Write in BRIAN KELLY for Congress PA District #8 Primary in 2022

Brian Kelly for Congress PA District #8 Primary in 2022 :

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Platform Bullets -- Influenced by the great Alan Keyes


As Brian was evaluating the items to include in the platform, he used the existing work of Alan Keyes, one of Brian's favorites. This assisted him in quantifying the issues of the American people. The following platform, however, is not that of Alan Keyes. It is Brian Kelly's platform.

And, as you know, Brian Kelly is hoping to gain your favor as the candidate running in Pennsylvania against incumbent Matt Cartwright for the 8th Congressional Seat for the House of Representatives from Pennsylvania.


Please read the items well as they are categorized in alphabetic order. The items within the categories are arranged in no significant sequence. 


If you have questions or concerns about any of these, feel free to start a forum thread or send Brian an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Thank you for your time and patience.


A. Abortion


1. A child has a God-given right to life from fertilization to natural death.

2. All unborn children are persons, not masses of flesh.

3. Abortion is "prohibited" in Declaration of Independence- prohibit abortion.

4. Embryonic stem cell research experiments with human life.

5. Human embryos in such research "gravely immoral" and unnecessary.

5. Need a Constitutional amendment defining life from conception. 

6. Abortion is unjust and immoral. 

7. Mothers have no right to take a womb baby's life. 

8. Only exception is to preserve life of mother.




B. Budget & Economy


1. Deficits must be eliminated.

2. Out-of-control spending must stop.

3. Budget must be balanced just like a household.

4. Balanced budget amendment to the Constitution is a great idea.

5. Need amendment to the Constitution to limit borrowing and spending.

6. No company is too big to fail.

7. If your business can't make it, expect no government help.

8. Government can have no stake in private enterprise (GM etc.).

9. No more bailouts period.

10. Eliminate "pork"  

11. Cut Spending -- address the Debt



C. Civil Rights


1. Redefine separation of church & state according to Constitution. 

2. Protect religion from the state, but not vice versa. 

3. Right to acknowledge God is the foundation of all our rights.

4. Public display of the Ten Commandments is a state’s right.

5. Official language of US is English.

6. Marriage is between a man and a woman.

7. Civil unions OK without the notion of  or the word, "marriage." 


C1. Affirmative Action


8.   We cannot cure a past injustice with another injustice.

9.   Preferential affirmative action patronizes blacks, women, other "minorities.'

10. Affirmative action is discrimination in reverse.


D. Corporations


1. Corporations should not have citizenship.

2. Corporations should not be permitted to become too big to fail.

3. Corporate mergers do not serve the public well-being.

4. Corporations should have plans to use American workers in America

5. Corporations should pay the social cost of "offshoring" jobs.

6. Corporations want cheap immigrant labor to replace Americans.

7. Corporate executives employing illegal employees should go to jail.

8. Incentives should be given corporations to not engage in labor arbitrage.

9. Workers’ pensions need to be separate & protected in bankruptcy

10. Create two tier corporate income tax e.g. 10% domestic, 35% foreign

11. Tax penalty e.g. 20% for offshoring jobs

12. $5.00 per hour tax for each hour of illegal alien work.

13. Reduce foreign visas such as H1-B by 90% to dave American jobs. 


E. Crime


1. Death penalty is sometimes essential

2. Oppose “hate crimes” legislation -- redundant they are already crimes.

3. Harsh penalties for gang-related crimes in the same vein as RICO.



F. Education


1. Sex education is a private responsibility.

2. This is a Christian Nation.. Prayers to Christ or any god should not be barred.

3. Schools forfeit funds if they expose kids to gay propaganda / pornography.

4. Sex education if it exists at all, should be abstinence-based.

5. Relationship of college tuition rises & taxpayer subsidies is a big problem.

6. Funding for any agency promoting a political entity should be cut.

      Dept of Education was using taxpayers dollars to promote the President

7. Teachers keep politics out of classroom -- no political indoctrination

8. Federal government may not use incentives to affect state beheavior

9. Common Core -- Out! No Fed influence in education


G. School Choice


1. Parents & local citizens know better than educated masters.

2. Empower parents to choose schools that reflect their values.

3. Break up the government monopoly on public education.

4. Eliminate Department of Education -- use parental / local boards.

5. Pro-voucher; keep fed gov’t out of K-12 education.

6. Money should follow parents’ education choices. 

7. Outlaw politically correct brainwashing.

8. Empower parents against the monopoly of public schools. 

9. Let communities decide school rules-- such as all-male / female academies.

19. Make & Female restrooms


H. School Prayer


1. Who allowed the judges to drive God out of our schools? 

2. Prohibiting school prayer creates a godless, anything goes society.

3. Christian schooling should receive tax credits. Religion taught off hours  

4. Advocate prayer wherever you want in schools

5. God in schools may keep Columbine-like shooters out.

6. Constitution does not forbid prayer in schools. 

7. Need prayer in schools and by educators. 



I. Energy & Oil & Environment


1. Cap and Trade Legislation if enacted, needs to be repealed.

2. Need to seriously develop proper alternative fuels.

3. Drill here, Drill now in the meantime. Assure off-shore safety

4. Build clean and safe nuclear plants in the meantime. 

5. Energy impact of hybrid fuels needs to be evaluated.

     Does Ethanol Save Energy and raise food prices? 

6. Explore & exploit ANWR, while respecting ecology.

7. Drill Offshore in all states that permit it.

8. "Global Warming is a hoax" so bad name changed to "Climate Change"

7. A Prophet should never make a profit" Al Gore - an approaching green billionaire

8. Against Copenhagen & Kyoto Treaty

9. CAFE standards kill people in crashes - abolish them.



J. Foreign Policy


1. Speak softly but carry a big stick

2. Use common sense to make trade agreements that benefit U.S.

3. Evaluate the idea of not so free trade

4. Eliminate Trans Pacific (TPP) 

5. Gain International concurrence diplomatically but act for the US

6. Recognize the UN as an anti-US agency.



K. Government Reform


1. Amendment for Initiation, Referendum, Recall at Fed level.

2. Give people a voice to overcome legislators' personal opinions.

3. Strictly limit government to the enumerated powers. 

4. Focus on moral sovereignty, tax reform, & sealing the border. 

5. No union or corporate or foreign donors to campaigns.

6. Disallow lawsuits that stop public officials invoking God. 

7. Churches may identify candidates who favor its principles. 

8. Congress should have last word, not supreme court

9. People through Initiation and Referendum get the last word.

10. Obeying the dictate of federal judges means no Constitution.

11. Less Government Control

12. Unlimited campaign contributions, but only by people, & well publicized.

13. Panel to examine constitutionality of executive orders

14. Congress can pick certain EOs and eliminate them w/o Pres. concurrance



L. Gun Control


1. Fiercely defend the Second Amendment

2. Fundamental DUTY of free citizens to keep & bear arms.

3. Gun control mentality means crooks have all the guns. 

4. Second Amendment not about hunting, but about national duty.

5. No federal role in gun safety-leave it to states & parents.



M. Health Care


1. Repeal all aspects of Obamacare including the "Porkulus" bureaucracy

2. Euthanasia violates unalienable right to life.

3. Patient in charge; no government-controlled health care.

4. No mandated health insurance and universal coverage.

5. Enhanced EMTALA and Enhanced Medicaid

6. Healthcare Accountability / Healthcare Loans

7. Eliminate pre-existing conditions, policy limits for insurance policies.  

8. Protect disabled and vulnerable people like Terri Schiavo. 

9. Encourage insurance reward for avoiding tobacco, alcohol, obesity. 

10. People should take care of their own health. 

11. Sensibly cap malpractice awards --- tort reform. 

12. Health insurance purchases across state lines to reduce costs

13. Doctor / patient relationship key factor in any change

14. No Medicare cutbacks in treatment or access

15. Market determines health payments, not bureaucrats

16 Govt becomes advocate for not v people.


N. Homeland Security 


1. Peace through strength.

2. Strong & prepared military.

3. Eliminate political correctness from homeland security and the military

4. Assure Homeland Security Director takes mission seriously.

5. Assure Homeland Security Director believes we are at war.

6. Assure Homeland Security Director is competent.

7. Close up the border.

8. Penalize businesses who hire illegals before Americans - $5 tax per hour.

9. Stand unalterably opposed to all who commit terrorist acts.

10. Killing innocents by terror is same evil as by abortion.

11. Protect military chaplains’ right to pray in preferred faith.

12. Allow Christian symbols in national war memorials.

13. No student visas to citizens of terrorist states.

14. Coordinate terror watch list with no-fly list

15. Doctrine of terror is killing innocent people.

16. Develop oil independence plan. 

17. Drill Here. Drill Now!

18. Don’t use Patriot Act to take away freedoms.

19. Send a clear message to the entire terror network.

20. Take preemptive action only if a probable threat exists.

21. Rapidly develop, deploy and/or enhance anti-missile defense systems.

22. Allies share cost of financing terror war efforts.

23. Supports missile strikes against terrorists abroad. (Aug 1998)

24. Establish an effective National Border Guard

25. Seal the borders of the United States



O. Immigration


1. Vigilant maintenance of our sovereign territory and borders. 

2. Enforce existing laws against illegal immigration.

3. Sovereignty is betrayed when our borders are not defended. 

4. Immigration, yes; colonization, no: oppose guest workers. 

5. Control border first, or no other laws matter. 

6. Blacks are hurt first by cheap immigrant labor. 

7. Excessive multiculturalism weakens American culture.

8. Rescind Bush’s order allowing Mexican trucks on US roads. 

9. Oppose amnesty

10. Oppose guest workers until unemployment under 5%.

11. Extending privileges to non-citizens invites lawbreaking. 

12. Expand orderly legal immigration as appropriate; curtail illegal immigration. 

13. No U.S. citizenship for “anchor babies” of non-citizens

14. No immigrants from countries who are controlled of terrorists. 

15. Pass the Lifetime Guest Plan for existing illegals. 



P. Jobs


1. Provide tax cuts to small businesses to help them provide real jobs

2. Encourage job creation as means to provide health insurance. 

3. Work with corporations to undo damage of offshoring

4. Work with corporations to encourage jobs brought back to US

5. Penalize corporations that are bad citizens re: jobs. gov't contracts, etc.

6. No “sexual orientation” in Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

7. Government does not create jobs, only businesses do.

8. Family farms are nursery of moral character.

9. Create two tier corporate income tax -- 10% domestic, 35% foreign

10. Tax penalty to 20% for offshoring jobs

11. $5.00 per hour tax for each hour of illegal alien work.

12. Reduce foreign visas such as H1-B by 90% to dave American jobs. 



Q. Social Security & Medicare


1. Keep promises to those who paid so long.

2. Repeal the theft of $528 Billion for Obamacare / Medicare

3. Start Paying Back the SS & Medicare Fund -- generously

4. Tell the truth about COLA and CPI 



R. Tax Reform


1. Repeal the Sixteenth Amendment.

2. Implement Fair Tax 

3. Turn off spigot that funds politician's ambitions

4. Income tax has failed. Special people know the loopholes

5. Tax code filled with favors for special interests.

6. Replace income tax with a (1) national sales tax (FAIR Tax)

7. Abolish the income tax and IRS and spend money responsibly

8. National sales tax (Fair Tax) does give control back to people. 

9. Augment taxing with tariffs & duties.

10. Income tax gives govt. too much control

11. Excise taxes allow citizens to control tax rate themselves. 

12. “Soak the rich” schemes have un-American socialist objectives. 



S. Technology


1. No Fairness Doctrine: no equal time if morally objectionable

2. Apply broadcast indecency rules to cable networks

3. Publicly fund NASA

4. Explore space aggressively -- Russia or China in Space is a threat.



T. War & Peace


1. Iraq / Afghanistan -- not best wars -- fight to win or get out

2. Use more technology and less troops.

3. Withdrawing before your enemy stops is called “defeat”. 

4. Need more countries to share the load

5. Do not go to war frivolously


U. Welfare & Poverty


1. Constitution does not require separation of church and state. 

2. Charity to / from people, not from the government

3. Shift welfare from government to the faith sector. 

4. Disintegration of the family causes social ills. 

5. Encourage work instead of taking away apartment if one parent goes to work

6. No welfare reward for having a baby.

7. Create a Welfare Accountability System for pay-backs