Write in BRIAN KELLY for Congress PA District #8 Primary in 2022

Brian Kelly for Congress PA District #8 Primary in 2022 :

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Revised for B. Kelly for Congress

Feel free to check out my website to learn all about what my candidacy is all about. I just refurbished it for the 2022 Primary Election. briankellyforcongress.com

Video of this speech here:  Click here to see the campaign announcement video

I am very proud today, December 7, 2021 to announce my candidacy for the United States Congress representing District #8 in the State of Pennsylvania. We know that the only thing any of us can do in life alone, is fail, so I ask for your support in this endeavor.  It is a big challenge. You will be pleased with the work that I will perform on your behalf for the United States of America. I pledge to help America regain its spot as President Reagan so aptly put it, as a shining city upon a hill whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere. It’s about time folks, don’t you think?

My name is Brian Kelly. I have been a registered Democrat all my life. But, like many of you,  I have grown sick of Democrat leadership and their ignorance towards the common man and their disdain for our police and justice systems. They no longer seem to care about the people. I do. So I have decided to make our country a better place than what they have left us. I have decided to run for Congress in the PA 8th District. My opponent in the Democrat Primary as you know at least so far, is Matt Cartwright.

Like the groundhog who sees his shadow every Groundhog Day like clockwork, – February 2 each year, every two years NEPA gets to see our own Matt Cartwright for his election time visit. Like the groundhog, he emerges for his once every two year return to NEPA to run for reelection. As you know, attempts to find him at home at any other time are typically fruitless.

I am asking you for your full support by writing my name when you vote in the Primary Election on May 17, 2022--  that’s BRIAN KELLY.  Just Ten Letters and a space.  Ten letters and a space is all you have to do.

We have all had more than enough of Matt Cartwright’s version of Nancy Pelosi progressive, socialist, Marxist, Communist style government. It is no secret that Cartwright has done more for Pelosi’s filthy excrement filled City of San Francisco than he has for Northeastern Pennsylvania. I say it is time to retire him and send him home for good. It will give us a head start for the future.        

You and I know people who were once staunch Democrats who have become fed up. They changed parties because they want leaders who are proud of our great country. They want leaders unlike Lockdown Matt Cartwright who will work towards America first policies and want to put a stop to the government overreach we have experienced for the past five terms.

I am running for Congress because I am determined to  stand up against the Marxist philosophies of the Left that wish to turn the US into a welfare state in which you must be an illegal immigrant in order to share in the American Dream..

My father was Union guy all the way. He even took me to a Union Barber. He was a Teamster working for the Stegmaier Brewery in Wilkes-Barre for 31 years. Like you, I am sick of Democrat Leaders who have forgotten about the little guy. I can assure you I will always make it a priority to pay attention to blue collar workers and the working class in America. Without a strong America, we have nothing.  

Democrat Leaders rarely work anymore for the worker or for the common man. We are those workers and we are those regular people in Pennsylvania today. We are not elitists.  and we must tell the Democrats in a loud voice that enough is enough.

As your candidate, let me assure you that I am a man from humble beginnings. I learned in order to have anything of your own in life, you have to work hard.  I had a junk route when I was five years old, I was a paperboy at ten years old, a pin boy at 12 years old, a soda truck deliver man at 13, A grocery delivery man at 16, etc. etc. etc. Like many of you, I always had a job or I had no money for a social life or even enough to take a girl out on a date when I was in high school That’s what we called it back then.

I learned that life is tough but if you work hard, you can achieve things and life can be fair. I worked my way through college with the help of an academic scholarship. I graduated from High School and College and I received my MBA -- all with honors.  I worked for IBM for 23 years and then served as an assistant Professor at Marywood University. I ran my own technology consulting company and started my own publishing business. I have written for a number of online and paper technical magazines. I recently completed my 293rd book.

I think of myself as just a regular guy. I care about regular things. I am a person of the people and as your representative, you can bet I will be for the people. You have to get me elected folks to end the country’s funk and shake this malaise.  We can overcome this for sure but not by sending the same miscreants back into office every two years.

That’s why I ask you today to join other people from NEPA in supporting me, Brian Kelly for an important role in the Congress of the United States. You won’t regret it. Remember my name and write me in that’s

B-R-I-A-N – K-E-L-L-Y.

Thank you all and God bless you.  

Don’t forget my web site. Briankellyforcongress.com