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Brian Kelly for Congress PA District #8 Primary in 2022 :

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This press release is from 2010. It offers some concluding thoughts from then candidate Kelly when he lost the primary election to Paul Kanjorski. Much of the information still applies. Feel free to read if you would like to learn more about your candidate for Congress for 2022 in the 17th PA District.




May 16, 2010 

Light update on Dec 2, 2021


Did the press do its job in assuring the public had enough information about all candidates in Pennsylvania's District 11 Congressional Race.  [NO]   Was the only Democratic candidate who chose to not take political contributions ignored by some elements of the press? [YES}
Was this good for the public? [NO]

Kelly says it is tough talking about this without seeming like he is whining.  "Overall, My message is out there. It was just harder to do than it  should have been." Kelly said."  

Brian Kelly's opinion is that the public was short-changed on information and that always benefits the incumbent and / or the big spenders.  Perhaps it is your opinion also.  Kelly does not think he got a fair shake from Times Shamrock (CV and Scranton Times) and there was no coverage from the NEPA TV stations or Public TV.  This press release focuses on the Citizens' Voice, one of two hometown newspapers in Wilkes-Barre PA.

Times Shamrock showed its corporate power in the CV along with the Scranton Times / Tribune from the beginning of the Kelly  campaign. "They did  little to inform the Citizens of NEPA, the facts of my campaign. If it were your campaign,  and you too were a political unknown,  you would have gotten the same short shrift."  Kelly said.

Having asked me the question, it is up to them to make it public.  I cannot understand how they could endorse the incumbent, believing that he would involve me in a perpetration,  unless, of course the CV fix was in." Kelly said.      

"I had been completely ignored by the "Voice" for the first half of my campaign because they had not assigned any reporter to watch the whole field of candidates in the 11th District Congressional Race?  Who were they watching if not all of the candidates?  Even when I began to be mentioned, though ever so slightly in their articles, not once did they mention that I had the number one ballot position, a prize coveted by all candidates.  Why?  Mostly the CV was saying nothing, hoping that the people would conclude that they (the CV) had written me off because I was a dunderhead." Kelly Lamented

"Before my sons, who are both lawyers, convinced me otherwise, I had thought that every newspaper was required to provide equal time or at least the semblance of equal time to all candidates.  Perhaps just like you, I thought that the papers were required by law to present facts and not their own institutional bias.  The Citizen's Voice was not doing this and so I needed a legal opinion.  The legal opinion is that they can say, "to hell with the citizens," and nobody can sue them.  I wanted to fire my sons but I was not paying them." Kelly laughed.

Radio and TV are different. They must be fair.  Radio offered Brian Kelly as much time as he wanted and his campaign was the only one on WILK. Perhaps WILK was too risky for the others. Why would the CV not give the Brian Kelly campaign a fair shake while the Times Leader was being more than fair?  Could it be ideology?  Look no further than their endorsement. 

The CV, a.k.a. Times Shamrock Corporation, went with the power of the incumbent vs the power of honest government.  Because their corporate sponsor is hard left, the papers needed to be hard left.   Hard left for NEPA folks means this corporation is for the Government Media Complex that destroyed our economy and not for the people who lost their savings in the financial collapse.  CV / Times Shamrock is asking you to swallow more of the same -- more of Paul Kanjorski and Barney Frank style big government so they can make more money and your pensions can become worth even less.

Times Shamrock owns the Citizens' Voice and the Scranton Times / Tribune and other papers. They make a lot of money and they like Paul Kanjorski an awful lot.  Even though they know he made some big mistakes, they forgive the 10 Million he delivered to his family members even though the money disappeared.  CV characterizes that as a simple mistake.  "If I made a simple mistake like that I would still be rich.  Perhaps because Times Shamrock can make a lot more with Kanjo than anybody else. They think their job is to make you think they know what they are talking about when they make an endorsement.  Trust your own instincts and your own judgments." Kelly suggested. 

Because they are part of the problem that America faces today, they want to shy away from being connected to the people in power. Yet, they are the people in power.  CV wants to convince you that it is regular people who are the problem, not the media moguls and the financially enriched.  With their Kanjo endorsement, they want you to buy and read their newspapers and believe that our own Paul Kanjorski, Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and  Barack Obama are good guys for NEPA.  They want you to buy their notion that these politicians  are the solutions for everything.  Yet they are the same familiar figures that helped create the financial collapse.

" Ladies and gentlemen, in your heart and in your mind, you know that the names mentioned and all those from the 111th Congress, who voted against the people innumerable times, and never read the bills, are no better than thieves and scoundrels and none of them deserve another whack at the public treasury. They have already emptied it and they want to keep it empty for your grandchildren because they think you still don't get it.  Vote against the Citizens Voice and its offspring and they will get the people's message that  'big government doesn't work.'  Kanjo is big government and he has not served US well." Kelly cautioned.   

Paul Kanjorski had a job to protect your pensions and yet, because of his friends on Wall Street, it sure seems that he forgot that or he did not know how to do his job. He was either crooked or incompetent.  There are no other options.  Now, he wants you to forget that he wiped out about half of your pensions.

Because the corporate Moguls who own Times Shamrock want to keep making money despite the risk to your pension funds, they want you to think their endorsement of Paul Kanjorski is for you.  It's not.  It is for them.  Why would they ever suggest that the people elect from its own ranks, representatives who will turn off their spigot of profit.  That's why Times Shamrock lines up against Kelly.  Who could they have endorsed other than Paul Kanjorski?  O'Brien and Kelly were unknowns and Kelly's propensity to not take a dime from anybody would mean that they may have no political influence in a Congress in which Brian Kelly is a member.  They could not take a chance on that so the mission had to be to marginalize Kelly. 

When, after multiple reminders that Kelly was in the race, the CV finally acknowledged his candidacy, half of the campaign was over.  Yet, they asked if it was OK if they announced Brian Kelly as a Tea Party candidacy. Well, we all know that there really is no TEA Political party.  There is a Green Party but there is no TEA Party. TEA Party is merely an expression to describe folks like you and Brian, who are sick of corrupt politicians aligning with corporations, giving away our country, killing us with taxes, preventing jobs from being created, and robbing Medicare at the same time.  Times Shamrock had another idea for the name.

By accident or design, the Times / Voice has kept Brian Kelly out of most articles that they have written about the supposed two-man race in the 11th Congressional District.  So, the one person not buying media was kept from getting free publicity.  Did the CV help the public by printing only paid advertisements for candidates?

One might conclude the CV had their own horse in the race.  Was it Kanjo?  When there is a # 1 seeded candidate (Kelly) ignored by a major media corporation, one must conclude it is for political purposes.  The Times / Voice likes the hard left thinking of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Paul Kanjorski, and they look with disdain on a candidate who represents just the people.  If the people benefit from their representative, does it not follow that media corporations will not make as much profit?  And, so Kelly had to be minimized by the CV for the good of their organization -- not for the good of the people. 

"Regardless of the Times' message, Citizens of NEPA have more than the two choices. Yet, the Voice has given us just two.  There is another candidate who this marginalizing and minimizing corporation (Times Shamrock) wants you to forget. It is I, Brian Kelly.  So, they refer to me impolitely as 'third candidate.'  Though I won first position on the ballot, this was not news. Why is that?  Additionally, where did the word "third" come from when all candidates by law are equal?  Is it because this candidate is not taking political contributions and will not be aligned with the machine?  Is the Machine aligned with Times Shamrock?  If the machine cannot command Kelly to act, does that hurt Times Shamrock?  Kelly questioned.

Mr./ Mrs. Voice, and Mr./ Mrs. Times,  did not help the everyday citizen by ignoring that citizens have more than two choices at the ballot box on May 18th.
Is it possible that Times Shamrock, a well-to-do liberal corporation, is biased against conservative democrats?  "Do fly's have wings?"  Can that be their reasoning?  Kelly thought Times Shamrock was in the newspaper business for telling readers facts and that the editorial / opinion stuff was reserved for the editorial page.  He was wrong. What business is it, in which the Times and CV see themselves engaged?

In characterizing Kelly, the Times set him up to be unliked, according to their unspoken core values.  Besides giving Kelly little print time, Times Shamrock's Times and Voice used the notion of the "Tea Party" as one of the vehicles for minimizing Kelly's candidacy. The Times labeled him as a Tea party candidate (As a way to paint Kelly simply as a goof, worthy of no coverage.). This happened long before Kelly had even received any Tea Party's endorsement.  After setting him up for their folly, they used this label to explain why he did not receive their endorsement on May 13.  They endorsed Paul Kanjorski which, as an aside, tells all of us they do not care about the people.  The Voice minimized Kelly as they exalted Kanjorski with these words:

"The third candidate in the race, Brian Kelly, seems more attuned to the Tea Party platform than that of his own party and is sure to be a marginal player at the polls next week."   "Does that seem like a positive comment of a truly unique grassroots campaign?  Why was Times Shamrock so harsh?

Kelly takes issue with the whole liberal press process and especially the label, 'third candidate.'  What part of returning the government back to the people is the Citizens'  Voice  /  Times Shamrock Corporation against? Kelly asked.  

Kelly does think highly of the regular people who make up the TEA party. He sees their values as virtues, similar to those of NEPA citizens. "These are the values of all Americans who think they have been abandoned by the 111th Congress of which Paul Kanjorski was a major decision maker, and a huge failure in his chairmanship."  Kelly said.

So, the Citizens' Voice, which is really the voice of the rich and powerful vis a vis the Scranton Times & Times Shamrock Corporation, and no longer relates to the original notion of a strike paper for and by citizens naturally gave Kanjorski their endorsement.  They decided that the guy who they want is the guy who has spent 13 terms messing it up in Washington but now, somehow, he has the magic with 14, to make it all better.  And, of course the Tooth Ferry will appear wherever the endorsed candidate chooses to show.

David Goetsch writing for patriotupdate.com/exclusives wrote a piece about "Overcoming Media Bias Against Conservatives." Can this be the motivation of the Times and the Voice to exclude Kelly's  "VOICE."

 "Conservative candidates can expect no help from the mainstream media when campaigning for political office at any level. In fact, they can expect just the opposite. Liberal journalists and broadcasters have long since crossed the dividing line between reporting and advocacy. Objective journalism, if it ever really existed, is a thing of the past. Some journalists and broadcasters even claim that it is impossible to be objective when reporting the news. Although they make this claim to justify their lack of objectivity, there is at least a kernel of truth in it. After all, no human being is completely objective. However, in every career field professionals are expected to be as objective as is humanly possible.

 "The increasingly obvious liberal bias displayed by the mainstream media in political campaigns since 1964 became egregiously blatant during Barack Obama’s campaign for the presidency. Media bias has become so institutionalized that few journalists even bother to deny it anymore. Instead, mainstream journalists and broadcasters are now more likely to acknowledge their bias and even belittle anyone who questions it. This means that conservative candidates for political office and those who support them must be prepared to do what is necessary to overcome a substantial disadvantage. The best way to neutralize liberal media bias in political campaigns is to render the media elites irrelevant by going around them. A famous example of doing this is Harry Truman—the best-known political candidate to bypass the mainstream media and take his message directly to the American people."

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I have my own website. Since I am a computer expert by trade, this site cost me just $10.00 per year in addition to the normal expenses that I have for all of my other web sites.  Because I have this powerful mechanism, biased organizations such as Times Shamrock can be brought into the light of day. Why would you ever want to believe another news article from the Times or the Voice when you know they are excluding the person who will appear # 1 on the ballot on May 18. Do you think they missed that?" asked Kelly

"Times Shamrock is Liberal, PERIOD!  That explains their bias towards Brian Kelly, a regular guy who thinks regular people should be able to run for regular offices with out going broke or without owing big favors." Kelly said.  

"I have been cautioned by many about the liberal tones from the Times Management and they control the Voice, that is for sure.  I just did not expect to have it explained so flagrantly to me in practice by the management of this media complex.  I guess they don't like me yet they don't know me. They don't like you either as they choose not to tell you the whole truth." Kelly said.

Going back to Goetsch's piece, he finishes his commentary on bias in the Harry Truman era:

 "Americans of a certain age as well as political history buffs are familiar with the famous photograph of a broadly-smiling, victorious President Truman holding up a copy of the Chicago Tribune. It is the morning after Truman’s re-election as President. The anti-Truman newspaper he is displaying with obvious glee carries a banner headline proclaiming: “Dewey Defeats Truman.” Overly confident that its favored candidate, Thomas Dewey, would trounce Truman, the Trib prematurely printed an inaccurate election result, and in the process created one of the most embarrassing moments in journalistic history.

While Dewey and his advisors blithely put their trust in the supposed wisdom of the mainstream press, Harry Truman busily crisscrossed the country speaking directly to Americans from the back of his special train car—the Ferdinand Magellan. His strategy of bypassing the mainstream media and going directly to the American people paid off. Harry Truman won an election that even his supporters thought he would lose. There is a lesson in this incident for conservative candidates and the people who support them."

"I entered this race because I had hope that the people---people like you and I -- regular people could choose to represent the rest of the people in the Congress without having to pay homage to the machine.  I am not a Nancy Pelosi Democrat like Paul Kanjorski has become.  I am not a Democrat looking for a better political job as Commissioner Corey O'Brien.  I am me -- in the same way you are you.  I am a Democrat like your father and my father were Democrats when men were men and women were women and it was OK to say what you thought as long as you did not hurt anybody on purpose.  These times are different. They are not as nice.  They are not as honest. " Kelly offered.

 "Most of us go into the voting booth and we remember somebody from our past saying vote for the man, not the party.  Nowadays, it is vote for the man or the woman, not the party.  I do not have the endorsement of the Democratic party nor did I ask for it.  The Democrats made a mockery of Congress this term.  The party wants to preserve its power.  The CV and the Times want the party not the people to have the power.  l want to bring back power to the people. Times Shamrock and the CV and the Times / Tribune are afraid of me though at the same time they did not take me seriously because I am more like you than them. " Kelly cautioned.

"Times Shamrock and the rest of the liberal media think there is no room for a conservative Democrat yet most Democrats in NEPA deep down are conservatives.  Hell, if the Republicans had not beat the Democrats to the punch when they announced they were conservative first, almost every Democrat but those on the wild. wild  left would now be conservative.  The country is conservative. That  is why the media, such as Times Shamrock, spends so much time telling us we are not conservative.  The people of NEPA do not lead the fat cat life of the far far left. That's reserved for the Pelosi Californians and the Pelosi Pennsylvanians, including our own Paul Kanjorski." Kelly said.

Kanjo as he likes to be called did a fine job representing California this term as well as representing his buddies from Wall Street. Times Shamrock finds no problem with that because they are bigger than the five counties of District 11.   All of those IN NEPA know by now that Mr. Kanjorski is a major factor in the committees that regulate the Wall Street tycoons.  He is chairman of one of the largest financial regulatory committees. yet, the financial system failed.  Why does Kanjorski not accept his F grade and retake the course some other time?

The Congressman has a lot of power but he did not use it for the good PA. Why would he do so if he is sent back?  He gave Chris Carney his backside and backed Philadelphia rather than NEPA on John Murtha's committee seat.  Kanjo did the same for us as a regulator.  The forces regulated by the US Kanjo committees are the ones from which Mr. Kanjorski was supposed to protect us. Yet, Wall Street and the big Financial people are betting tons of money on the Kanjo campaign, according to Commissioner O'Brien.

Kanjo is not denying it and the CV sees no problem with it.  The CV hopes to put good ole Kanjo back in the saddle again in 2011.  It does not matter what you want.  Parent company Times Shamrock said it would be this way.  Large and powerful corporations who benefited from Kanjo in the past expect more of the same.  They would like nothing better than more of the same.  What do they expect in return for his help?   

"Vote for the man or the woman not the party.  Yet, in this case, I am a Democrat. Why was I rejected by the management of the Scranton Times / Tribune (Democrats) before they had never met me.   In fact, I have yet to meet a Times Shamrock corporate executive.  I bet the incumbent cannot say that.  I ran the gauntlet at the Times Leader and went before their Editorial Board. The Times Leader invited all candidates. I did the same late in the game for the CV.  I almost declined the CV invitation since I did not think it could be fair. They had already lied to me.  In retrospect, I would have been better off having these words spoken of me: " Kelly declined our invitation for an interview."  When the deck is stacked,  Agreeing to a game is folly.  For my role in the game, I am sorry."  Kelly said

Other than a few people, the Scranton Times / Tribune and the Citizens' Voice do not Brian Kelly other than his conservative views on his Web site.  They gave him their one hour in the Sun but like the Beatles said in 1965, "He should have known better." Times Shamrock does not want somebody who is only beholden to the citizens to get elected.  Maybe this media group is part of the machine?   It sure is clear that they do not want a regular guy from a regular family to represent the regular people of this area.  That's how Kelly sees it. How about you? Their endorsement of Kanjo was a big surprise to many.  That's like saying that their customer base (the people) does not even matter.

"I am really pleased that many have already gotten my message.  One of Goetsch's prime suggestions is a Web page such as this with continually updated articles, such as this. He is quite astute and offers a number of other suggestions that are absolutely priceless when a regular guy is competing against Goliath." Kelly said.

 "At the campaign midpoint I had written the first draft of this article as I knew Times Shamrock and I were like oil and vinegar.  Yet, when they went through the motions at mid campaign, I chose not to publish the first draft or -- perhaps I did it and then sent out a retraction as I beleived the Times Reporters who said it , admitted their mistake.  I learned this week, it was not the reporters' mistake.  Times Management did not want my campaign progressing.  That is my opinion and it looks pretty good backed up by facts.  All of that may be dreams, but of all the unexpected's, I did not expect the CV to announce  Paul Kanjorski as their guy again and again and again this time?  Why?  Kelly asked.

Won't it be funny if the Scranton Times and the Citizen's Voice as well as their affiliates pick up this press release coming from this article and they decide to make an election day  story out of it.  As WILK's Corbett [Radio Announcer at the time] might say, "Fat chance of that happening.! "

You may be interested in knowing that the Citizen's Voice competed and lost in the recent NEPA Candidate's Choice Endorsement for Quality Political Coverage.  Maybe next time it comes to endorsing a candidate who is like the citizens of NEPA,  Times Shamrock may consider the people who buy the papers, rather than their own wallets.  Maybe they will pay more attention to the public's need to know next time around.