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Brian Kelly for Congress PA District #8 Primary in 2022 :

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Please Write in BRIAN KELLY in the PA Democrat Primary May 17, 2022 

Being A JFK Democrat 

You may wonder why I am a JFK Democrat instead of a conservative Republican? The fact is that neither party is perfect for me.  I am for business but not for unbridled corporate power.  I am for Unions but not for thug tactics in the workplace and I am not for forced Unionism. 

I worked for IBM for 23 years and at the time, IBM never had nor needed a union. Corporations should treat workers right and unions should be for the workers and not be on the same team as the managers.  At IBM, the founders believed that if you take care of the people, the people will take care of the business. It worked!  

I am pro-life and I am against selling baby parts and live brains, though some legislators such as Matt Cartwright, the incumbent, forget this. Deep down most Americans are pro-life. Who wants to kill babies when they are the most vulnerable--when they have not made their first goo or gah?  

I do not believe in protecting smelts and trees if it causes harm to human beings. God made human beings with dominion over all life, and though we must be just caretakers of this awesome responsibility, it should not mean that humans must starve or be cold or freeze in the wintertime to please somebody's twisted agenda. In many ways some of the great ambitions of the Democratic Party leaders to create an equal world where there is no injustice has placed human beings per se in the back seat and has elevated non-humans to a status not intended by God. What good is it to freeze in the winter simply because the EPA has chosen to ban coal? I grew up with a coal stove in my livingroom and kitchen as did my wife, and we are still healthy. Plus, we have plenty of coal for the rest of the world. Why shut off the spigot? Why? It makes no sense.

Don't you think that protecting unborn babies is more important than protecting turtle eggs? Since it is a crime to destroy turtle eggs, at a minimum, it should also be a crime to kill an unborn child?  Who is not pro baby?  I think the big shot elite leaders of the Democratic Party have begun to endorse philosophies that give Government, rather than God, supreme power. I believe that God rules supreme above all else. When was the last time you were at a deathbed and heard the grieving family praying to the government? 

Though recently I have come to like the philosophies of populists and conservatives like Marco Rubio and Donald Trump and Ben Carson and Ted Cruz, like them, I do not think that corporations were meant to dominate individuals. I also think that American corporations have an obligation in exchange for the privilege of operating in America to care for their employees and to help do everything in their power to protect and create American Jobs. Hring illegal aliens must be verboten! 

Republicans and many rich Democrats even prominent Democrats such as John Kerry and the Heinz company have no problem taking jobs overseas. Additionally, they have no problem trying to reduce the American wage to as low as possible by bringing in illegal foreign workers to force the wages down.  Neither party wants to enforce our immigration laws. Republicans want lower wages and Democrats see a huge voter pool in those who are granted amnesty. I am for safe and secure borders and I believe in an America for Americans.  If foreigners can live legally within our borders according to our laws, I am for that also. But, American citizens, that's us folks, must come first instead of last. 
I would like to share with you information on a site that describes how to be a conservative Democrat. My philosophies for the most part fit this description.

How to Be a Conservative Democrat
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In politics sometimes, it seems easy to categorize a person by their party affiliation. A Republican is conservative and a Democrat is liberal. That is too limiting and shortsighted. Party affiliation does not eliminate individual thought. Defying these stereotypes is not always easy but is what democracy is based on--freedom of thought and choice.
Instructions for being a conservative Democrat
1. Step 1
Believe in small government. Small government means limiting the sprawling bureaucracy that invades people's lives and tries to tell them how to live those lives. Small government also means limiting monetary waste in government that comes with oversized government programs.
2. Step 2
Understand that there are services that the government needs to offer. While the conservative Democrat is against big government, they realize that some social programs are necessary for the country to thrive.
3. Step 3
Realize that a strong military force is a good. While curtailing government spending is prudent, it should not be at the expense of the nation's military. Even in times of peace, a strong military can be a deterrent to other aggressive countries and governments.
4. Step 4
Sympathize with the working class. A conservative democrat understands that the working class is the backbone that built this country. Conservative Democrats keep this in mind whenever taking issue with a policy or ideology.
5. Step 5
Focus on education and family values. Education and family values are an important part of the core values of the conservative Democrat. Education is what made this country a world leader and needs to be the focus of a conservative Democrats political agenda.
6. Step 6
Consider free market capitalism a positive endeavor. A conservative Democrat understands that the free market and capitalism empower the individual to make her own destiny. 
For Democrats who feel as I do about life, I am clearly your candidate for the 17th District, and I would appreciate your vote. Matt Cartwright is a socialist / Communist, and life will not get better for you or anybody else in the USA, if he and his ilk are permitted back into Congress.