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Where Have All the Good Jobs Gone?

These are really tough economic times. Job losses are almost as bad as during the depression.  A plague of fiscal irresponsibility is gripping the nation and won't let go!  Millions of Americans worry about how to pay their mortgages, feed their families and heat their homes.

Washington D.C., like Nero while Rome was burning, is fiddling its way in a sea of inexperience and just plain incompetence. If there were smart men in Washington doing what they are doing on purpose, it would be criminal! We would put them all in jail!  
Washington is saying that its huge economic stimulus package created new jobs and put the economy back on track. Nobody believes Washington but it makes great prose. Where are the jobs? The answer is clear. They do not exist! You can't spend all your time on Obamacare and Global Warming and expect that adding a trillion or two in expenses will create an uptick in the economy. There are fewer and fewer jobs each week. The greatest innovation this administration had done regarding jobs is to rig the books. The finest administration lies cannot change the facts. And we all know the government is lying about how bad the situation really is.

Is that why Washington focuses on the "success" of Obamacare six years later, instead of the economy?  Is it because nothing they have tried has worked?   The last good thing that happened in Washington regarding Jobs was that Bart Stupak announced he was turning in his keys at the end of this ride, and he left for good.  Honest Bart gave up his job after giving up his soul for Obamacare. The question of the day of course is "Why isn't Washington concerned enough to be working to get the economy back on track, and to get people into jobs?"  The Cat in the Hat would see that as a real puzzlement. Joe Biden is a man with a no-see mask looking for assistance with his vision


Is that better Joe. Now, do you finally see what the people see?.

Let me ask again -- How can adding  a trillion dollars to the federal budget for a new entitlement, one which siphons the good will of  small businesses and large alike, along with their precious capital, be good for the economy?  Caterpillar, John Deere, Verizon and others for years have been openly discussing the devastating effect of trying to battle the bad economy and now Biden schemes are in the way. Biden does not care about the people so his no-see-um plan will cost American jobs but illegal interlopers will be living better.

Is this the law of unintended consequences at work or is it the Biden plan?  Is having the economy in the tank the crux of the plan?  Raosing taxes when the economy is hurting and spending like a drunken soldier during the pains of inflation is ridiculous. If the plan is for America to go bust, it sure is working. The debt and deficit are at such record levels, a wise man would have to go along with Rosetta Stone's recommendation to learn a language that will help your future.  They say Rosetta Stone has a pretty good course in Chinese.  If future and past Biden and Obama as the advisor are equal, it is time that we all learn to speak Chinese. 

Jobs still is not even on the government agenda.  Who do they think they are kidding?  Jobs will never be on the agenda.  They lied about it, and continually affirmed their lies hoping repetition will make the lies believable. Yet, they have done nothing to help but spend huge sums of money, most of which wound up in the pockets of cronies. Did you see the shift from Healthcare and Global warming to Jobs?  It was either non existent or imperceptible! I know I missed it. Your elected officials have been busy doing everything but helping the economy get back on track.  They have been destroying jobs by spending and creating debt while debating the takeover of energy and healthcare, beer and soda, toilet paper use, and whether the Russians are good for their word on NUKES.   They just don't get it!
They are TOO BUSY trying to destroy small businesses and Medicare to actually try to create real jobs.  Oh, and election season is here again so that too will be a big, but worthwhile distraction for almost everybody but Bart Stupak.  Congress has stopped paying even lip service to jobs. And when the President way back when, was supposed to be finished with healthcare, you know he was heading to Asia, Indonesia etc. with his family for some R and R.  Why Indonesia? He grew up there. Is that why?  Was it because of Jobs?  Did he plan to bring a few jobs back or give a few million jobs away? 
Maybe he had a few billion dollars in his stash to give away to Indonesia? I just can't say I trust his motivations. Then again, maybe he was going to continue his apology tour and apologize that the US had been so successful prior to the day that he had become President? Sometimes the truth hurts!
There must not be a good school in which Congress can get educated so they know how to represent the people.  By 3 to 1, the American people if given two choices (all incumbents are defeated or all incumbents are reelected) --those polled would vote to throw the bums out. Congress, working on its own agenda, not the people's agenda, has weakened America economically and for years the Congress has permitted the President to weaken America on the foreign stage.

As Sarah Palin calls them, the "Lamestream Media" offer not one negative word for the damage Biden has done and continues to do to the American economy. Instead the media treat the "ram-job" on Biden's schemes and all other missions such as permitting all illegals to stay with immunity, as OK. It is like the President of the US just won the Decathlon.  When Congress touches anything, through gamesmanship, gimmickry, or downright corruption, they always make it worse. If Biden touches it, it is doomed. We can do better. If we don't everybody in the country loses. 
Washington just doesn't get it. Actually, they don't get much. Most people do not pay attention or they would realize that to save America, it is time we send the whole Congress packing. Let the good ones work their way back and let the bad ones stay out there weeping and gnashing their teeth. We do not need them ever again.  

There are a few, very few indeed, in Congress that we should keep but those are few and far between.  Get rid of them all and we will be better off as a country!  Congress is killing jobs with heavy tax burdens and they are killing America by shackling generations in a pile of inescapable debt.
They kept breathing life into an unworkable healthcare system (Obamacare) rather than helping the American people keep part of their American dream.  Then, like thieves in the night, they all threw in an artificial heart, and instead of the economy rebounding and everybody having jobs, they created something unreal through an unconstitutional processes. They created a m-o-n-s-t-e-r! And, they got away with it. It was called Obamacare! It is a people killer and a jobs killer. 
When the dust was almost clear during the major debate, it looked like despite the gimmicks, they were never going to get this artificial notion to come alive. Then, out of nowhere, Barack Obama, who is clearly more powerful than the energizer bunny, jump started the monster's artificial heart and within seconds, the monster began to call on members of Congress one by one. Obamacare passed unexpectedly.


An entry course in economics helps any college student know that less money with which to work, reduces capital and limits economic growth and hiring. No wise business person thinks about hiring more people while the cost to hire is being increased.  Congress and Biden either really do not get it at all, or they have a more insidious agenda in store for us.  Can it be socialism or communism? 

Who are the perpetrators of this particular fraud on Americans?   It is the same group of bums who are the perpetrators for just about all of the hoaxes we have endured over the years. The difference this time is that we have their names.  So, we can all blame nobody but Congress for putting America on the Sci Fi Channel. 

The artificial heart of the Obamacare monster, in full view of the public, was jump-started on Sunday March 21, 2010, as if it was a good thing for America.  Au contraire, this was just about the worst that could have happened and that Congress was the worst the US had ever produced. Moreover, it came complete with an equally ineffective and misguided President. Mattel has all the packaging notions it needs to make a hit product.
Each day without early Republican interference, in 2021 because they own the government now, Democrats passed some bill somehow,  or President Biden would give up and write an Executive Order. Each time, whether Congress or the Executive Branch acted, they make things worse for all of US. It's time for them to find out like US, what it's like to be without a job!  ....  not be able to pay a mortgage, ... feed their families, ... heat their homes!  It's time for them all to go!

The raw statistics do not lie. Congress would like to think that their message to Seniors about no increase in Social Security benefits was because there was no inflation. But, when gas had been increasing steadily at the pumps, and electricity was going up by 30% in one jump, and city and state taxes and fees and real estate taxes were increasing faster than the bills come in, and drug prices and just about everything else was skyrocketing, how was it that the Seniors were supposed to believe there was no need to increase benefits as there was no CPI increase? But by the end of the summer, the verdict was in. SSR recipients would get a 6.1 % bump in 2022. Then almost immediately, they increased Medicare to take a big chunk out of the inflation based raise. 

Simply put, the CPI was and continues to be a lie. The whole notion of something like the CPI is a lie and the justification for a theft of $528 billion from Medicare was also a lie. The idea that Medicare, after taking $500 Billion for Obamacare could be sustained for the long-term was an even bigger lie. And the over $600 billion in new taxes, was just enough to tip the economy lightly over the edge so that the people did not know it would not be coming back. 
As the economy kept getting worse from Obama's first year until today. the number of private sector jobs has been decreasing at a rapid pace. Unemployment is in the 10% bracket, yet government jobs somehow have been increasing. The latest statistic that I saw is that during this meltdown, the federal government added over 160,000 jobs, including 16,000 to 17,000  IRS agents. These guys will make sure you have health insurance but there is a mandatory four year training program. When we actually see them, it will be way too late.  Why are times so good that Washington is hiring using IOU's to our grandchildren's children to pay the new bureaucrats?  Perhaps they have not heard of the recession, that even in 2016, nobody thinks has ended.
To add insult to injury, the number of federal employees earning more than $100,000 has jumped from 14% of all government workers to 25% and growing fast on the average -- much more than private sector jobs. How is it that in this dire economy, politicians cannot reduce the government employee salaries by even a small percentage or reduce their ranks even a little to help the people out of our tax burden.

Even at the local levels there are no reductions.  I am afraid it is because that would be against the politician's prime directive: "cause no harm to reelection chances."  Yes, nobody in government will be asked to share the pain. You can bet on that  because at least at the local level, these are the votes that are assured each election and this set of voters cannot be disappointed. 

Lower Wages/Fewer Jobs
The Heritage Foundation research shows that low-skilled and low-income workers will be the ones most clobbered by the weight of this huge healthcare bill.  It has been proven in 2016. They  lose their jobs first.  Obamacare imposes tons of new taxes and "fees" on businesses and the prospects of this have already discouraged companies from hiring or continuing to employ those at the lower wage scales.  We have seen and we can expect more and more pink slips.

The bottom line here is that Obamacare's higher taxes on all employers (not to mention the energy tax consequences) equates to fewer jobs and lower salaries. This is not good for the working people?
Inept Administration

The reason this recession, with no jobs, is more than the typical Biden 11 months (How about a seven year recession?) is that there is no remedy in place to fix it.   When nobody is working on something, chances are the something will not get fixed.  Small businesses have been waiting for a sign by this inept administration that it is about to reduce their tax burden and their regulatory burden. And the result is Obamacare, Global Warming, etc. This is a huge burden and there will be little capital to reinvest after paying the tolls. 

Government is not a facilitator. It impedes and prevents business and industry from conducting business. Get out of the way Uncle Sam!  When government prepares to punish business as it so often does for political reasons, it needs to be stopped. Yet, without the consent of the American people, who loved Obama far too long, and who have not noticed the Congress ramming his stuff down our throats for so many years, nothing good can happen.

Americans have been on the precipice of a huge energy tax and the huge healthcare tax is now being absorbed. Businesses have reacted and continue to react by cutting jobs and / or farming jobs overseas. When the people truly believe that government is not our friend and it is not the friend of business, which creates our jobs, we will at least say that the jobs are gone and Obama is learning how to play the fiddle. Hopefully Obama will be gone in 2017, and we can recreate our glory a a country.   
Remember these words, "this nation cannot survive on government jobs alone."  Somebody someplace has to do real work. 

When somebody decides to really work on this problem, it can be solved, but not until that day comes.  Send Matt Cartwright packing. Elect Brian kelly for Congress in the primary election 2022. Write in BRIAN KELLY. Thank you