Write in BRIAN KELLY for Congress PA District #8 Primary in 2022

Brian Kelly for Congress PA District #8 Primary in 2022 :

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****** PRESS RELEASE ******


I wrote a press release evaluating the media coverage I received during my 2010 Congressional Campaign. You might find it interesting. Please call your paper and request coverage on all candidates. 

Please Write-in BRIAN KELLY for Congress in the PA 17th District. Thank You. 

This notion of a campaigning candidate evaluating press coverage is unprecedented in modern times and should help the press fully understand that while they have been watching and speaking softly, there are big mouths out here monitoring their performance. 

We may not be accustomed to candidates issuing their own evaluations of the media, rather than vice versa, and presenting them with potentially coveted endorsements but this is a new world.   

If a people's representative does not do the right job for the people, the founders figured the thief or scoundrel would no longer get elected. They probably should never have gotten elected, and in this new world, the chances of a representative in either House getting reelected, especially if they infected the House or the Senate, should not be a sure thing.  

People across the country, Democrats and Republicans have become liberated by tea parties helping them understand that Congressmen and Congresswomen are not required people in their lives.  They have come to appreciate the recent notion of the level playing field, just as in high school sports. In this new world, Congress no longer gets to tip the table so the ball falls to their favorites. In this new world, the press no longer always endorses the incumbent. And, in this new world, challengers may choose to endorse competing elements of the media.  

As a candidate, Brian Kelly experienced some good things with the press and some bad things. Nobody in the press in 2010 at first took Kelly seriously because he is a nobody and he took no campaign contributions. The press figured that with less than $5,000.00 to be spent, Kelly had no chance.  The NEPA press by the way until 2010 had never met a congressional candidate, who was not taking money and who had not spent $5,000.00 on his own campaign.  Welcome to the new world of the people. 

Though much of the NEPA press adheres to a standard of fairness of a less rampantly corrupt era, informing the public of one's position via the press is not without its obstacles.  So Brian Kelly this year, and more than likely other candidates in future years [And Kelly again in 2022] has decided to discuss how well the press has done in this election season.  Then, Kelly will make his prized endorsement, which specifies the media outlet, among the press, radio, and TV that honored the people most with its coverage during the 2010 Congressional campaign.  

Just like the press endorsements of the candidates, there has been no endorsement validity test.  Don't worry, using  a combination of well founded theories, such as "begging the argument," and "think for yourself," Kelly has recommended the best media outlet for this prestigious announcement.  

Payback is a bitch as they say. In the power vested in Kelly and Consigliore / Campaign Manager Martin L. Devaney, from lots of years watching the media and several months of being subjected to the media, this campaign duo is today announcing their Candidate's Choice NEPA Media Endorsement for Quality Political Coverage. 

Before we get up close and personal, let's explain how Brian Kelly is most qualified to recommend the award and how Marty Devaney is the person to make the ultimate decision.  Marty Devaney's qualifications have already been expounded in certain elements of the press.  And, yes the quality and extent of the coverage on how well his Campaign Manager press release was handled may, in fact, affect Marty's judgment.  After all, he is only human. 

Brian Kelly as usual has a longer story.  He chose IBM as a company at 21 years of age in 1969. Prior to the decision, he had taken about 50 job interviews on campus.  He says he wanted to get good at it.  He did. "I took so many interviews I learned that in life, at least my life, most people are going to like you but some won't.  Once you learn that the professional interviewers do like you, you can be much more effective in your interview,"  Kelly said. As an IT guy in 1969, all his interviews were with high tech companies.  Back then, companies had no offshore outsourcing option so they gobbled up IT people. 

"I began liking interviews so much that when I interviewed with Bell Labs in New Jersey (the Research Arm of AT & T at the time), I met with both their HR people and their Defense Products people," Kelly said.  Brian had gotten so good at interviewing that in 1969, he got two job offers from Bell Labs.  One in HR and one in Defense Products. His academic record was pretty good for the times and that also helped.  

"Once you have confidence in yourself, the game changes." Kelly advises.   While the recruiters almost all had interest in him because of his college achievements, after awhile he started interviewing them at the same time they were interviewing him.  "The more I challenged them, the more they liked me and the more I learned about whether I wanted to be part of their organizations."  Kelly noted. 

Brian did not like IBM.  When IBM came late to the King's campus, by then he had become a polished interviewee.  He had little interest in IBM because everybody wanted IBM.  "After my interview, I wanted nothing more than to work for IBM.  I got the job and spent twenty-three great years with this one of a kind company." Kelly added.   

So, during this campaign, while he was being scrutinized by the media, in many ways it was like the recruiters were back on campus.  Kelly reached back into his old bag of tricks and he began to scrutinize the media.  No, he was not looking for a job in the Media but he was theoretically looking for a new job (Congress) and in many ways, Brian did understand that media favor was a big part of the path to getting there.  

"I wasn't sure at 62 [Now Brian is 73] I could stand the scrutiny without a few pregnant pauses in the interviews or worse yet, a few Jackie Gleason type "Humma Hummas."  The TL (Bill Boyle / Mark Jones) and CV (James Gittens / Joe Sisak) sessions were gruesome in retrospect but I emerged a better man and a better candidate." Kelly relates.   Just like when he was at King's, while they were checking him out, he was checking them concurrently.  The difference was that he had zero power over the outcomes this time, that is until he developed the notion of the Candidate's Choice NEPA Media Endorsement for Quality Political Coverage.  

Kelly went through similar difficult experiences (TL and CV Editorial Board)  with other media outlets on a smaller scale  Sue Henry from WILK permitted Kelly to announce his candidacy on the air and then she put him on briefly later in the campaign. 

Steve Urbanski from the Examiner sat with Kelly for a long interview and Kelly will tell anybody he is especially pleased with the coverage he received from Steve Urbanski.  " After our meeting, Steve Urbanski has been most accommodating in educating the public in District 11 about my candidacy using the press releases I provided as well as direct emails.  He is a pro." Kelly said.  

Kent Jackson from the Hazleton Standard Speaker and Brian have had extensive time together thanks to the new Internet media.  David Pierce from the Pocono Record is so thorough, Kelly thought that either he or Pierce would be inviting the other for dinner the night of the interview. Jenna Portnoy of the Morning Call in Allentown grilled Kelly until she had all her questions answered. 

"After the CV and TL 'gauntlet' all interviews were fun. I was sorta in College all again.  During the interviews I gave direct answers and I observed the concern of the interviewer for the issues most important to the NEPA public.  So far, the Jackson interview, the Pierce Interview, and the Portnoy interview have not made it to the press but I expect those to appear in the next few days." Kelly said.   

So here we are at crescendo and the candidates for the prestigious Candidate's Choice NEPA Media Endorsements for Quality Political Coverage have almost all been announced.  Because some media reporting on the Kelly campaign is still in progress, and not complete, Kelly reserves final judgment but sees the current award winner as an almost certainty.  But, since there are several days left in the campaign, it is theoretically possible that a long shot may come from nowhere and steal the "Raymond," the committee's agreed upon name for the award.   

In later years, I would recommend that candidates squeeze the media for funding so that the Raymond can be larger and more prestigious than the Oscar or Emmy,"  Kelly offered.  So, how could somebody other than the front runner eclipse the current leader and take the coveted Raymond home with them? 

It will be tough but not impossible. For example, if one of the NEPA TV stations decided to do a 24-hour reality program called "From Here to the Primary," featuring just Brian Kelly in the program, that might weigh heavily in their favor. Of course bathroom breaks would be permitted.   Or say, one of the papers that did not get the nod decided not to take advertising for the days until the election and instead, they chose to pack their pages with material from the www.briankellyforcongress.com web site.  That would carry major consideration factors. 

Additionally, if one of the radio program personalities, say Steve Corbett, decided to read directly from the www.briankellyforcongress.com web site for the four hours of his show with the same vigor as he approaches the gangster judges, that too might weigh heavily for a revised endorsement. 

The bottom line of whether the announced winner holds, depends on if Kelly receives unexpected and phenomenal media coverage.  The winner of the endorsement more than likely will not change. Even the MIA TV stations, who may have hoped to get this prestigious endorsement by keeping separation between them and the campaign ( as in the the no-words and no-video theory) still have a slight chance, though very slight. Yes, Kelly is so tuned into the fact that Public TV may have been pressured by factors other than the public good to give his campaign no coverage, he and Marty have conceded that  "even the Public TV stations still have a chance.  There are such things as miracles." both Kelly and Devaney chortled. 

For now, however, it is finished.  C'est fini! 

To see this years winners (barring unexpected developments) of the Candidate's Choice NEPA Media Endorsements for Quality Political Coverage, first hold your breath as long as you can. Then, type in www.briankellyforcongress.com. You will soon be taken into a magical candidate land in which the press has no power.  The first NEPA Candidate's Choice NEPA Media Endorsements for Quality Political Coverage are announced and available on this link. Many will enjoy this more than the Oscars or the Emmy. You can't miss it.  Now, please stop holding your breath and get out there.