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Brian Kelly for Congress PA District #8 Primary in 2022 :

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Question: Mr. Kelly, Are You a Democrat in Name Only (DINO)?

 That is a great question. Thank you! I may not know the answer to that question but I will tell you how I feel.  A long time ago, when I was a kid, I believed the Democrat Party was the Party of the people.

Though I started out as an Independent, I became a Democrat in my early twenties because of the principles of the Democrat Party. My father believed in these principles also and he taught me them at the time.  Democrats represented the ordinary people and the Republicans represented business. The people needed good representation from the Democratic Party because big business already had the Republicans. Things changed when the leftist / Marxists took over the Democrat Party

It was that simple until the notions of conservative, liberal, populist, and socialist entered the picture. I am not liberal. I am not socialist. I am conservative but maybe I am more populist than anything else. I still like Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, Ted Cruz, and John Fitzgerald Kennedy. I guess we would have to ask the party leaders if there is room for good ole conservative or populist thinking Democrats in the party today.  Seems like the answer is no for now.

The Republicans have a problem also with RINOS -- Republicans in name only. Good people who are Democrats and Republicans are so fed up with government and dirty corrupt politicians that more and more of us no longer like Democrats or Republicans. Some call us independent thinkers; others call us Populists. We're were not ready for Hillary's lies which echoed those of Obama's eight years.  We were not ready for Sanders give-away's from our pockets, or O'Malley's inability to think on his feet. Democrats threw O'Malley out in February 2016 after the Iowa Caucus. '

We want government changed to benefit the people instead of the entrenched established politicians on both sides of the aisle.  Seems to me that is why Donald Trump appealed to Democrats and non-RINO Republicans. He owes nobody anything and at least we would not have to worry about big money controlling politicians running the US as Trump can afford to love America with his own money. Nobody else can. That's why Trump earned the vote in 2016 and why he gave us four great years from 2017 to 2021.   

More members of my own family have switched from Democrat to Republican than ever before in one election. Why? Because Democrats became too socialist and are too close to Soviet-type communism for comfort. Why? Because Donald Trump and to an extent, Ted Cruz offered a clarion call to regular people from both parties to let the DINOS and the RINOS behind and become a conservative populist to help America grow again.  

The regular folks saw Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Jeb Bush, Lyndsey Graham etc. as club of establishment elites who did not and still do not care which Party is elected as long as their perquisites and power remain in tact. And, so, this is a revolt against the elite me-first establishment by the regular John Does out there-- It continues in 2022 as something bad happened in 2020's election. At the presidential level, this movement has been authored by Donald J. Trump, a real rich guy who needs nothing from nobody. (OK, Anybody!)  

Thank you Mr. Donald Trump for setting us free -- Democrat and Republican alike.  

I was never a D-Party organizer nor have I had any real affiliation with how the platform of the Democratic Party is created. Yet, over the years as it has evolved, I think I know enough now that this platform stinks. It is a fringe platform and if you are white or you are any color and you work hard for a living, you are not wanted in the D-party today. But, if you do no work, welcome aboard. This is killing America. I see more and more Democrats switching to Republican, not because they are pro-business per se. They are sick of everybody but them having a piece of the pie.  

Actually, they are not that selfish. They simply want to keep the piece of the pie that they earned at the workplace and see no value in giving Joe down the street from some other country, the little bit they have. The new American, who is still a citizen, is not a socialist or a communist and they want to put a stop to how our government is killing America. They do not want foreign nationals taking their jobs nor do they want them having a shot at weakening the power of their vote.  

Though there is no official word, there apparently is no room for independent or populist thinking in today's Democratic Party and I hope to change that.  The fact is that the Democratic Party no longer espouses the values that you and I believe in. The Democratic Party is no longer for the people. The Democratic Party is no longer for the employee as they get their funding from huge crony corporations, even if the worker is unionized.  

The Democratic Party chooses the rights of illegal foreign nationals over American citizens. If you are white or of any color and you choose to work, the Democratic Party does not seem to include you in its thinking. It's not only time to change the Country; it's time to change the leadership of the Democratic Party so that it again represents all of the people, not just those with a hard socialist / communist agenda. 

Putting a pathogenic liar in the office did not work when her husband was President. Anything based on lies fails. Putting a Communist in the White House means that if you work, you will have to work harder to support the voters needed to keep the Obama-likes in office. I don't like the notion of Obama or anybody like him. He's killing us and Matt Cartwright is helping him stick in the knives.   

The Democratic Party wants to take from the employees today and give to the non-employees and even illegal aliens and, they want to give the non-workers far larger amounts of your salary than needed to sustain their lives. Ironically very few of the top Democrats in the party give very much to charity. They are as cheap as it gets. They expect the common man to carry the load rather than the elite.  If you work, with the Pelosi / Reid / Obama Democratic party, you better hang on to your wallet. 

My father, who was my mentor regarding politics, did not like the slide the Democrat Party began to take against the working man. He did not like that Democrats had completely abandoned the white man. It seems that they began to include everybody who was not a regular worker into the fold -- apparently for the proposition of gaining more votes.   

My knowledge of the people of NEPA is that few Democrats are like the San Francisco hard left who now control the party.  NEPA people do not think the way Nancy Pelosi or Barack Obama thinks.  When I ran for Congress in 2010, Paul Kanjorski was in lock step with San Francisco. But, he was out of step with Northeastern PA -- way out of step. Mr. Kanjorski became rich while in office on the backs of his constituents. When he could no longer utter a sentence that was in tune with the thinking of the voters in Northeastern PA, we sent him packing but we did not do too well when the districts were realigned.  

Matt Cartwright, a Kanjo disciple for sure, may not be a thief for his own benefit. But he steals from every worker when he sends their wages to those who choose not to work or are aliens from foreign soil. Matt Cartwright is an enemy of NEPA more than Paul Kanjorski ever was. Kanjorski kept a few bucks for himself. Cartwright wants to take most of what you have and give it to the guy next door who promised to vote Democrat all his life...even if he is not a citizen.  

As the one man in NEPA who thought exactly like Nancy Pelosi, Paul Kanjorski voted with Ms. Pelosi 10 out of 11 times. For that, we the people unelected him and put in Lou Barletta. Matt Cartwright snuck into another district and got elected as an unknown. He has been arounf for five terms now and we know he' gets his legislative cues from Nancy Pelosi and none ofthem are for the good of Pennsylvanians. Cartwright must go.  

His ideals are so similar to Barack Obama's and Joe Bidens' nobody would have elected him if they knew him. Cartwright wants to hurt NEPA as much as Obama has hurt us all. If Cartwright were for NEPA, you would be hearing about it. He can't tell you how he thinks because even Democrats for years would kick him out of office. I am a real Democrat. I think you should be able to keep your own money. I think Cartwright is a traitor to the people of NEPA.   

Instead of Democrats thinking that I am a DINO, I'd say I am a more traditional Democrat.  My philosophies are like those of JFK. The guy who was in office when I first ran for Congress, Paul Kanjorski was a DINO.  Matt Cartwright is a DINO. Both became San Francisco hard lefties which makes them both, especially Cartwright lovers of socialism with communism on the doorstep.  

Multi-millionaire Cartwright does not love regular people who work for a living seeking the American Dream in a Capitalist society.  We know that with socialism, history tells us there are only nightmares. How have you been sleeping lately in Biden times. Cartwright is the same as Biden. Check out their philosophies.    

When it is campaign time, like now, we may even get to see our Congressman, Matt Cartwright but few other times. And when he is in public view, we may find our hard leftie appearing to be ambidextrous, which may mean you can pitch lefty and righty but it can also mean deceitful, disingenuous, and deceptive. Because of this, you must remember his record—Kanjo failed us ten out of 11 times. Cartwright is our new Kanjo.    

Cartwright consistently voted against NEPA but his record shows that he pleased all the lefties in San Francisco. Let's send him home for a long time this year.   

Why should we want to give up our hard earned healthcare and workplace rights so that some politician someplace can have a better life?  Have you heard Cartwright screaming at the top of his lungs that he wants Obamacare? He wants you to have it but he won't take it because he wants a better plan than he is willing to give you. No way no how. He won’t trust it to his own family but yours is OK! Congress is exempt and our boy will not put legislation forth to make Congress have the same healthcare they force on the rest of us stiffs.  

If you read the campaign site www.briankellyforcongress.com and perhaps one or several of my books, you will see that before Obamacare, everybody had healthcare and this whole thing is just an opportunity for the Socialist / Communist part of the Democratic Party to gain control of Y-O-U and never have to let Y-O-U go.  

When they get full control, and I am running so I can stop that, there will be no freedom or personal liberty for any of us. No, I am not a DINO.  Look to Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Matt Cartwright, and you will find living, breathing DINO's. But, don't get too close. They will hurt you.  

I know I am not a Republican because I do not own a business with employees and I do not make a real ton of money -- maybe a quarter ton in a whole lifetime.  I am not against making a ton of money as I think that is the American Dream for all people.  Socialism is the great dream remover of our time, as it takes untamed wild birds and makes Lemmings of them. 

Right now, the Republicans have a better crew of America-lovers than do the Democrats... but Republicans are hurting also as protectors of we the people. Rather than become a Republican, I would rather stay a conservative Democrat.  Rather than saying I am a DINO and thus worthy of expulsion from the Party, I repeat that Nancy Pelosi and Matt Cartwright are the DINOs. From my set of mostly 20-20 eyes, she and Cartwright belong to the Communist Party. They should both leave the Democratic Party.  Hey, they are DINOs! 

Chuck Schumer is another DINO, not far behind Nancy Pelosi.  He is leaving the Senate supposedly but we'll see. Before Schumer, Harry Reid had no chance getting reelected because Nevadans are real people.  My bet is that NEPA will expunge Matt Cartwright as Nevada expunged Harry Reid and would again if he chose to run again. Matt Cartwright needs the same treatment by NEPA Democrats. 

Schumer, Pelosi and Cartwright are radical socialists who would not be called Democrats in days gone by.  They'd be on the first bus out of Washington town and my dad and your dad would be the ones putting them on the bus.   They should be sent home and there should be no room in the Democrat Party for them ever again. Regular people, with real people values need to stand up and send Cartwright packing.  There is no reason for the Democratic Party to admit certified hard left whackos and their whacko billionaire supporters into a party that wants to be for American citizens. Moreover, what is the Democrat bias against white people Where did that come from?    

No, I am not a DINO, But, if you are looking for DINOs; they are easy to find.  Just search on Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Matt Cartwright, Joe Biden, and Barack Obama, and you'll get lots of hits.  They are DINOs worth removing so we can start this ship up again the right way.  They have had their DINO days. DINOS such as these are not good for your idea of America.  

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