Write in BRIAN KELLY for Congress PA District #8 Primary in 2022

Brian Kelly for Congress PA District #8 Primary in 2022 :

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How Brian Kelly Will Win the 2016 Congressional Election! 

The press will be asking Brian Kelly to comment on how he plans to win the primary election against a well financed opponent such as Matt Cartwright.  Kelly recognizes the road is uphill but he has confidence that the people are looking for honest government and a fresh start.

Kelly represents both. This Web Site has much more real information on it than the Cartwright Web Site. Please read what interests you here as Brian Kelly's whole philosophy of what is needed in America today is revealed on the pages of this site. 

"Nobody is happy with the government today. Along with Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, & Chuck Schumer, Matt Cartwright is just another one of the bad guys,  Kelly believes the key to winning this election is to get the message out that he is a very capable yet still a very regular citizen with no political entanglements.

"Unlike Cartwright, Kelly is not an elitist. He does not represent the establishment. He is like all the people in Northeaster Pennsylvania. Kelly is convinced that it is time to abandon machine politics and bring honest government back to the people.  "In fact, for the poor job they did,  it would be great if all 435 representatives were replaced. But, it all starts at home in Northeastern PA." We must fire Matt Cartwright, a big friend of the corrupt Nancy Pelosi and big government in order to take back our country from the socialists.    

"To help answer the media inquiry on how a campaign designed to spend minimal dollars can be successful, Kelly wrote a response to answer that probable question. The full text is included below.  From the next paragraph forward, these are all press quotable points from candidate Kelly.  In this response he explains how he plans to get his message out,  why he expects that his message will be heard, and why he expects to win. 

"In a nutshell, the success of my campaign starts with the people of Northeastern Pennsylvania.  People are looking for change that we can live with after getting a change we did not expect.   Matt Cartwright took Paul Kanjorski's place and he has spent ten years serving himself .

"I am hoping to get my message out through news articles such as the one you are reading online, engaging in talk radio, and making myself available for speaking engagements and debates.  My web site www.briankellyforcongress.com is a storehouse of information on all the issues and I have been getting a lot of hits--so much that I had to reset the counters on the site at the beginning of February. I am asking anybody with an old campaign sign from 2010, to get it out and put it in their front yards as it will be too tough for my campaign team to put signs in six counties.  I will have campaign signs available for those who need them.

"Search engines and Facebook will be bringing in more Web traffic soon. Before too long, there will be a buzz in the barber and beauty shops, in the cafe's and the supermarkets, and we all know that word of mouth is the strongest advertising. If you do not see me getting my share of PR, please call the media and tell them to be fair." 

"I realize that I am technically at a disadvantage in getting elected by not being able to spend tens of thousands of dollars or more of other people's money trying to become known.  But, the people are smart enough to know that I will owe nobody. The machine does not have even a little piece of Brian Kelly. My being in the race may make it a little more difficult for the voters to be aware of all of their choices since I cannot push my message out as the others can.  But when elected, it will be a big plus for voters because I will represent to them and not the special interests who paid for the others' big campaigns.

"Matt Cartwright is becoming a powerful guy in Congress, without a doubt.  Perhaps he is too powerful for remembering his Northeastern PA roots.  Name one Matt Cartwright establishment and you will see the problem with Cartwright. He is Nancy Pelosi's boy Friday. The people of Northeastern PA know that Matt Cartwright like Joe Biden is for budget busting big government excessive spending, deficits, and the new $trillions in debt.  Cartwright and Biden cannot run away from the problem. They created it together.

"Biden and Cartwright care more about illegal foreign nationals becoming citizens than Americans having jobs. He wants terrorists to be able to come in with no vetting. He is not a friend of Israel and he likes the PLO.  He was OK with Obama being an emperor instead of a president and he finds no fault with Joe Biden and that includes his failed Afghanistan withdrawal. Why would anybody send him back to cause more harm to the American people. 

"I think voters are really smart and they will be even smarter this time around after the big mistake we all made in 2012.  The people will have it easier in the booth this time.  Say "NO" to Matt Cartwright. This is the time in America that will prompt the people to vote for somebody they don't know, rather than somebody they know all too well.  In many ways the lack of name recognition may very well be a plus for me in this election. 

"I am counting on good, solid, Democrat voters in Northeastern Pennsylvania, not socialists and communists, to recognize that there are two candidates but many will know only one of the names as Cartwright is already a well-known politicians.  There is a mood of anti-incumbent and anti-politician across the country and this is just as true here in Northeastern Pennsylvania. This will help me in a big way. I have never held public office and so I am completely untainted by political corruption and that is how I like it.  

"People are more informed on government now than any other time in my life.  Many think we already know more than the politicians.  Almost everybody---from engineers to bus drivers to cafeteria workers to police officers to street cleaners to storekeepers are all talking about how bad things have gotten and how bad they are about to get. I am counting on the people to just say no to politicians and machine politics, and anybody who choose to not listen to the people. Cast your vote for somebody ready to restore the government back to the people.  May I again suggest writing Brian Kelly in on your ballot. It is very easy. Brink the spelling of my name with you, B-R-I-A-N   K-E-L-L-Y. Thank you. 

"I may miss out on some voters who do no research and who talk to nobody but by May 17th 26, I think most good citizens will make a point of knowing who I am.  Quite frankly, the people in NEPA are very smart, and the stakes are too high to not vote, and not to choose one of their own. It's time to say no to the entrenched machine politicians.  By primary election day, the people will know that I am for limited government, fiscal conservancy, limited spending, eliminating inflation, and for cutting taxes. More importantly, I am pro-life in more than name-only. I think none of us are for cutting up baby body parts for sale, yet Matt Cartwright has a do-nothing attitude on this.  

"When the folks in NEPA learn my messages and they choose to dig a little deeper they'll find that I also have a real solution for the Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! problem, not just a bunch of rhetoric. This government fakes right and goes left, way left, so often that the people are sick of the lies and the level of propaganda that would make Joseph Goebbels proud. People want straight talk and straight solutions and they know none of that ever comes from crooked politicians. 

"Not only are there no high paying jobs right now, but the government is not even working on the problem.  Once the State of the Union Address is finished each year, neither Congress nor the Administration care again that Americans are unemployed and the new illegals have their jobs. Yes, the underemployed and foreign nationals have taken their jobs. While you are wondering when you are going to be able to find a job, Congress will try to convince you that things are getting much better because of their work. Yet, nobody in Congress or the Administration is doing anything to help you.

"What has Matt Cartwright done other than kiss-up to Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden?  I am not suggesting that government is the answer on jobs. Good capitalism is the answer. But, good capitalism cannot occur when the Congress favors corporations and foreign workers and rich cronies over American Citizens. People are smart.  They see the lies. Who does the Congress represent?"  

"While checking what my message is all about, the folks may also find that I have a unique solution for illegal immigration that can help the jobs picture.  Check out the information on immigration on this site. Once the word starts to spread that as a candidate, I am for real, and that my message is for real, the people will know, and the people will have their say. The Press surely has a responsibility in assuring that Brian Kelly, a regular guy running for Congress does not go into History unelected because the Press chose to ignore a regular guy's candidacy."   

"It is the people, not the machine, who are the ones who run the government, and we do that by voting.  As I said in my opening, the voters of Northeastern Pennsylvania want change they can live with, and they will get that for sure when they cast their write-in ballots for Brian Kelly in the primary.  

"When something needs to be replaced, whether it be a leaky faucet or a bad representative, one who has stopped representing the people,  shall we agree that the sooner it be replaced, the better.  Citizens of Northeastern PA,  why wait til the Fall when we can remove the incumbent on May 17th and know that Matt Cartwright will no longer be able to serve himself and his family using the limited funds of beleagured taxpayers. May 17th is the Primary Election.  Democrats have the power of the vote. Send Matt Cartwright back home. Elect Brian Kelly by writing him in .

"My message will get out and when it does, the people will make history.  On May 17th, 2022, a candidate, whose campaign contributions and expenses are so trivial the last time he ran for Congress, that he was not required to fill out a financial disclosure form, will have prevailed."