Write in BRIAN KELLY for Congress PA District #8 Primary in 2022

Brian Kelly for Congress PA District #8 Primary in 2022 :

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Part VII March 16, 2922

Frank, I asked to be on today because I have a few important new announcements.

As you know my web site has most of my information. Briankellyforcongress.com. Reach me with mail at PO Box 621 Wilkes-Barre PA. Send donations to the PO Box.

Why am I running for Congress

Simple Reason

Because I love America and members of my own party are doing their best to destroy my country . I can’t let this stand.

I love America.

When have you heard, just once --  Joe Biden or Matt Cartwright say they love America?  Never.  What does that mean. We get what we get which is not much.

Inflation is the biggest problem like it or not and like it or not, Biden has no answer other than for Americans to bear the pain.  Somehow Americans have to bear the pain and a lot of it. That is bull

Another big problem is parental control of schools. To solve this problem just like in the state of Virginia in which new Governor Youngkin just empowered parents to opt out from local school mandates . I am announcing that my platform supports school choice with Parents in full control. If the teachers unions want to control our kids, full school choice permits us to send our kids to a better school than the unions offer.

We have other big problems today. The first of which is that we are dealing with a madman with the capabilities to begin World War III   We don’t want that for sure but just like Vladimir Zalensky advised President Biden today, to be the leader of the free world today, you need to have some fortitude. You must be the leader of peace. So far our president Biden has not acted as if he is the leader of anything. Matt Cartwright offers even less than Biden.

But for a few sanctions which have not crippled Russia’s ability to reign terror down on Ukraine, Biden has avoided giving Ukraine a better chance in the war.

John Kennedy Senator from the great state of Louisiana summed it up this morning. He said that energy independence is our way to curb inflation, and bring gas prices down, but Biden has shut down the US energy industry from day 1. 

Kennedy said Biden is too WOKE to see the damage he is causing. Kennedy said that Biden thinks the world’s biggest problem is climate change. Russia is at war with the world and Biden thinks the biggest problem is climate change. So he takes no action on energy independence or inflation,.

Despite Zalensky’s peace message today.  Kennedy says that Biden’s Woke allies control him and his only interests seem to be solar, wind, and the big one pixie dust.  So far that is not working. Take the shackles off the American oil industry Mr. Biden, please.

When elected, if Mr. Biden continues his punishing assault on America, I will lead an effort to impeach him to hopefully get a president who will love America and help regain America’s world leadership and its peace leadership.

My first recommendation to end the war and make life better is for Joe Biden to speak with Putin about a three-day cease-fire.  During this period, all the busses and cars in Ukraine should be deployed to get the people who need to be rescued out of the country.  Biden would also ask Putin to open up one or two humanitarian exists after the cease fire is completed.   If Russia fires on the humanitarian exits, NATO should step up an air campaign no fly zone in the humanitarian corridors.

There is no question that seniors have been the hardest hit. Government gives with the right hand and takes it back with the left.  Joe Biden folks is the government. My major announcement today is that I am writing a new book titled  Saving Seniors from the Poor House. Biden is not helping seniors. When elected I will propose an immediate 20% increase in SSR payments. This will be followed by additional COLAs every six months for three years and perhaps longer. Also, I will introduce legislation for at least a three year moratorium on Medicare Part B increases. 

My new book will show that this is not all that is needed but it will be a great start. The book will show seniors that they are always intentionally left out when government decides to help. It is time for seniors to lead the charge to hold our leaders accountable.

In January we know that with inflation over 7%, seniors got a 5.9% COLA of which over a third of it went to pay for Medicare Part B increases and before the month of December was finished. Inflation took 7%  of the remainder. In other words, seniors went negative. Again seniors are worse off than they were the year before.  This is a path to the poor-house.  There are too many seniors still living to forget seniors. This unfair treatment must end-- and it must end now. As noted, this first 20% boost will not yet bring seniors –even--  with their rising costs but it is a great start.  

Meanwhile as we all know, every segment of the population except seniors have been receiving stipends, major unemployment benefits or substantial increased wages to get them back to work. No relief for seniors who are losing their homes so they can eat.  Seniors pay these increases but get nothing to pay for these increases. Seniors on fixed income are left with less and because of that, they are all getting closer on their way to the poor house. My proposal when enacted will keep seniors from the poor house and bring them back their dignity!


Part I  WILK March 1, 2022

Some information first. My web site is briankellyforcongress.com. Send comments, etc. to PO Box 621 Wilkes-Barre PA 18701

Today the US is seen as weak. Our feckless leadership with Joe Biden et al knows that Biden’s decision to end our energy independence is giving Russia the upper hand in Ukraine. Even the Ukrainians say energy is key, but unfortunately Biden cannot convince his boss, President AOC to postpone the Green New Deal.

I am running for Congress to change stupid to smart. to fight the dangerous Woke Mob-- to keep them from hijacking America’s future. Democrat leaders like Matt Cartwright are destroying America      

In all the survey’s I have seen, Everybody’s major concern is inflation, and a belief that the Biden government is to blame for it all. Concern is considerable with the people as it crosses party lines.

High inflation. Think about when people begin voting next year… it could very well spell doom for Democrats

Inflation,  spiraling urban crime & no bail policies, and supply-chain shortages are key issues Dems are blamed for.




It is no secret -- Facts show that “Joe Biden,  Nancy Pelosi, & Matt Cartwright’s radical anti-American policies have caused

---   an inflation crisis,      a crime crisis,    a border crisis,

& multiple international crises in Afghanistan and Ukraine.


Bully Democrats control the country and are the only ones to blame.  They are the ones with full control.

Frank, I have a statement to make if I may


Pro Reading /Writing /Arithmetic

Pro Constitution

Pro Freedom & Liberty

Pro strong defense

Pro police / funding

Pro energy independence

Pro Keystone Pipeline

Pro guns

Pro strong economy minimal inflation

Pro fiscal responsibility

Pro school choice / vouchers & home school

Pro parental control of schools


Anti Tyranny—ala Biden & Canada

Anti New Green Deal/ Build Back Better

Anti Critical Race Theory
Anti mandate; anti masking

Anti Biden style inflation
Anti illegal immigration
Anti  adding States
Anti packing Supreme Court
Anti Ukraine Interference

Anti  Russian Pipeline
Against Nuclear Iran

Anti Big Tech

Anti Woke

Anti Cancel Culture

As noted, I am Brian Kelly. I am a lifetime registered Democrat. I am running for Congress in PA District #8-- for the seat currently held by Matt Cartwright. I am your BEST chance to eliminate Cartwright in May as I am one of just two Democrats running against him.

No Republican can run against him in the PA Primary. Therefore the people have a unique opportunity on May 17th to fire Matt Cartwright and replace him with a solid American Citizen – not a politician--- anther Democrat.  Brian Kelly

Like many of you, I have grown sick of Democrat leadership and their ignorance towards the common man and their disdain for our police. We need leaders who are proud of our great country. Ask Matt Cartwright why he and AOC are blocking our ability to fight the Russians with American Energy Independence

Americans have not witnessed the chaos about the value of our values since the early days of the revolution. Democrats have gone radical and seem to want to do anything to retain power. Yet, as we look at what they do everyday with shocking legislation and plans for the country it is apparent that they have lost something.. That, my friends is


To defeat radical Democrats and to keep them from destroying our country, we must use a weapon they do not have. Common Sense.  They won’t know what hit them. Brian Kelly is your only reall opportunity to purge Matt Cartwright from Congress in the Primary May 1th.

Thomas Paine in pre-revolutionary times wrote a piece titled COMMON SENSE. In it Paine argued for two main items  (1) independence from England and (2) the creation of a democratic republic. Paine avoided flowery prose. He wrote in the language of the people, often quoting the Bible in his arguments.

Thomas Paine would fit in well in 2022. He titled his pamphlet Common Sense because he believed that all of the arguments and ideas he makes are nothing more than the products of good, well, & common sense. ... Paine's common-sensical style of arguing completely changed the landscape of America from the 18th century onward. America would not be America today without great Patriots like Thomas Paine. We could use him today for sure.

For the past five terms, we have learned that Congressman Matt Cartwright is no Thomas Payne. He is not even his own man. He is definitely Nancy Pelosi’s right hand man. He is very important to the Speaker of the House and he backs the speaker in all of her anti-American activities. His attorney background comes in handy for her stealth missions.

Unfortunately, especially for those looking for help from our area of the country that Cartwright ostensibly represents, Mr. C. has not had much time left in his busy schedule to work for the people who elected him. Northeastern Pennsylvania. He has been too busy with San Francisco and national matters. When we replace him with better leadership in the May 17th primary, he will not be missed by many Pennsylvanians. It is up to us all to send him packing. The Brian Kelly Democratic candidacy is our best opportunity for the country.


Section II Speech I

Like many of you, who are lifelong Democrats , I am a reluctant Democrat. The last time I voted for a great Democrat was Bob Casey Sr. He was as good as it gets. His son Bob Jr. like Cartwright just does not measure up.

As a young man, I felt good about being a Democrat when the Party loved John Fitzgerald Kennedy and he became our president. I am still a JFK Democrat. I am not a Republican though in today’s world, even though I wear a JFK Democrat hat, conservatives are now America’s best choice for the future. Think of that when you vote this year. The WOKE Democrat mob does not deserve our vote.

Since Trump’s defeat, for the past fourteen problem-filled months the Democratic Leadership in the House , the Senate, and the Executive branch has had full control of the country. From day one, they have been doing their best to destroy America by their misguided self-serving plans to abandon the Constitution, pack the court and add four Democrat Senators for Washington DC and Puerto Rico.

Democrats such as Biden and Cartwright have increased our heating and gasoline costs by giving up energy independence. Energy independence is even more important with Putin threatening to ucut off oil and gas to Europe and how about this. The US is buying millions of gallons of oil from Russia to plase AOC and the Green New Deal rather than supporting Americans.

Democrats have made it scary just sitting at home by defunding the police and allowing killer prisoners out without bail. Their policies support skyrocketing inflation and a doubling of gas prices. Getting rid of Cartwright on May 17, and replacing him with a Democrat, who thinks differently, is a great start in getting the country straightened out.

You can vote for me safely because I am not like today’s radical Democrats. I am nothing like Matt Cartwright. I am a JFK Democrat. Do you know that the Democrat Leadership of today would instantly throw JFK out of the Party if they heard just one of his great patriotic speeches.

You might already be thinking “Why should I vote for this guy? In other words, “Why should you vote for me?”  Well there are lots of reasons. But I think I’ll wait until I am invited back to WILK to tell you them all. For right now, you should know some things about me. which I am happy to divulge. Here goes:

First of all, I love America. I love freedom and liberty. I love Patriots. I love the Constitution  I love the founders. I love everything about America today except our poor leadership—in both parties.

These leaders, who control the House of Representatives and who are part of the Democrat tied Senate, and the Democrat controlled president cannot convince me that any of them love America. I know that they don’t love America because if they did they would all be acting a lot differently.

I don’t trust one of them and I don’t believe any of them are Patriots or that they love Patriots or patriotism or even liberty and freedom.  They’ve even made freedom a bad word. --I don’t believe  that they love America its founders or the founding and God’s greatest gift to America—it’s Constitution

No folks, these leaders want none of it. Look at Joe Biden’s record and the record of our feckless Democrat controlled Congress. Shameful and anti-American.

They may think they are right but I don’t believe them. You know you can’t believe them. When they speak they lie. How can you tell when a politician is lying?  “His lips are moving.” They are all self-serving fakes who have forgotten their only mission is to serve the people.

Their job is not to create mandates to control the people --with their lousy ideas to hurt America first. Their job is to serve the people. From the beginning, the US government was about “of,” “by” and for the people. Government comes last. The people first. That is what I believe – The people first.

By the way, what is the difference between a dead skunk in the middle of the road and a dead politician in the middle of the road...There are skid marks in front of the skunk. Think about that for a while.  Would there be skid marks today in front of any of our esteemed Democrats in Congress or the President. Think about it. Do they deserve your vote?

Section # 3 Speech 

You may know that there was a time when Democrats liked to be  called Democrats. Now they want to be referred to as liberals or progressives or Democrat Socialists. Some do not even mind being called Communists and that may fit them the best.  Mark Levin, a great American has a new book out. You may have heard about it. Levin sees them for what they are. Levin calls them American Marxists. Has it ever been this bad in America. No it has not!

These American Marxists make me sick. I bet they make you sick too.  They hate America and they are trying to force us to think like they do. Think about Critical Race Theory. Think about no energy from the Keystone Pipeline. Think about how great it makes you feel to pay more for everything including twice as much for gas. Have you heard anybody in the Democrat leadership ranks complaining about this. Has Matt Cartwright complained even a peep???  How about crime and defunding the police?

Have you bumped into any of the millions of illegals crossing our border? Have you met any of them at your local airport?  They are flying into airports such as mine-- WB Scranton Airport in Avoca by the planeload.   Democrats such as Cartwright are like Shultz from Hogan’s Heroes when it comes to important matters like illegals at our airport:  . They know nothing!” 

Are they working to solve the border crisis? Their  lips are muzzled shut with Pelosi and Biden Super Glue. Americans do not count. They are in lockstep to destroy America and make life miserable for the people.

Well, let me tell you. Because you listen to this program or other good programs, you, like me, love America. You are a Patriot and you love Patriots and Patriotism. You love the founders and the founding and the Constitution--- the best form of government known to mankind in the whole world.

Moreover, like me, you are sick of whining Democrat leaders singing “Is that all there is?”  Yeah folks that’s all there is and it is a heck of a lot… when you think about it. America is a great country. You and I live in the land of opportunity. It is a whole lot better than any other two-bit country offers its people. Like you, I am proud to be an American…and that’s that.

I decided to run for Congress to help rid the country of those leaders in Congress who simply do not like America. Go home, please!  Everybody knows that the Democrats in control hate America.

In the past year, when I wake up, I now know just how Howard Beale, the Anchorman  of UBS News felt. Remember Beale? He is the main character in the mid 1970’s movie “Network”.

Beale struggled to accept the ramifications of social ailments and the depravity and the biased one-sided WOKENESS in the US and the rest of the world.

You may remember Beale bemoaned all of this on the air especially after his wife died --  and he was lonely --   and he was angry at the world’s condition and his own, and he, like many who feel really bad, began to drink heavily. Heck the last year has certainly not been our best folks. Alcohol sales in the US are way up...Howard Beale in Network may be telling our story. 

You may remember that Beale felt so bad like there was nothing left for him in the world. His “news” show’s ratings went down the tubes as he no longer got comfort from his audience. His bosses gave him some time to snap out of it but he couldn’t. They eventually gave him his two-week notice. This kind a sparked him up a little knowing he was a short-timer. Instead of wallowing about it, Beale got angrier. 

Folks, you may remember this. He was without a solution so Beale promised to kill himself on nationwide TV. He was serious. Later, after he thought about it, he apologized to viewers, telling them that he " just ran out of bullshit.

Feeling his plight like many of us in 2022, his viewers reacted positively to his rant. His ratings went up and his bosses liked him again. But he still was not ok. Maybe like Americans today, his viewers related to the hopelessness that he conveyed.

This all leads to what I like to call the shout heard round the world. Beale may not have come up with a solution but he came up with a way for everybody to feel better amid the many problems of life. So he gave his audience his best advice for coping and starting change.

He screamed for his audience to go ahead  “ open  open the window and scream at the top of your voice.   “I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore. I call it  The shout heard round the world.  Anybody watching his program on that day got the message.  Don’t take this clap trap any more.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we don’t have to take it anymore.  When you are ready, get off that couch and . “open the window and scream at the top of your voice.   “I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore.

Promise yourself you will change it. Send Cartwright home to Moosic and elect Brian Kelly as your Congressman in the 8th District of Pennsylvania.  I thank you all very much. Hope to talk to youall again soon.


Part II

Some information first. My web site is briankellyforcongress.com. Send comments, etc. to POBox 621 Wilkes-Barre PA 18701

So, what ‘s it all about Alfie?  This 1966 movie predates Howard Beale’s rant in Network by ten years and it also questions the meaning of life: 'what's it all about, Alfie, is it just for the moment we live....are we meant to take more than we give or are we meant to be kind? Today the woke American Marxists would be asking if Alfie is worthy to be woke. WOKE of course we know is an offensive term with negative associations to those who promote political ideas involving identity and race—in other words, Democrat leadership. There is a lot of questioning today for sure but the Democrats who are in full control have demonstrated no solution and their answers and their WOKE hypocrisy make the situation even worse.

A look around the good ole USA and many conclude it is surely old and maybe it isn’t quite as good anymore. Maybe it was this bad in 1966 and again in 1976? In case you did not know it, Network, the movie was released back then in 1976.

Without knowing that, you might think the glorious rant Howard Beale gave his audience is a commentary on times such as today. Remember, he started out by saying this:  “I don't have to tell you things are bad. Everybody knows things are bad.”

Well, I am running for Congress because things are so bad in our country today that everybody knows they are bad. Well, everybody but Congressman Matt Cartwright who, arm in arm with Nancy Pelosi thinks things are just fine and could not be better. But then again he is well WOKE.

Americans intuitively know Cartwright is wrong. I want to make them better.  And folks, I do think I can help. I love America and I love the idea of an America. I will help for sure when elected and perhaps even before. How?  Everything has a start. This process starts simply by removing one person. That’s the secret, we remove one person from Congress at a time. That’s enough for us.

By being elected on May 17th, I by definition eliminate Matt Cartwright from contention in the general election. He will serve out his term but he will be a lame duck. I don’t think I even need a platform to get that done. Here is why: 

People of Northeastern PA have seen “do-nothing” Cartwright in action for ten years now. He even makes personal appearances in February when his cousin Punxsutawney Phil shows up, and the reelection season begins. Yep, He teams up with the groundhog.

My platform is complex but I can describe it very simply. I am for what Matt Cartwright is against and I am against what Matt Cartwright is for. That’s how it is. And, it is about time somebody adopted the right formula. As Martin Luther King would say, we have the opportunity to be free at last.

Let me give an example

We all know that Joe Biden from January 20, consistently has implemented bad policies and Matt Cartwright has supported him 100%. They promised unity but divided the nation. It has never been more divided in America.  Democrat policies are against the Constitution; against the 2nd Amendment; for packing the Supreme Court with Democrats; for creating two new Democrat States with four Democrat Senators and representatives. None of that will help America or Pennsylvania. Whatever is deemed radical, Cartwright and Biden are for.

Besides these there are more. Cartwright and Biden kneecapped the the sound US energy policies. Day one, they shut down the Keystone Pipeline  They also canceled oil and gas exploration in the Arctic. Now gas and oil prices are through the roof and inflation is skyrocketing.  

At the same time, they OK’d opening the Russian pipeline that had been blocked. This gives Russia power over European gas supplies- Russia now has the upper hand and has cut off US energy sales to Europe.

After killing US energy independence, Biden knew he needed more fuel and so he begged OPEC to drill more. What did America get? Now there are just a few people if anybody in the US who can afford the price of gasoline.

Cartwright and Biden do not enforce immigration laws. Even at Scranton WB Airport we see illegals from the border. That’s a long walk folks so on the taxpayers, they fly them here.

Democrats promote open borders and illegal immigration. They are against the 2020 remain in Mexico policy. This Trump created plan allowed the government to release migrants with asylum claims to Mexico to await their asylum hearings in the United States. Using this plan, only legitimate claims are honored.

They basically ignored the problem. Full planeloads of illegals are being shipped to all 50 states across the nation.  It is capitulation and surrender at the Southern Border. Anybody can come on down including Drug dealers, human traffickers and they do.

Besides all this there is a lot more. Nothing Biden did in his first year has worked in any area. If we could reverse everything the Democrats have done since Biden took over –would you not scream out your window;  “Do it please! That’s what I want!” We are in border chaos.

Heck folks: "I don't have to tell you things are bad. Everybody knows things are bad." The Pandemic brought us a Howard Beale world. It’s like we are back in the mid 1970’s with Howard and Network News but it is worse. Nobody I know thinks government is even worthy of a second chance. Poor government performance controlled by Joe Biden is stinking out the country.

It may not really be this bad but it seems that it’s even worse. Like Alfie, nobody seems to be feeling OK about the state of the country. It seems like everybody's out of work or scared of losing their job. Today's dollar compared to yesterday’s only buys a nickel's worth. We know Biden and the WOKE Congress did that. Biden has done nothing right and Cartwright endorses his poor performance.

By this time in America’s history, long after the Revolution we are supposed to be happy. We live in a time of comparative peace and unprecedented prosperity, with technological wonders and remarkable personal liberty—though our liberty is hanging by a thread.

So what is wrong? Can it be that Democrats are trying to bring so much change to America so quickly that we cannot digest it? Or are they the wrong changes?  Maybe we don’t want them or need them. You know that most Americans have decided they don’t want Biden’s changes?  If everything Biden is OK then, why is it that never before in human history have so many, with so much, been so miserable.

More and more regular Americans believe Democrats are out of touch. Biden and his party screws everything up and then appears to be struggling to convince the public that they represent a better alternative to President Trump and the GOP. They don’t fix anything. Are they succeeding in this propaganda? They were when Biden got elected but not anymore.

American voters think the controlling party and its representatives in government don’t understand or care or give a damn about them. In fact, more Americans think Democrats are out of touch than believe the same of the Republican Party or President Trump. Afghanistan is the word to remember. It’s now the code word for screw-up!

Democrats with Biden in charge have not been able to get anything right. How can they show that they are going to protect workers while giving foreigners unprecedented #s of visas and bringing in as many illegal alien workers as can cross the borders to work for substandard wages.  

The fact is that this White House isn’t exactly walking their talk. Nobody believes anything they say. Trump understood that people had seen their jobs shipped overseas, and they were afraid. He brought jobs back and it was noticeable. Democrats—to have any success in the future, need to rebuild trust with voters but they do nothing to help themselves. They are so incompetent they don’t know how.

Here are a few typical problems. 1St of all, everything is more expensive. In January 2022, the wholesale inflation surged 9.7% from just a year earlier. Every American is worried about their next trip to the grocery store or the gas station. Electric cars being pushed by Biden and cartwright do not help the common man. Neither the Green New Deal nor Climate Change talk help the common man. Yet, that’s all that Democrats talk about.

Price pressures remain high and all levels of the economy are going south and there is not a trace of any Biden plan to make it better. Meanwhile Social Security COLA went up just 5% to pay for 9.7% in price increases. . That’s 4.7% less to spend to get a nickels’ worth in 2022. It does not add up. The elderly pay a big price for Joe Biden’s largesse.

It is a jungle out there. Even banks are going bust; shopkeepers now keep a gun under the counter; punks are running wild in the street, and there's no Democrat leader who seems to know what to do, and there's no end to it. We can go on.

The air is unfit to breathe and the masks are not helping, and our food is in Cargo ships on the West Coast and it is more and more unfit to eat. Yet, we still sit watching our TVs while some local newscaster tells us that today we had fifteen homicides and sixty-three violent crimes over the weekend, as if that's the way it's supposed to be and it ain't ever gonna change. It is going to change folks but not by putting the same guys back in office.

Yes, we all know things are bad -- worse than bad -- they're crazy bad. It's like everything everywhere is going crazy, Government actions make us all feel even worse.  Can we find one competent person in the government? Can we hire a SuperMan?  I am going to say it. He may have upset a lot of people with his brazenness but Donald Trump, while carrying Hillary Clinton’s fraud on his back his whole term, was a Superman in terms of effective policies. Even though he was a Republican, most Americans would like to be living under his policies today? I would. The people today are worried about what Biden’s next stupid move will be.  Will it be World War III.

So some of us have learned cope with the pandemic and the nasty personal restrictions. We cope by not going out any more. We sit in the house, and slowly the world we're living in is getting smaller, and all we say is, "Please, at least leave us alone in our living rooms. Let me have my toaster and my TV and my steel-belted radials, and I won't say anything. Just leave us alone." It can be better but not if we keep Democrat leadership like Joe Biden and Matt Cartwright in a position to make the rules. They are to blame folks, So, blame them!

Then folks, when you least expect it, you listen to the Radio and you meet a guy like me. I am a misplaced Democrat who even the Democrats won't endorse (thank God).  I think like you think. Well, I'm not going to leave you alone. I want you to get mad as hell at Biden and Cartwright and all the nasty Democrats who are doing this to us.

I want you to start thinking and keep thinking. I am coming after you to change your representation. But, folks, I am not coming for you so you can again vote Matt Cartwright into office. He has backed the wrong horse. I am coming so you won’t forget to tell Matt Cartwright to go Home. Matt, Moosic is calling.

Ladies & Gentlemen, I am not coming for you so that you can renew Cartwright’s contract like as if for the last ten years, he has been doing a good job for we the people.  Come on folks. What has he done good other than be for every Pelosi and Biden notion that has come along and where has that gotten us?

Oh, don’t worry, I don't want you to hit the streets in protest. I don't want you to riot. I don't want you to write to your Congressman. Just write in a vote for me and I will become as good as you could ever hope.  

I may not have all the answers today but I will work on every problem to find a solution. I can help. More than that I want to help and I am ready to help. We can get out of this funk by sending incumbent Democrat representatives home one at a time. We have to show them that when they had control of the country, they were not prudent shepherds.

I may not  know what to do about the depression and the inflation but surely closing down our energy spigots is not the answer. I do know what to do with the Russians and the Chinese and the crime in the streets-- A strong military and well funded police departments.

One thing is for sure, I will not do what Cartwright has done and that will give me and you an edge on beating this problem. Cartwright has been MIA but like the goundhog he came back again this February because it is election time and he saw his shadow. We can do better.

My dear friends, Howard Beale would tell you first, you've got to get mad. He would advise you to open the window wide screaming: "I'm a human being, goddammit! My life has value!"

Let's go get the bad guys folks. We know who they are. Let’s start with Matt Cartwright. Let’s never give them another chance to destroy America. Let's do it right. After the anger, you will have cleared out the brain fog and we will know what to do next.

What should we do?

It is not what we did yesterday by putting in Representatives who do not understand the people. So, folks, right now, it is time to move. I want you to get up now. I want all of you to get up out of your chairs and couches. Now!  Yes, I want you to get up right now and go to the window, open it, and stick your head out , grab a lung full of good air and then yell:   "I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!!  That folks is a start. Do it every day until you come up with a solution and then go after it. You can win. We can win. When you win. I win and we all win. 

Brian KellyforCongress.com. Write me in and we will have a great change.

Thank you for giving me a chance to help.

Part III

Some information first. My web site is briankellyforcongress.com. Send comments, etc. to POBox 621 Wilkes-Barre PA 18701

Brian Kelly  for  Congress 2022

8th Congressional District from Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania needs a fresh face that loves America more than politics. Don’t you think

For a long time, even before Donald Trump, the political game is rigged by politicians to favor politicians. That’s why most people opt to stay out of the game.  Besides your chances being minimized by professionals, it takes way too much money to win. That’s not a problem for the elite, they have the money. When elected they will have a lot more even though the salaries are technically small. 

For example, Nancy Pelosi seems to be headed to be the person with the most assets in Congress, She makes 194,000 per year as Speaker and has a net worth that is between $120 million and $300 million. She has been in Congress for 34 years. Matt Cartwright makes $174,000 a year, and his net worth is approximated at $4,000,000. Counting my house, my net worth is about $350,000 per year. So, you see what I mean.

Like most Pennsylvanians, I have only enough money to live so this time around, I decided to run as a write-in for the United States Congress as a JFK-like Democrat against Matt Cartwright. Over his five terms, Cartwright has worn out his welcome in the 8th Congressional District in PA.

In two other political campaigns in which I engaged, the deck was stacked against me even though in total I spent only about $7,000 in both a bid for Congress and a bid to become Mayor of Wilkes-Barre. For me folks, like you, that is a lot of money My plan was to spend as little as possible on my campaigns. I have a lot to offer but unlike my opponents, money is not my strength.

For my congressional campaign this go around, I will not spend as much for ads and for benches and for yard signs and cards etc. I may spend nothing. I am 74-years old, feeling kinda spry for my age, but I cannot waste a dime. Therefore, I will have to find every means possible without spending money to be able to point out the issues I hope to solve and to explain the specific platform to bring home those solutions.

I will make myself available for interviews by all media – Radio, TV, and Newspaper. I will send out emails to a few lists I have and all of my information is on my web site, briankellyforcongress.combe

My web site briankellyforcongress.com is my first means of communicating with the people. You can email me at campaign@briankellyforcongress and you can send me mail including donations at PO Box 621 Wilkes-Barre PA 18701.

On my web site for example. you will learn everything about me including how I am a JFK-Democrat and what differentiates me from my primary opponent, who you have my permission to call American Marxist Matt Cartwright.

I am not a fool, but most would say my quest for office is a fool’s errand. Try running for office in a state such as Pennsylvania, in which the political incumbents and the establishment have the game 100% rigged-- 100% in their favor.

Corrupt state politicians in all 50 states, and PA, such as Matt Cartwright have slanted the ballot-access table in favor of incumbents and against non-political regular citizens of America such as me and such as you when you decide you have had enough. By the way when you become inclined to throw your hat in the ring, I will be there to encourage you. If not us, fellow citizens, then who—a politician—Hopefully not???

Using my experience and having researched and studied the issues for years as a basis, I write things down  to help identify and remind me of all the issues we have just to keep elections honest. I believe it is good when all the people and all the potential candidates understand the reality of restrictive ballot access laws and what one must do to comply with them and /or get around them. For me, I write books to describe my unique platform for Pennsylvania and America in detail. Even though I am a write-in candidate, it is s tough job communicating ideas to people that hardly know you.

For you, if you ever choose to run for office, it will serve as an effective learning tool and a how-to guide. What I write and what you read from me contains a lot of great platform information, a great announcement speech,  and a lot of helpful stuff that you can use in your campaign when you decide to give it a go. In the mean-time, we cannot afford to let Matt Cartwright serve another term on our dime.

Folks, when you have time, write Matt cartwright in Washington for now, and tell him, it is time for him to back home to Moosic, PA.

Can you count on Brian Kelly?

You bet you can!

My platform shown in the books I have written about my campaign and in my campaign web site briankellyforcongress.com is all you need to know. You can hear and see my campaign announcement at http://brianwkelly.com/files/congress.mp4.

And you can hear and see a lengthy speech comparing me to Matt Cartwright at  https://www.letsgopublish.com/files/alfie.mp4

My books and the campaign web-site, will be the major vehicle that I use to present my ideas to the American people, especially Pennsylvanians. Take a run out at your next opportunity to my web site at briankellyforcongress.com.

Besides never being asleep and thus never having to be AWOKENED, and being a 100% advocate for a patriotic America, the following easily understandable points make my candidacy special & unique. I am for everything you are for plus a few things you have not thought about because you figured the government was not up to the challenge. You may have forgotten that we the people are the government. 

Here are three unique solutions that no other candidate has put forth:

 Two plans to solve problem with illegal foreign nationals today living in shadows.

  1. Proposal with justification to Boost Social Security Now!
  2. Proposal with justification to Wipe Out All Student Debt Now!

 Of course besides these unique solutions,  I am for America first. I love America, I love freedom and liberty and I hate the mess Biden and the Democrats have created in America today.

Just yesterday I learned that when he got the chance to vote to keep Fentanyl a Schedule 1 narcotic in which perpetrators would go to jail for distributing it--You might want to know that Matt Cartwright voted to reduce the penalties for this drug, which is killing people in the US at record rates. How can he live with himself. Besides not representing his constituents, this is just another reason why he does not deserve anybody’s vote. We’ve had enough of Biden

Unlike Biden I am not a WOKE American. In fact I am so unwoke, I am the only author in Northeastern Pennsylvania who was canceled by Amazon. It may have had to do with themnot approving of the books I wrote that were not in the WOKE Readers list.

I am against Matt Cartwright’s philosophies at every turn. He is an American Marxist and I am an American Patriot. You won’t want to put my books down as you learn the specifics of my platform as well as the ins & outs of running for office and the rudiments of running a campaign.

Moreover, you will learn how Brian Kelly ran for Congress in 2010 and Mayor in 2015. Kelly has yet to win but think about Robert the Bruce (spider) and the little engine that could, and you will know what motivates your candidate, Brian Kelly for Congress. He is the author of tover 290 books that before being canceled were marketed successfully by Amazon.

Brian Kelly is for America, freedom, liberty and he loves patriotic celebrations and a patriot and he takes it all seriously. Don’t you think all Americans should be Patriots. We should not have to call the brave truckers from Canada to the US to help us because we fight our own battles and we know that politicians are not the friends of the people.

We suffer from many Bums in public office. It is time that we send the bums home and let’s be strong like the Canadian Truckers who love freedom and who also love America. Let’s all make America great again. Let’s get rid of Matt Cartwright folks on May 17th because we all know that he is in our way.


Part IV

Democrat Leaders Are American Marxists

Some information first.

I am Brian Kelly and I am running for Congress in PA District 8. Matt Cartwright currently holds the seat.   My web site is briankellyforcongress.com. Send comments, etc. to P O Box 621 Wilkes-Barre PA 18701

Mark Levin has the right label for Democrat Leaders. He calls them American Marists and he has written a whole book about how they hate America and how their policies are destroying our country America. Check it out. You can buy it anywhere on the Internet or good book stores. It’s called American Marxism. It was the top selling adult trade book in 2021.

American Marxists such as Matt Cartwright come alive after hibernating in Congress all year so they can get elected. Then they do a survey about what they need to get them elected. Then they ignore the survey but they do conclude they have to pay lip service to Americans.

Not this time. We can’t let them get away with it . It is up to all regular Americans to purge the Congress of all American Marxists. You can identify them easily.  They are the ones who do not make any sense but act like they are God’s gift to Democracy? They hate America but are afraid to tell you that because they need your vote.  

Let’s start with five term Congressman Matt Cartwright. He does not work for the people. Heck, He doesn’t even work. Let’s let Matt Cartwright be the first of the American Marists that we send home.

Don’t worry if you are not from Pennsylvania, there is a whole Congress full of these American Marxists. When they are in the HOUSE, like Cartwright, they suck up to Nancy Pelosi and call themselves Democrats.

How do I know Cartwright is one of them Well, first of all he is Pelosi’s right hand man. He cares more about her San Francisco liberal values than he does about Moosic PA and for that matter all of PA.

American Marxists such as Cartwright are into the core elements of Marxist ideology. He does not talk about them much or you would catch on. These elements include political power held by the working classes, public ownership and democratic management of society's material means of production, national planning, a substantial degree of economic equality among the people, a high level of productive forces, and a continuing momentum toward the future society which is communism. 

According to Marx, this conflict at the heart of capitalism -- of slaves against masters, serfs against landlords, workers against bosses — would inevitably cause it to self-destruct, Its ashes would be followed shortly by socialism and eventually communism.

Mark Levin explains the core elements of Marxist ideology. He says that they are not just on the horizon. They are here. They control your Congress for heaven’s sake. They are now pervasive in American society and culture. Look around in our schools, the press, and corporations, to Hollywood, the Democratic Party, and on to the Biden presidency. Levin sees American Marxists, using deceptive labels like “progressivism”, “democratic socialism”, “social activism,” and others. The lie is still one of the most powerful tools in the Marxist’s arsenal. They lie effectively as it is one of the best friends of the state

Here is what American Marxists think of the lie – in the words of Joseph Goebbels, Reich Chief Propagandist—If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State."

That my dear friends is the philosophy of American Marxists aka Democrats. Have you ever heard any one of them lie. How about “You can keep your plan.”

If you got sucked in on that one, the Democrats have a lot more where that one came from. President Obama’s assurance that “If you like your health plan, you can keep it” received due honors as the  “Lie of the Year” 2013  by PolitiFact, a fact-checking organization spun off of the Tampa Bay Times. Surely you remember, Mr. Obama’s promise, repeated ad infinitum during and after the health care bill’s passage through Congress, was a “catchy political pitch and a chance to calm nerves about his dramatic and complicated plan” to overhaul the country’s health care system, PolitiFact argued. “But the promise was impossible to keep.” I’ll bet Biden told you even more lies you have believed. Yet, Obama was a better liar.

Mark Levin hates Democrat lies. Levin always looks at such matters with his characteristic trenchant analysis, and in this, he digs into the psychology and tactics of these movements, along with the widespread brainwashing of students, as well as the anti-American purposes of critical race theory,  and the Green New Deal.

You’ve surely heard of these Marxist plans. Additionally, he sees the escalation of repression and censorship to silence opposing voices and enforce conformity. He also sees Big tech as the enforcing arm of the Democrat Party, aka, the American Marxist Party. A.

In his well researched thesis, Levin exposes many of the state institutions, intellectuals, scholars, and activists who are the front figures of this quiet “revolution.”  For the inquiring mind, Mark Levn also provides a number of answers and ideas on how to resist and confront these anti-American forces. They are not your friends.

In his book, he writes: “The counter-revolution to the American Revolution is in full force. And it can no longer be dismissed or ignored for it is devouring our society and culture, swirling around our everyday lives, and it is everywhere in our politics, schools, media, and entertainment.” Levin sees it. You see it and I see it because they are not hiding it anymore.

Mark Levin has a major purpose in combatting American Marxism, Like he has cautioned Americans in the past, Levin seeks to rally the American people to defend their liberty. It is now free because the early patriots paid the price. He believes that if we choose not to defend out liberty, it will be stolen from us by the American Marxists. Watch out!

We see it in the bills voted for by the American Marxist leaders. This scourge is so pervasive in American society that we see it wherever Democrat leaders are operating. I mean we see Marxism in our culture from our schools, the press, the corporations especially Big Tech, to the Hollywood elites, and of course the Democrat Party and the Biden Presidency.

It is rarely in the open. Instead; it is hidden in the open by using deceptive labels such as progressivism, democratic socialism, social activism, and more. It is actually scary. American Marxists are working to take America down. So far, they are doing a good job of it. Heck right now they control the whole country. They are the majority party and if you breathe the air, you have seen them in action. If it does not make sense, they are for it.

We see it everywhere, with the brainwashing of students, the anti-American advocation of Critical Race Theory and the Green New Deal We see it in the escalation of repression and censorship to silence opposing voices and enforce conformity. Look at the freedom fight over simple matters like masking, inoculations, and mandates.

We must learn how to deal with this threat brought to us by too many of the institutions, intellectuals, scholars, and activists who are leading this revolution. We must end it now by sending the perpetrators in Congress back home for good.

We have known for a long time that Matt Cartwright is in lockstep with Nancy Pelosi and President Joe Biden but he is way out of step with the American people. We have seen them in action and the result has been high gas prices, higher taxes on the way, and skyrocketing record-setting inflation. When Biden shut down American gas production and the pipelines, he assured that Americans would suffer in the wallet. .

His jobs philosophy is dependent on open borders and as long as we are OK with foreigners taking American jobs, many Americans will be out of work 

Joe Biden has zero prowess in foreign affairs. He has over forty years time on committees but is not looked upon as having any substantial  foreign affairs expertise. Because of this, he prevaricates often. He lies frequently about his record.

For example, he has shown an embarrassing tendency to embellish his contributions, such as claiming he was responsible for ending genocide in Bosnia. Like many Biden claims, this was at best an exaggeration as a Washington Post report from 2008 found Biden was at best the ninth co-sponsor of the bill.

There are many other examples. His worst decision came about in Afghanistan when he forced a premature withdrawl that caused American deaths and thousands of American left behind. He is not doing much better in the war of words between Russia and Ukraine.

Robert Gates, who served as the secretary of defense under George W. Bush and Barack Obama, wrote in his 2014 memoir that Biden “has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”

Last year, Gates reiterated his concerns. “I think that the [Joe Biden] had some issues with the military,” he declared on CBS’s “Face the Nation” If you believe Biden, you believe that he is responsible for the world still spinning on its axis, but if you doubt his many claims as false claim and you ask intelligent observers who are not sidelined with cognitive deficiencies (other than Matt Cartwright), you get a different perspective. For example, a year into his presidency, Biden is already receiving low marks for his foreign policy record.

In his book about American Marxism, Mark Levin writes: “The counter-revolution to the American Revolution is in full force. And it can no longer be dismissed or ignored for it is devouring our society and culture, swirling around our everyday lives, and it is everywhere in our politics, schools, media, and entertainment.” And, like before, Levin rightfully seeks to rally the American people to defend their liberty.

We have the freedom to pick Matt Cartwright again and a future with American Marxism or the people of Pennsylvania can vote for Brian Kelly and eliminate Matt Cartwright from contention in the Primary Election on May 17, long before the General Election Tuesday November 8, 2022. It is our choice.


Part V  Blame Biden & Dems

Consider that there are many biased polls out there and the polls typically favor Biden because a lot of Dems just don’t like Trump. But today a lot of folks don’t like Biden because he has proven to be incompetent.

For example, a recent Quinnipiac poll showed Biden has a 35% approval rating on foreign policy a year into his presidency, with 54% disapproving. Whatever decision Biden is going to make on any future matter, those who know him well would agree that it will be the wrong decision. He has never made a good decision on foreign affairs in his life.

The Afghanistan exodus was a predictable fubar disaster. Americans are still dying over his decisions and many are concerned that he is going to let Americans die if the Russians invade the Ukraine.  More and more experts believe that President Biden and his cohorts Matt Cartwright and Nancy Pelosi are masters of FUBAR and we should expect nothing more or nothing less. BTW, FUBAR stands for extremely bad or certain to fail or be defeated or destroyed. Fubar is short for “Fouled” Up Beyond All Recognition.

Here is another perspective: “FUBAR” means that someone or something is “f#$ked/fouled up beyond all recognition.” In other words, they or it is really messed up and/or not functioning correctly.  It is a sad situation that the leader of the free world warrants being described in those terms. Sorry folks. Sometimes the truth hurts but that is no excuse for lying.

Newscasts and articles in papers and magazines are asking the same big question:  “Why Are Americans Getting Unhappier?” Some hit the nail on the head and ask the question a little differently Nobody Is happy so why are Americans so miserable? What is the answer.  In Most responses, the name Joe Biden is seen as the major culprit. They are miserable because of Joe Biden screwing up their world.

Democrats thought it would all be OK when Trump moved out of the White House but surprise surprise, to a person, they admit it is worse. Republicans knew it would be bad and it is bad but it is far worse than they ever imagined. What is there to be happy about?

Americans are not happy with the state of the economy — or the man in charge. Even seniors are moaning. They get a 5% COLA pay raise and the next month inflation immediately took that plus another 10%. Instead of gaining anything, they lose 5%. What is there to be happy about?

The newest survey finds consumer sentiment at its lowest level in more than a decade amid the highest annual inflation increase in four decades. At the same time, a separate poll says that one-third of Americans don’t like anything President Biden has done while in office. Anything Biden touches turns to crap. Is it the Bidas tocuuh or the anti-midas touch.

Depending on your political persuasion, you have been down since Biden’s first week and over 17 bad changes came at the same time. Not everything fell down on everybody from every direction simultaneously. His overall approval ratings turned negative for the first time after Afghanistan and have continued to go down like an ice run since. It is bad out there and few people see any reason for optimism. Inflation whacked everybody with 39-year high at 7%. Noe, in 2022, it is just about 10%. Wow!

COVID went wild though it is slowing down in recent months. The Supreme Court ruled against mandates but this fight continues. Biden has had some very bad weeks—not just bd. I am not even considering at this point the continued disaster of schools not letting kids come to class.  The border is a mess. Supply chain issues are visible on the barges parked in the oceans. There are bare even shelves in many stores

We see little hope as we know that Biden’s mental faculties are not strong. But his advisors are also anti midas alchemists who know how to make crap out of gold. They are doing worse than Biden and that is bad.

The University of Michigan has a consumer sentiment index — which measures how optimistic buyers are about their finances and the economy. It is now 61.7 for February, an 8.2 percent drop from January, and a 19.7 percent plummet from February of last year, and the lowest figure since October 2011 (60.9). It actuall seems like a jungle out there.

Surely a higher income can increase happiness temporarily, but people quickly adjust by moving their personal benchmarks up. None of that is alleviating the Biden misery index.

Is there anything but pain in  front of Americans? Probably not

Let me say it again folks. Inflation is soaring, and voters blame President Joseph Biden. Heck he is the president, though a poor one for sure.

Late in 2021, polling showed 62 percent of registered voters believe Biden’s policies are to blame for rising prices on everything from turkeys to gasoline to apartment rents.  

Guess what folks? They should.

Biden’s fingerprints are all over the latest Consumer Price Index report. Everywhere economists turn, the results are worse than anybody expected. Biden is getting all the blame and he should.

Heck if we annualize that October price increase, inflation is now running at almost 12 percent. But Seniors only got 5% to offset this.

The Washington Post pointedly announced the dismal news from the Bureau of Labor Statistics: “

Biden, who today is not seen as the sharpest tool in the shed has a similar opinion on most Americans. He thinks most Americans are too dim to understand inflationary pressures over which the White House can exert zero control.

Liberals are hoping that Americans will buy the Biden narrative Nonetheless ferreting it all out there is no doubt that policy blunders occurring one after another and all perpetrated by the Biden White House; have made what would have been a bad problem worse.  

Education Takeover

One of the mainstays of American Marxists is the notion of the need to own / control the Education System in America. One method new in the schools is referred to as Critical Race Theory. This has become a topic of fierce political debate in the US in recent months.

It is in the news and is prominently played out in US public school districts, as parents, teachers and school administrators grapple with how to teach race, discrimination and inequality/ equality in the classroom. Why is CRT so bad? It is a  subversive plan to indoctrinate young Americans to reject their country as bad and reject its founding.

By now most Americans have noticed that he left has somehow managed to become the major influence in US Education and to some it seems all of a sudden we are facing a barrage of extreme views that most regular Americans do not hold.  This is not the first time that Education was used to indoctrinate the masses.

They say in formal prose in trying to make a point, try not to use the words Hitler or Nazism in your arguments. Scholars give Hitler credit however for his takeover plan as for the most part it was effective starting with his takeover of youth education, He was not credited for his ruthless and nasty behavior.

Hitler and the Nazis spent a lot of years on education because the youth of a country are its long term source of strength and their young attitudes became their adult attitudes.  After WWI, so many male soldiers had died Hitler used his education camps to create more soldiers for his new adventures.

That’s one of the reasons for all of the hubbub in school boards across the nation. The goal of Nazi education was indoctrination, It was to develop those attitudes, habits, etc. that would ensure perfect soldiers for the state, to the extent that takes precedence over intellectual growth in a social vacuum.

Education exists for the purposes, needs, and ends that grow out of the national political and social life.. For the good of the state. Do you see any similarities to the school boards in America today, taking education decisions away from parents.

The Nazis got a lot of benefit from their youth movement, which in 1933 grew from 50,000 to 2 million and basically eliminated the Boy Scouts who held Christian beliefs. At its peak, the Nazi youth movement had 8.7 million members—90%  of all German youth.

For the Nazis, the youth groups had other benefits. Not only did they permit the Third Reich to indoctrinate children at their most impressionable ages, but they let the Nazis remove them from the influence of their parents, some of whom opposed the regime.

The Nazi Party knew that families—even boy scouts as much as other private, cohesive groups that were not usually under political sway—were an obstacle to Nazi goals. The Hitler Youth was a way to get Hitler’s ideology into the family unit, and some members of the Hitler Youth even denounced their parents when they behaved in ways not approved of by the Reich. What if we substituted the American Federation of Teachers and Randi Weingarten for the Reich. Some have.

As noted, at its peak, the Nazi youth movement had 8.7 million members. Boys and girls would “camp together.” The purpose  of such close contact was intentional. Nazi Germany was obsessed with the growth of the “pure” German population. They encouraged German women to have as many children as possible. According to the Nazis, the highest service to the German nation was to have babies. If they were illegitimate, it didn’t matter.

Folks, we are not there yet, but this little peak at how the lives of the youth of America can be disrupted for the good of bad causes, must make us all aware of how terrible it can get if we don’t say “NO!” now!

We have to watch closely what happens to the children of America. In forming the great big teachers unions such as the NEA and the AFT, elements of the groups that would join to become the power groups such as the AFT, historically were open adherents of far-left wing political ideologies, including socialism and communism. We see a lot of the far left in their actions today and they have certainly learned in recent times that Parents are not their friends. No way. Look at what’s happening across the country. Parents in many areas have been set back but they are getting energized and will not be defeated so easily in the future.

Parents who never imagined running for office are now battling to win seats on local school boards.  In the recent past, they won some but also lost many. Parents are not WOKE but they are now awakened by the threat.

Their fiercest opponents in all these election battles. were the teachers unions. Who knows what the future holds but one thing for sure. Neither force can be taken lightly. Unions are known to be militant but there are at least ten times as many parents to oppose the unionized teachers.

When it comes to education, conservatives have been far better at explaining what we are against than what we favor. Everyone knows the ideology broadly opposes federal overreach, reckless spending, free college, and teachers' unions. But what are conservatives for?

It often seems that the list begins and ends with "school choice," "free speech," and "keeping Washington out of education." 

The left's entanglements with unions, public bureaucracies, and the academy leave it as the paymaster for the education establishment. This helps explain why the 2020 Democratic presidential field's litany of education proposals have consisted mostly of new ways to subsidize and supersize the status quo. They need government money to accomplish their ends.

Responsibility," "community," and "self-determination," then, are the conservative watchwords of a coherent, positive vision of education reform. 

The left frequently discusses education in terms of "community," but it often seems to do so as a pretext for expanding government services in schools, colleges, and universities. A conservative vision for education should entail something very different: schools as engines of social capital and repositories of shared traditions. After all, schools serve as focal points of common culture and conversation. They are where people come to know their neighbors.

Schools have the ability to introduce children to the values and ideas their parents hold dear. As such, schools must do more than depict America as a basket of villainies; they must also teach the history of our society and explain why this nation stands as a beacon of liberty and opportunity for those not just in America but  across the globe.

Republicans also believe in an “English First” approach to education, believing programs that divide students whose first language is not English prevents them from becoming accustomed to mainstream American classrooms and culture, and therefore limits their ability to advance in society. 

The Republican Party believes in doing away entirely with federal loans. College tuition, and its consequential debt, is rising uncontrollably. At this point, it is rising far above the rate of inflation. College debt in America, as of 2012, and it increases every year, had already exceeded the amount of credit card debt. Republicans believe federal loans exacerbate this problem by their lack of transparency, and the fact that they are often more expensive than private loans. They are too easy to get and students often cannot pay them back.

Republicans support school-choice initiatives, because they give parents more control over their children’s education. For the same reason, they support home schooling. Support of school choice also includes support for other learning options such as same-sex schools, 

By falsely claiming that the American Revolution was fought to protect slavery rather than to further the principles of the Enlightenment, the New York Times’ “1619 Project” deliberately misrepresents the essence of America. By focusing on claimed inherent racism in American institutions—that Amarica was founded as racist, Critical Race Theory ignores the major accomplishments which have been achieved and diminishes the role of the individual.

No one opposed to CRT has ever diminished the opportunity to teach about race or race related issues. CRT is just a strawman argument by CRT proponents attempting to couch their position behind the idea that CRT opposition is about restricting teaching actual history. Teach history but teach the truth.

CRT pushes the false notion that we have an inherently racist society with inherently racist systems at play, even though we have had affirmative action, the EEOC, and multiple other agencies supporting the fair hiring and treatment of minorities, among other things.

CRT attempts to create racial segregation where none exists for the sake of self-propagation. If everything is racist, then you need this program to dispense racism, but since racism is systemic, you can't get rid of said program and must forever be burdened by strictures of said program.



Part VI The issues #2

I am running to fight the Woke Mob to keep them from hijacking America’s future.

Concerns about inflation, and a belief the government is to blame, are already considerable in the electorate – and across party lines. High inflation when people begin voting next year could well spell doom for Democrats.  Inflation,  spiraling urban crime, and supply-chain shortages are key issues Dems are blamed for. .





Facts show that “Joe Biden,  Nancy Pelosi, & Matt Cartwright’s radical anti-American policies have caused an inflation crisis, a crime crisis, a border crisis, and multiple international crises in Afghanistan and Ukraine. Bully Democrats are control the country and are the only ones to blame.

Pro Reading /Writing /Arithmetic

Pro Constitution

Pro Freedom & Liberty

Pro strong defense

Pro police / funding

Pro energy independence

Pro Keystone Pipeline

Pro guns

Pro strong economy minimal inflation

Pro fiscal responsibility

Pro school choice / vouchers & home school

Pro parental control of schools


Anti Tyranny—ala Biden & Canada

Anti New Green Deal/ Build Back Better

Anti Critical Race Theory
Anti mandate; anti masking

Anti Biden style inflation
Anti illegal immigration
Anti  adding States
Anti packing Supreme Court
Anti Ukraine Interference

Anti  Russian Pipeline
Against Nuclear Iran

Anti Big Tech

Anti Woke

Anti Cancel Culture



Crtical Race Theory



Self Determination


Incompetent Policies


Matt Cartwright and Joe Biden advocate Bad Policies

They promised unity but divided the nation.

Against the Constitution;

Against the 2nd Amendment;

For packing the Supreme Court with Democrats

For creating two new Democrat States

For creating four new Democrat Senators and representatives


Energy independence

Bad Energy Policies

Cartwright and Biden espouse an ineffective energy policy

Shut down the Keystone Pipeline

Canceled oil and gas exploration in the arctic

OK’d re-opening the Russian pipeline Nord Stream 2

Destroyed US energy independence

Biden begged OPEC for more drilling

N nobody can afford gasoline.


Illegal immigration

Open borders / illegal immigration

Remain in Mexico policy

Rolled back Trump’s policies.

No end to Biden’s invited border surge

Two million illegals in lessthan 2 yrs,

Nothing proposed to solve border crisis

Borger problem ignored

Capitulation and surrender at the Southern Border

Come on down

Drug dealers, human traffickers, terrorists, violent criminals OK.

ICE flies them all over America


Prioritize American Citizens


“I support President Trump’s pro-worker immigration reforms to include preventing corporate visa abuse, raising national security standards, establishing responsible asylum and refugee controls, implementing the Hire American program, and promoting a merit-based system.


COVID Response

Trump created had the vaccine

Had problem in check

Biden ignored Trump policies

Cartwright did not complain

Biden botched America’s COVID response

Biden created more COVID death.

Non-citizens admitted without COVID-19 test.

Biden said no mandates and then ordered them

Unconstitutional vaccine mandates

Truckers blockade from that.



Policies killed many American jobs

Illegal Aliens took American jobs



Bankrupted America with give-aways

Set Inflation records



American Surrender in Afghanistan

Botched Afghan Withdrawl

Americans left behind was OK

Stranded Americans in Afghanistan


Iran Nuclear

Gave in to Iran on nuclear bombs



Groveled, kneeled and genuflected to China

Took China Cash for Big Guy from Hunter


Incompetent Government

On his First Day one in office, Biden signed 17 executive orders, most of which were highly partisan, with nine being direct reversals of popular, effective policies set by the previous administration. Biden’s day-one action message to a deeply divided America was that talk of bipartisanship was pure baloney.

  1. Destroying Our Energy Independence

Biden’s second big mistake was his aggressive effort to cripple America’s energy independence. In his early days of office, he recommitted America to the Paris Climate Accords, which restricts America while giving high-polluting countries such as China a pass.

He canceled the Keystone XL Pipeline, which cost Americans roughly 30,000 jobs and contributed to rising oil and gas prices. He also canceled oil and gas exploration in the arctic. Because of these destructive actions, Biden later had to crawl back to OPEC nations and grovel for them to increase production to lower prices.

  1. Giving in to Iran

Desperate to salvage one of his former boss’s few achievements, Biden immediately sought to rejoin the Iran nuclear deal, which will not stop Iran from eventually developing nuclear weapons.


It also freed up billions of dollars which Iran can now use in its continued effort to fund terrorism around the globe. This sent a clear message of weakness to our allies in the Middle East and will only benefit Iran – the world’s premier funder of terrorism.

  1. No Southern Border

Biden has essentially surrendered the southern border to whoever wants to come in – including drug dealers, human traffickers, potential terrorists, and other violent criminals. The U.S. Border Patrol is deeply demoralized, and Americans are less safe. Thankfully, the U.S. Supreme Court is beginning to roll-back some of Biden’s disastrous decisions and forcing it to re-implement measures that work – such as President Trump’s remain in Mexico policy.

 5. Betrayal at the Border

I mention this as a separate failure because it is so dramatic and dismissive of Americans’ safety. Biden has allowed record numbers of people to illegally cross the border and stay in America during a global pandemic without any requirement that they be tested for COVID-19 or quarantined before going wherever they want. 

President Biden and Democrats impose strong restrictions on Americans in the name of defeating the virus, but they impose nothing on the people who are illegally entering the country. This is one of the clearest examples of the contempt this administration and national Democrats have for the American people. It is a complete betrayal. 


  1. Bankrupting America

Just when American jobs were beginning to be revived following the global pandemic, Biden has reinstituted regulations which make it harder to hire people and suggested an $8 trillion spending plan – including $1 trillion in non-infrastructure infrastructure projects and another $3.5 trillion in liberal pipedreams. 

It is as if he is intentionally reliving the disastrous Jimmy Carter presidency. Biden’s rabid spending will not create jobs. It will continue to hike inflation, weaken the U.S. dollar, weaken Americans’ retirement accounts, and lead the Democrats to instinctively try to raise taxes. He is doing everything he possibly can to hamstring the economy and keep us in the pandemic depression.

  1. Surrendering in Afghanistan

Of course, the most apparent glaring example of Biden’s failure is his disastrous surrender and withdrawal from Afghanistan. His decision to pull all our military forces out and surrender our most effective evacuation facility (Bagram Airfield) before safely evacuating American civilians and civil servants is a quintessential example of how and why he is incapable of leading America. 


Biden miscalculated what he needed to leave behind. He needed 5,000 proops but had just 600 when he decided to pull out .It forced Biden to then recommit twice as many American soldiers to the evacuation effort as were there before we left (and created a much more dangerous environment). 

As part of the debacle, suicide bombers killed more than 60 people, including 12 U.S. service members, and injured many more at the airport in Kabul. These awere the first America service members to be killed by enemies in Afghanistan in the last 18 months. Trump handled it well and Biden was all FUBAR.

10  Marxism

American Marxists such as Cartwright are into the core elements of Marxist ideology. Typical Marxist philosophies include political power held by the working classes, public ownership and democratic management of society's material means of production, national planning, a substantial degree of economic equality among the people, a high level of productive forces, and a continuing momentum toward the future society which is of course communism.

According to Marx, there is a conflict at the heart of capitalism -- of slaves against masters, serfs against landlords, workers against bosses — would inevitably cause it to self-destruct, to be followed shortly by socialism and eventually communism.

Marxists advocate for Dictatorship of the proletariat’

This idea — coined by early socialist revolutionary Joseph Weydemeyer and adopted by Marx and Engels — refers to the goal of the working class gaining control of political power.   It is the stage of transition from capitalism to communism where the means of production pass from private to collective ownership while the state still exists.  The concept, including suppressing “counter-revolutionaries”, was proclaimed by the Russian Bolsheviks in 1918. It took the head of the USSR Mikhael Gorbachev to end the Bolshevick Revolution.  Putin wants to go back to the USSR>

Vladimir Lenin wrote that it is “won and maintained by the use of violence”, signaling the authoritarian drift that began after Russia’s 1917 October Revolution.


Marx and Engels wrote the “Manifesto of the Communist Party” in 1848, at a time of revolutionary turmoil in Europe. It only reached a wide readership in 1872 but became part of the canon of the Soviet Bloc in the 20th century. For Marx, the goal was the conquest of political power by workers, the abolition of private property, and the eventual establishment of a classless and stateless communist society.


What is Joe Biden doing wrong?

The problems demanding immediate attention:

  • The 76 hugecontainer ships anchored off the Port of Los Angeles/Long Beach seaports and 20 more headed there. How do you find the crews, the longshoremen, the drivers to move the goods? Where do you park all those off-loaded containers until the trucks arrive to take the products to their destinations?
  • The supply chain problem is related. How do you reopen the factories and warehouses that have been shut down by the damaging closures required by covid-inspired autocrats?
  • Inflationis growing, but the Biden administration seems loathe to acknowledge it–something required before doing something about it. Maybe it’s too late. The multi-trillion-dollar spending plans concocted by Biden’s Democratic Party will only add fuel to the inflation fire.
  • Deaths fromillegal drugs are rising–both long- and short-term. A “War on Drugs” is subject to left-wing and libertarian ridicule, but what specifically is Biden doing right now to stem this crisis. (Sure, more drug addiction programs, but there’s no leadership )
  • The wide-open border. Immediately effective would be to short the major supply route of illegal drugs, especially the especially deadly fentanyl, crossing the southern border. Along with undiagnosed covid infected illegal aliens. The illegal border crossings is the most visible and most immediate threat that the Biden administration is pretending doesn’t exist. Even worse, it claims that the border is “closed,” an assertion that’s so wrong that it beggars belief that anyone would dare to make it,
  • Where are the illegal aliens who are released into the country going? The Biden administration has no idea, meaning it has no idea of whether they have a bad economic or societal impact on localities. With progressives demanding that federal money flood into local and state coffers, their lack of even baseline interest is perplexing. Same for the refugees from the Afghanistan bungle.
  • The Covid pandemic clearly has the administration’s immediate attention. But if Donald Trump were president, his critics would be heaping on him all sorts of blame for not eliminating the threat, if not altogether, at least to a comfortable degree. But Biden escapes any criticism for his handling of the pandemic, even though more Americans have died during his term than previously. It would help if Biden would stop with the Casandra act and help Americans look forward to their release from the fear that has gone far beyond what is reasonable.
  • Crime–meaning murder and other violence such as shootings–has become so bad in some places that once popular spots–like Chicago’s Michigan Ave.–are being avoided. Here’s another thing that the Biden administration ignores, going so far as to fail to even criticize the “defund the police” poison.
  • Under employmentis crippling the economic recovery. Have you been in a store that doesn’t have a help-wanted sign?
  • The economy (aside from inflation) is a separate problem, made more difficult by the administration’s attack on fossil fuels. It’s not just that gasoline is at a 7-year high. Sure, it’s fine to think long-term with renewable energy development, but we’re facing a potentially crippling problem Just one indicator: We’ve gone from an energy independent country to one dependent on imports.
  • Parent free speech. Here’s a serious problem the administration itself created. It has sicced the Justice Dept. on parents who are making their views known, sometimes forcefully, at school board meetings.
  • Internet security is another longterm problem that also demands immediate attention. The hackers’ shutdown of a pipeline should be more than enough warning.
  • Administrative incompetenceis an underlying problem. Putting Vice President Kamala Harris in charge of immigration and I can’t remember what else because of her total absence, is an insight to some serious behind-the-scenes troubles. Is Susan Rice really running things? it’s hard to believe that Biden’s incompetence is something that he can solve. Because of that, it’s even more important to know whose hand is on the throttle and what direction we’re heading.