared it was already gone so that was not such a great tirck!


Ths escond time though according to Obamamagic, it was to help pay for the long term sustenance of Medicare.  Hey, it was already gone to give people who never put money into medicare the kind of insurance you get only if you contribute to Medicare.


That was magic too

He counted the $500 billlion twice!  But he is Obama ad he can do all things. I amnot Obama so when I spend something once, it is gone!


What does this mean?   If you care nothing about Medicare it means nothing.


But, Medicare will be hurting and the deficit is getting hammered by another $528 billion.  This is your money!  You thought it was going to Medicare but Obma needed it for his stash!


Your government, the people that You elected to represent YOU, has been hiring a bunch of BUREAUCRATS for over a year to take over control of YOUR healthcare -- even before the bill poassed.  That's what you call Obamconfidence.


They are also being hired to take control of other parts of YOUR life. They will tell you how much salt you can use, how much soda or beer you can  drink, and,believe it or not, they want you to limit the amount of  toilet paper you can use without destroying the eco-system! 


Is this the representation that you want to live with?  I certainly don't!   Paul Kanjoski voted for this stuff.


Your elected officials have been busy doing everything but helping the economy get back on track.  They have been destroying jobs while debating the takeover of energy and healthcare, beer and soda, and toilet paper use.   They just don't get it! 


They are TOO BUSY trying to destroy small businesses and Medicare with this healthcare takeover and finally they did just that.  But even before they won the big Obamacare game and the American popel lost,  they stopped paying even lip service to jobs.  When you are Obama or of Obama or for Obama, what do jobs mean?


And when the President was finished with Obamacare he was to be off to Asia?  Why? To bring a few jobs back or give a few billion away? Or was he going to apologize that the US had been so successful before he became President?  Glad he did not go but maybe we would not have Obamacare if he had gone away!


Washington just doesn't get it. Actually, they don't get much, and it is time we send them all packing. There are a few who maybe we should keep but those are few and far between.  Get rid of them!  They are killing jobs with heavy tax burdens and they are killing America by shackling generations in a pile of inescapable debt.


They kept breathing life into the dead healthcare bill rather than helping the American people keep part of their American Dream.  Each day they seem to pass some bill, or the President writes an Executive Order. They make things worse for US every time. Obamacre is the wors that has happened in my life.


It's time for Congress to find out what it's like to be without a job!  ....  not be able to pay a mortgage, ... feed their families, ... heat their homes! 

It's time that WE THE PEOPLE take back OUR government and make it work for US again. That is my reason for running for office. Government has already grown too big, and it is growing even bigger. I want to help restore good government to America, restore prosperity to all. Lower taxes, limited government, and severely reduced spending will mean that we have learned fiscal responsibility.


Let's face it. during this recession, families have been forced to make tough budget cutting decisions just to make ends meet.  Why cant this Congress do the same thing?  It is either because they don't want to or they do not know how. In either case, it's irresponsible! 

The American taxpayers deserves better fiscal management than what we are getting in Congress right now!  The American taxpayer is not a bottomless pit of money that Congress can appropriate any way that they want! Our pockets have a bittom. 

Since the beginning of our big economic slide,  caused by liberal banking laws, people from even small European countries started looking at us as if we are a third world nation. Is that what Congress and Obama have made us?


It is shameful that we keep digging a bigger hole while our president apologizes for the very fact that Americans are on the earth.  Is this how you want America represented to the world?


America has always been the land of hope and opportunity. There has always been the notion of the American Dream. But, those distinctions are passing away as government is slowly extinguishing hope while condemning opportunity to a bitter end.


Let me say it again, It is time we take back our government and make it work for the people again.


Paul Kanjorski has become a fixture in Washington that all Americans can do without. We all know that the problem with Washington is that our representatives are only looking as far as the next election.


Where was Paul Kanjorski during the town hall meetings last summer when NEPA constiuents wanted totalk to him.. He was hiding.  After being absent from the Town Hall flurry last summer, you can tell it's election time again because Mr. Kanjorski is back.  (He rode in with Arlen Spector a few days ago on the re-elect special. )


After years directing the banking and finance industries in his committee, and after the finance industry went so far into the hole it almost collapsed the whole country, how is it that Mr. Kanjorski is now the solution. 


Hey,  he had 26 years in the House and ten years on the Finance committee to be the solution. But, he was not the solution. He was and he still is part of the problem. It is time to go.


You may know that he carries the big title, "Chairman of the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Capital Markets, Insurance, and Government Sponsored Enterprises."  Even with that big title, we have no obligation to permit him to make a bigger mess. Get rid of the problem and get him out of office.
The TEA Party movement has singled out Kanjorski as one of the bad guys. They picketed his office in March because he helped create big problems for America. The fact that there even is TEA party movement in the first place, is evidence that most Americans feel the country is on the wrong course.  Paul Kanjorski along with Nancy Pelosi have been two of those leading the country on that downward course. . 


It's time to stop this downward spiral... 


The TEA Party movement should be credited with bringing needed attention to what's wrong with this great country. This grassroots movement shows the anger of the people at Congress -- and rightly so! 


And, I would like to clear something up.  It's not just Republicans and conservatives who are in the TEA party.  Those of us who either participated in tea parties or are fully in tune with the movement come from all kinds of ideological backgrounds and we are in this for keeps.


The TEA party came together for a common cause and a common purpose, and just like my mantra for this campaign, their reason for being  can be boiled down to this overriding thought:  "to take back our government and to change the direction of America."


Ordinary Americans want to trust their government again, and are looking for leaders that love America first -- with no apologies.  They are looking for leaders who will help ensure that this great country honors the sacrifices of those who have preceded us.

It is not time to give up! It is time to force those who created this mess out of office and replace them with leaders who will work tirelessly to assure the same opportunities we all had in our lives to those who will come after us. 


I think it will take a long time before any political party fully gains the trust of the American people and that is good. No party, not even my own, deserves the trust of the American people right now. 


We all must maintain our vigilence to assure that the government is never in a position to hurt us ever again.  It's time to clean up this mess in Washington!


With nepotism, cronyism and corruption at the local levels and special interests and lobbyists at the national level,  a lot of bad people who feel very comfortable living with corruption have hijacked our representative republic, our America. 


They sold themselves to get elected, and then they sold us out to the special interests and anybody with an open wallet and the promise of a big campaign war chest. 


They have enriched their own lives at the peril of us all. That is why I will take not a dime from any inerest, special or otherwise, and I will be dedicated only to the people who I pledge to serve.


Government waste has gone far beyond outrageous and government corruption is a rotting, bloated pig that has been poisoning us.  


Many of us were unaware it was even happening.  We are now fully aware and IT MUST STOP!!


The trillions of dollars that are being spent on bailouts bailouts opposed by the voters, have helped put our country in jeopardy. And making matters worse, our lawmakers still do not give themselves enough time to read the laws before they vote on them.  They don't evenread these things.


How many of you think they read the recent 2700 page Obamacare bill in three days.  It's a joke.  How many of you can read a 2700 page book in less than a day? Who are they kidding? Who are the serving? Who have they served?  Certainly not us!  Let's show them the door

Compared to other Congresses, this one is especially bad!  They cannot let something go without making it worse.  Let me give you an example.  Treasure Secretary Henry Paulson, Jr., wrote a three-page proposal that became the infamous Wall Street Bailout Bill. 


It was his idea of how to fix the problem. 


However, once in the hands of this Congress, this three-page bill became a 451-page monster with unrelated tax extensions, tax increases, and energy legislation. 


That's 448 more pages of government involvement and UNRELATED tax extensions, tax increases and energy legislation tacked on to a three-page proposal. 


No wonder the American public was skeptical of the bailout plan and why voters cannot trust Congress.  Wonder if they even read this 451-page bill... 


Whether it is the bailout bill or any of the other monsters leading tothe 2700 page Obamacare bill, most citizens would have thought that it would be against the law to vote on a bill you havent read.


Sorry Mr. or Mrs. Representative, Sorry Mr. Kanjorski, it is not OK to vote on a bill that you havent read that will spend millions, if not billions and trillions of OUR tax money! Thats not representation, that is malfeasance of office. And, this Congress is guilty as charged.


Paul Kanjorski SUPPORTED THE BAILOUT AND VOTED FOR IT!! What do you think is going to happen to us when the COMMUNIST CHINESE stop buying our debt? Think about that!!! Our country is in debt to COMMUNISTS who wish to dictate to us!! Are we going to let that happen??


Our so-called leaders have mortgaged the futures of our GRANDCHILDREN to the COMMUNIST CHINESE!!! My opponent, Mr. Kanjorski is one of Nancy Pelosi's good-old boys and thus a willing participant in the culture of corruption that borders on communism.  He has a huge warchest from Wallstreet, the very area that he is to regulate. Isn't there somethig wrong there?


I think so. There is a lot wrong. There is more wrong than there is right. and it is time to stop it. It is time to end it. It is time to get Mr. Kanjorski out of Washington! 


It is time to clean Washington out with a major disinfectant!  Washington needs new leadership who will actually represent We the people. That ladies and gentlemen is YOU, and I.


We have been punished by Congress for too long.  That is why I'm running for office.  That's why I'm asking for your vote.  Your vote for me will guarantee your voice in Washington!  


Thank you