Write in BRIAN KELLY for Congress PA District #8 Primary in 2022

Brian Kelly for Congress PA District #8 Primary in 2022 :

Click here to see the campaign announcement video


Click here to see the campaign announcement video
Despite the candidate expecting no press coverage whatsoever for his campaign for Congress v Matt Cartwright in District 8, Brian Kelly asks you to write the papers to tell them to be fair to all candidates. Brian Kelly will be pleased in January to announce his candidacy for the US Congress.

With your help, the two WB newspapers will have no choice but to give Brian Kelly, the Congressional Candidate, a loud voice in the media outlets that most-often favor politicians. Candidate Brian Kelly will most appreciates an overture of fairness by the press. He asks all citizens with a voice to let the VOICE and the LEADER know they too can be pleased to help send a biased politician back home.

A sincere thank you and big CHEERS from a declared write-in candidate goes to the Citizens Voice and its management and to the Times Leader in Wilkes-Barre and its management for acting positively and fairly as the Fourth Estate as envisioned by the US Founders in the Constitution. JEERS to any media outlets in NEPA-- Press, Radio, and TV, for not doing their jobs. Kelly knows he needs media support to help get District 8 back on track after too many years of Nancy Pelosi and corrupt Democrat leaders calling the shots for Northeastern PA. 

After a lot of thought, Brian Kelly, a lifelong Democrat, not a socialist, or communist such as Matt Cartwright, is preparing to launch his write-in campaign for Congress in January 2022. Why would Kelly not try to get on the ballot?  In a few words, money and kindness. Donated funds (money) for regular Joe's such as Kelly are very limited. After using mostly his own money for a Congressional run in 2010 and a run for Mayor of WB in 2015, Kelly has nothing left to mount a regular campaign to get on the ballot.

Why kindness. Well, trying to get 1500 signatures after family and friends did that once and then they got enough for a ballot position in 2015-- well, it was too much to ask. The Kellys are not a political family but care very much about our country.  Yes, Brian won't ask his 's friends and family to again work as hard for the cause as in the past. In 2010 when they brought in about 1600 signatures-- 600 more than needed to get on the ballot. Nobody trying to earn a living can bring in that many petition signatures and have a life. Brian is not even going to ask.  

Brian's friends and relatives are always ready to help and they would be pleased to help. The electorate often does not care how pure a candidate may be. The system must change first before Brian would ask his friends to participate in the signature charade in which Matt Cartwright uses his campaign dollars to gain enough signatures to gain a ballot slot. Brian Kelly does not have those resources and the cost has not gotten cheaper since 2010 when Kelly had the first spot on the ballot for Congress in the Democrat Primary. Write-in campaigns permit frugality. 

We know that Matt Cartwright is a Biden / Pelosi guy. We do not need two more years of Matt Cartwright. Brian Kelly gives Democrats who love American the opportunity to elect a Democrat candidate who thinks like they do not one who selfishly represents himself and his family.

Your candidate Brian Kelly is not the only person who knows Cartwright is not of the people and for the people and his record in Congress shows that he does not care about government by the people. Of, by and for Cartwright is what he is all about.  Take a look at a site you can easily find on your own -- crookedcartwright.com. Take the link to learn more than you need to know that Kelly is your man.

It is a shame that we have to report that 

Congressman Matt Cartwright was exposed for crooked attempts to rewrite the law to give himself a fat payday. The Washington Examiner reported Cartwright repeatedly authored legislation that if enacted would increase payouts to his family’s law firm where he holds a multi-million-dollar stake, a direct violation of House Ethics Rules. Americans get played. Cartwright gets paid.

“…It's blatantly obvious the motives behind the legislation are to economically improve the bottom line [of firms like his],” one observer noted. O the facts on the ground dictate that in all circumstances, nobody should vote for Matt Cartwright. He has filled up on largesse and bounty and it is said that if he represented us tomorrow, it would be a first. 

It is an arduous task to run for office unless you are an incumbent. To obtain 1000 verified signatures, at least 1500 would be required. To accomplish this a candidate not willing to pay at least $5.00 a signature for such a service as most politicians do, would have to devote 250 hours over three weeks (not a minute less) in the coldest weather of the year, to collect the required number of signatures by himself. At eight hours per day, this would take about 32 days to accomplish. But, there are only 21 days permitted by the state. Actually the state calls the petitions in a day early. 
Candidates are not permitted to start early or finish late. They are not permitted to take their three weeks in the summer while on vacation and while most neighbors are easier to find.  They are not permitted to do anything that may not force them into spending a lot of money on their campaign. And, so most regular people choose not to run for political office.  The notion of a "write-in candidate" permits regular Joes, who are not multi-millionaires such as Matt Cartwright to run for Congress.  '
Regular citizens have seen those seeking office with their petitions at public events but most of us do not realize the difficult job they have to do. A candidate must get anywhere from 100 to 3000 signatures depending on which office they seek. 
Since only 50 names fit on a sheet and there are always many "unforgivable" mistakes -- ask Joe Sestak, and often the sheets of good friends may have as few as two or three signatures. it is not obvious that each signature sheet (petition) must be notarized at the candidate's expense. Notaries do not work for free and the ballot access advocates pay none of the freight. 
Then, instead of getting more signatures on the last day to help rule out a guy like Sestak saying some are invalid, you have to summarize and then drive your support team with petitions to Harrisburg to wait in line for hours to have each signature go through a preliminary evaluation.

We know that running against the entrenched politicians such as Joe Sestack can cause unnecessary legal expenses. A Commonwealth Court ruling in a prior election  struck 225 signatures from the petition of a political newcomer named Joe Vodvarka. Brian Kelly met Joe Vodvarka when he ran in 2010. He is a fine man. The Sestak schtick cost Vodvarka both the time and money as he answered the Sestak court challenge  which ultimately left him just 101 just signatures shy of the 2,000 he needed to get on the May 18 primary ballot that year for the US Senate.  Running to get on the ballot is a dirty job and there are dirty people who will do their best to keep you from running. 

If you are one signature short after verification, you're "o-u-t." Sorry Charley!  This is a formidable obstacle. The process is designed by state and federal politicians so that only incumbents or entrenched politicians or those who can pay others to do their work can afford the time or expense to run for Congress. Anybody with a real job is immediately excluded.
After gaining 17% of the vote taking no money from supporters, Brian Kelly told his team for 2022 what he was all about and that he believed he had just as good a shot at winning the primary election as a write-in candidate than by having to pay many people just to get on the ballot. Kelly's plan of course depends on the media honoring the fact that he is running, and so far the media, despite rumors that Kelly will be running, has completely ignored him. When NEPA newspaper subscribers complain to both papers, Kelly is confident he will get the press coverage he needs even though the biased politically motivated papers will endorse Matt Cartwright because he and they are for the entrenched politicians..

Brian is an optimist. He hopes all subscribers write to the daily papers and ask them to give Brian Kelly some press coverage. As the fourth estate, the Citizens Voice and the Times Leader owe the citizens coverage of all the candidates for office, not just the long-time politicians. In many elections our local press has not served the community well and have ignored direct communication from candidates to editors and writers. Please place them on notice that they will be losing subscribers if they do not support candidates from the home community.   
Kelly believes that what separates himself from Matt Cartwright is that he is not a politician, has never been a politician and does not ever want to be a politician. Moreover, according to Kelly, Cartwright is a socialist on most matters and a communist on many others. He voted for all of the America-busting bills put out by Speaker Pelosi and he defends her communist dictates even when they hurt Pennsylvania and the rest of the country. Cartwright treats them as if the stuff that is good for the Cartwrights is good for the people.

However, what is good for the Cartwrights--millionaires living like millionaires, is not good for the people. Matt Cartwright has not served NEPA well. He has not represented the people well and he deserves to be thrown out. Kelly is prepared to do his part to assure that this happens. The Fourth Estate (the press & other media) has been MIA. It's time for them to join the people's team. After five terms of serving himself, it would be nice if the Congressman stepped won and let the people he represented get the country's mess--caused by Biden and politicians like Cartwright-- cleaned up for the future. Would that not be nice. It's up to you folks. Write-in BRIAN KELLY.ye
By all accounts, Kelly is the one underdog in what is now a two-person race in the 2022 Democrat Primary. Eliminating Cartwright in the Democrats primary will give the area a shot at hometown representation by its own lifelong citizens instead of politicians. Kelly has never been endorsed by the press but at least sometimes they help him get out his message. Think of him as the little engine that could or as the spider in the story of Robert the Bruce and the spider? Kelly believes that if you think you can't, you're right. But if you think you can, the world opens up to you for a world of possibilities. Brian Kelly thinks he can and therefore he will. 

The story of King Robert the Bruce is awe-inspiring. It is short enough that I will repeat it below:

Legend has it that when Robert’s spirits were broken, he took refuge in a cave. Sitting in the cave, he noticed a small spider attempting to weave a web. The spider tried and failed over and over. Each time the spider fell, it climbed back up to try again. Finally, the spider’s silk took hold, and the spider managed to spin a web.

Robert the Bruce saw himself reflected in the spider’s struggle. After watching the spider finally succeed, Robert found the inspiration to return and fight the English despite overwhelming odds. He was victorious against the King of England in the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314. This triumph ultimately turned the tides towards later winning the independence of Scotland in 1328. 

Brian Kelly believes we can defeat the knaves that are ripping our country apart. This first step of course is to try. 

Brian Kelly will not be on the ballot simply because he cannot afford to be a politician and so he is the declared underdog. The people will have the opportunity to vote for him however, in the Democrat Primary and that will give Brian a spot on the fall general election as a conservative Democrat at a time when the country needs a conservative approach.

Everybody loves an underdog, especially in this case, in which the underdog is a patriot who pledges to work to undo all of the harm that Matt Cartwright and Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden and the corrupt media together have forced on our wonderful country, America.
We can do better. Help Brian Kelly help you by writing to your papers, calling in to the radio, and writing the TV News stations, especially Public TV.  Send a check if you have anything extra to give so Brian can get some paid media working for him. Brian Kelly PO Box 621 WB PA 18701. 

Why is it that without your help, just about all elements of the press will have Kelly slotted as a non-entity in the primary? Besides the newspaper coverage, there more than likely will be no TV coverage at all.  Even Public TV will choose to stay out of the race in the 8th District. Why is that?   No debates? Which public are they serving? 
Kelly thinks he knows the answer to those questions:
"Regular citizens are not newsworthy.  A regular citizen may make a fine representative but he or she doesn't sell air time or newspapers. Regular citizens with their paltry subscription fees support the press but the ad revenue is what keeps the presses rolling."
"Politicians, on the other hand---they are exciting. They are always doing something interesting in their chases for office. They do sell air time and they sell newspapers but that does not help regular Joes'.   Unfortunately, politicians do not make good representatives as we have more than discovered over the past five terms of Matt Cartwright and in just ten months of Joe Biden.

Oh, perhaps I did not mention this but politicians fatten the coffers of the media that we think is our fourth estate since once they get our measly subscription fees, it is the politicos who serve as the big financial team that puts extra bucks into the pockets of the local media executives. That's why Brian Kelly has never been endorsed by the local media. Plus he writes what he thinks and sends it to the readers' columns and that annoys the power brokers. 
Brian Kelly is a regular guy appealing to regular people who do not have to sell air time or newspapers.  He trusts the people more than the media to make the right decision.  For every regular Joe out there who knows they could do a better job for the people, "than the bums that are now in office," when you go into the voting booth, look at the ballot position and select write-in [OTHER], and then type in BRIAN KELLY. You will be doing yourself and your neighbors a favor and you will be setting BRIAN KELLY up for a two-year term filled with plenty of hard work. Here is a short note from Brian Kelly:  
"Hi, I hope you choose to help me and all of Northeastern PA.  I am a regular person who has had a very successful career with IBM and as a college professor. I am competent like yourself. Like you, I can do a heck of a lot better for the people than the politician that we elected the last five terms. We can do a lot better with you or I in office. I encourage you to get the moxie to run and I will help you from being discouraged. This time I am running so write-in BRIAN KELLY. Next time you run, it will cost you hard work and time but if you go the write-in route and more people tune in, you can be elected and it will cost you next to nothing. Thank you."

This time, Brian Kelly is counting on Americans in PA District 8 doing the American thing on May 17, 2022.  Americans root for the underdog.  In this case, the voters of Northeastern Pennsylvania can vote for a citizen, not a politician, who has been made into an underdog by the media simply because he is not a politician. 
Say no to politicians on May 17, 2022.  Brian Kelly would be pleased to represent your interests, and not the special interests, in Congress.  He would owe nobody any favors.
God bless America!
Vote for the Underdog... Just write in BRIAN KELLY this time. It's that easy! Next time, send out a memo like this, and we'll all be voting for you and it will not cost you as many dimes as otherwise. 

You may not know it but Brian Kelly is the most-published and thus the leading conservative author in America. He is an outspoken and eloquent expert on solutions to help America and Americans Though a Democrat, he is a JFK Democrat. One of his pet peeves is the chicanery and deceit of RINOS on conservative Americans. FYI, when you see a book written by Brian Kelly, it is more than likely one of 75 sports books written by the candidate. If the book author's name is Brian W. Kelly it is more than likely a non-sports book written by the candidate. One of the first sports books written by Kelly was Great Moments in Notre Dame Football at  time when the other Brian Kelly was the Notre Dame coach.   

Brief Bio About Brian Kelly,:
Brian Kelly is a former IBM Senior Systems Engineer and Retired Professor of Business and Information Technology (BIT) at Marywood University in Scranton, PA. He was a candidate for US Congress from PA District 11 in 2010. Kelly was also a candidate running or Mayor in his home town of Wilkes-Barre PA in 2015. Brian still manages his own IT business (www.kellyconsulting.com), and he has recently completed his 293rd book, which you can read about at www.letsgopublish.com

Brian is currently running for office as a write-in candidate as a Democrat for Congress to represent the 8th PA District You can check out campaign web sites at www.briankellyforcongress.com and his personal site at brianwkelly.com. These are both in the process of being rejuvenated for 2022. The good news according to Kelly is that when running as a write-in, there are virtually no initial campaign expenses.  

Thank you for being part of the quiet populist revolution to save America.