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Brian Kelly for Congress 2022:

Above: Pat & Marty Election Night 2010 / Below: Biden/Cartwright--Problem for US Scroll down please

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Matt Cartwright & Joe Biden "Accomplishments"

Incompetent governance;; Higher Taxes;; Costly regulations;; Shut down the Keystone Pipeline;;  Canceled oil & gas exploration in the Artic;; Opened Russian Pipeline;; Destroyed energy independence;; Begged OPEC for more drilling;; Nobody can afford gasoline;; Killed many American jobs;; Bankrupted America with give-aways;; Set inflation record for Americans;; American surrender in Afghanistan;; Botched Afghan withdrawal;; OK’s Americans left behind;; Stranded Americans in Afghanistan;; Gave in to Iran on nuclear bombs;; Groveled, kneeled and genuflected to China;; Took China cash for Big Guy from Hunter;; Promised unity but divided the nation;; Promotes Critical (Criminal) Race Theory;; Against the Constitution;; Against the 2nd Amendment;; For packing the Supreme Court with Democrats;; For creating two new Democrat States;; Puerto Rico & Washington DC States;; Rolled back Trump’s working immigration policies;; No end in sight to Biden’s invited border surge;; No Biden initiative to solve border crisis;; Open borders;;  Surrender at the southern border;; Drug dealers, human traffickers, violent criminals permitted;; Botched 2021 COVID response;; More COVID-19 deaths under Biden;; Non-citizens admitted without COVID-19 tests;; Unconstitutional vaccine mandates;; Against effective remain in Mexico policy;;  Americans unable to find one positive thing Biden has done;; Pompous Ass Biden bullies and imposes his failures on America;; Most Americans cannot take any more of Biden;;  Let’s Go Brandon!—vulgar or simply true?;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Pat & Brian Kelly Voting at Kistler School in 2010 Election. Keep Scrolling

please donate to help pay the costs of running.  Send a check to Brian Kelly for Congress PO Box 621 Wilkes-Barre PA 18701


Brian Kelly believes and understands the notion of self-government of, by, and for the people – as well as our moral, physical, and economic sovereignty.  Kelly has written four books in this regard, Taxation Without Representation; Can the U.S. Avoid Another Boston Tea Party?; Obama's Seven Deadly Sins - Will Americans Forgive or Have Some Tea; and Healthcare Accountability.  Included in each of the first three books is a full copy of the Constitution of the United States, something that we all should keep our hands on in these trying times.  Kelly penned another book titled:  Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! Altogether he has written 63 books.     


Brian Kelly Is an advocate of a complete overhaul of our taxing system and the abolishment of the 16th Amendment, thereby eliminating the tax code and the IRS. The Fair Tax has many advantages over the current income tax system. The Fair tax seems to have the most advantages of all other options, but even the Flat tax is far better than our current income tax system


Brian Kelly is an advocate of strong border security


Brian Kelly is against socialism, progressivism, Marxism, & Communism.


Brian Kelly respects the Constitution and is against racism including Critical Race Theory


Brian Kelly is a former Military Policemen and believes that Police protection is vital for America.


Brian Kelly is ready to declare our nation’s reliance on God as fundamental.


Brian Kelly will work to protect our unalienable rights to life, liberty, and private property.


Brian Kelly will help restore and protect our constitutional republican form of government.


Brian Kelly  will work to protect the institution of marriage and the traditional family.


Brian Kelly  will work to protect our national sovereignty, military strength, and border security.