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Brian Kelly for Congress PA District #8 Primary in 2022 :

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The Intentional Elimination of the US Middle Class 

Let's face it. during this recession, families all over the country have been forced to make tough budget cutting decisions just to make ends meet.  Yet, somehow, our elite friends in Congress can't do the same thing?  They know they are spending too much. Why don't they stop? Why don't they act fiscally responsible. It is because of one of two reasons.  1.  either because they don't want to or  2.  they do not know how. In either case, it is irresponsible!  The American taxpayers deserve better fiscal management than what we have in Congress today!  The American taxpayer's thin wallet is not a bottomless pit of money that Congress can appropriate any way that they want, whenever they want!

Third World Nation 

Since the beginning of our big economic slide, which was caused by liberal banking laws such as the Community Reinvestment Act, people from all over the world-- even very small European countries -- started looking at us as if we have become a third world nation. That is what we look like.  It is shameful that we keep digging a bigger hole while our president apologizes for the very fact that Americans are still permitted on the earth.  Is this how you want America represented to the world? 

Debt / Deficit -- Payable to Communist China 

As in most cases when West Coast Nancy Pelosi has had a bad idea, East Coast Matt Cartwright  supported her just about 100%. His Pelosi index is unmatched by many others in Congress.  Somebody should be getting an awful lot of favors for this unwavering support.  Too bad Nancy never has an idea that is good for America or NEPA. 

From his first year in Congress, Matt Cartwright has been  in synch with Nancy Pelosi. Matt Cartwright is for every regressive act that Pelosi supports including impeachment twice. The US owes almost a trillion dollars to the Communist Chinese. What do you think is going to happen to us when the COMMUNIST CHINESE stop buying our debt and come collecting? 

Think about that!!! Our country is in debt to COMMUNISTS who wish to dictate to us!! Have you ever heard your Congressman talking about holding the Chinese accountable for COVID or for all the money he invested in Hunter Biden. of course not, Cartwright is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

He is one of our so-called leaders who have have mortgaged the futures of our GRANDCHILDREN to the COMMUNIST CHINESE!!! My opponent, Matt Cartwright in this election is clearly one of Nancy Pelosi's good-old boys and thus a willing participant in the culture of corruption that borders on communism.  He has a huge war chest from Wall street, the very area that Congress should be regulating. Why is Cartwright's campaign coffers so filled? Who are his donors? Isn't there something wrong there?  Why is Cartwright all of a sudden a multi-millionaire.  You don't get there on a government salary.  

Cartwright: Spend, Spend, Spend 

It is like a God-given right that those in leadership positions in government continue to promote their own self-interests. As hard as it may be to believe, even if one of the supposed Jobs bills from early March 2010 through today were loaded with over a $ Billion dollars worth of pork, should we not ask: How did that get there?  It did not come in via a pork truck?  It did not appear by magic.  Matt Cartwright and his Democrat colleagues put it in there. They do not think for themselves. I am a Democrat but I love America more than the Democratic Party. I am a JFK Democrat. The Congress with Matt Cartwright willingly working against NEPA cannot stop spending and it is killing the economy and adding to our major debt and deficit problems. How can a broke America bring jobs to Northeaster PA? Ask Matt! 

Congress has no problem even while we are in this time of distress betraying our nation's long-standing principles of limited government. One could logically conclude that they want everybody to work for the government.  And, I think they do. That, ladies and gentlemen is called Socialism, Marxism, Communism, and/or Fascism. It is many different kinds of isms, but it is not Capitalism, the way business has been conducted in America since we gained our freedom in 1776. 

In these other isms, everybody gets their needs satisfied through the government. The Congress is attacking our Constitution every chance they get hoping that one day we will let them have their way and we will say that it is a useless document -- and we will tell them we want communism.  But, that is not what we want. With Justice Scalia, we had a voice of reality on the Supreme Court, Now, the freedom robbers just need one more liberal progressive communist on the court and we won't know what hit us. America will be gone.    

National Debt - Fiscal Responsibility

I support a fiscally responsible federal government that does not unfairly burden the taxpayer or our children. Our national debt is fast approaching $29 Trillion dollars by the end of the decade, That's roughly $65,000 for every man, woman, and child in America. The bad news is that this figure does not account for the nearly $86 Trillion dollars of unfunded obligations that are coming due as America's population grows older and Baby Boomers become increasingly dependent on Social Security and Medicare. 

How did that happen? In the 1960's Democrat President Johnson authorized that the Social Security fund should pay the bills for Vietnam and for his great society program. He robbed the money destined to pay Senor's Retirement and with the help of Congress secretly spent the money. There is none left. The little bit that was trickling into Medicare was stolen March 21, 2010 by the Congress and Obama for what was supposedly given to the helpless and the deadbeats in the form of Obamacare. Try to stay healthy today. Which drugs will you be denied? Which treatments will you be ineligible for? Your old insurance would have handled it. Medicare once handled it but Obama needed Medicare dollars for the poor and indigent so he took your contributions from Medicare and gave them t Obamacare. He's happy. Are you? Matt Cartwright is also happy. are you? 

Thomas Jefferson, whose astute counsel should have made us all wary said the following in 1816:   "I sincerely believe... that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity under the name of funding is but swindling futurity on a large scale." Jefferson was sharp as a tack. Somehow he knew that today's problems should not be laid at our children's' feet. 

The huge national debt is mounting like nobody cares. I am committed to cutting government spending, balancing the budget, lowering taxes and maintaining a long-term perspective on resolving our current debt crisis. I will not support bailouts or stimulus packages which favor industry or Obama or Cartwright cronies, or special interests at the expense of ordinary Americans. After all, I too am an ordinary citizen. I am not a politician. 

Federal Reserve

Most regular people do not understand the power of the Federal Reserve. Yet many of the financials ills of the country come about because Congress abdicated its authority to the Federal Reserve years ago.  So when financial things in America do not work out, often it is a direct result of market intervention by the Federal Reserve. Many times they get it wrong but their secret membership of billionaires sometimes always seems to survive. 

As long as the Federal Reserve is permitted to continue to protect banking interests as "too big to fail," and it has no charter to protect regular people from the effects of its bad decisions, financial corporations behaving irresponsibly will continue to be rewarded for their risky behavior.  How is that good for America? Ask Matt Cartwright today. 

Even accounting majors have a hard time arguing about the Constitutional authority over monetary policy given to the Federal Reserve. Can regular people ask the FED to open its books and show the American people where our money has gone. Even Congress doesn't seem to be able to do that but perhaps they are not trying hard enough. Ask Matt!

I would like to see an audit of the Federal Reserve as a first step in regaining control over an institution that seems to think that it is independent of the laws of America. Maybe they are doing everything right but it sure seems that they have long been reckless with our money - and our trust. Why would they not want to prove that they have been vigilant and trustworthy. So, let's see their side! Will they agree to show us?

Government Spending According to Ron Paul:

"Unconstitutional government spending, after all, is doubly an evil: it not only means picking the taxpayer’s pocket, it also means subverting the system of limited and divided government that the Founders created. Just look at how federal spending has corrupted American education."

"The simple fact is that if the government does not stop spending money on welfare and unneeded warfare, America may soon face an economic crisis that could lead to people being thrown into the street." 

How have been we been doing with the economy?  What do you think? Obama says all is well!

Spending to Recovery or Bankruptcy? 

Unfortunately, rather than recovery, it seems we are headed in the other direction. Soon, because our government is too big and because it cares little about the people, all taxpayers will be forced to render to the Fed and big banking interests the bulk of the fruits of our labor. How will this happen?  The first visible sign will be huge tax increases that are on the immediate horizon. The most unfair tax, however is on its way because this debt cannot be sustained.  We will see the systematic devaluing of our currency and we will feel the effects of the eroding force of inflation.

If this system survives, the payment for all the bailouts will come from YOU and I alike, through taxation, printing new money, and debt. Government has no real assets and has no real bank account. Government, through this appalling Congress is a stealer of vast resources. It is the most negative force for the prospects of our economic recovery. Soon $29 trillion of debt will be  on the books. This debt will take a few lifetimes to pay down.   

Extinguishing the American Dream 

America has always been the land of hope and opportunity. There has always been the notion of the American Dream. People come from many countries to be granted citizenship in America so they can taste the American Dream. There is no French Dream or Italian Dream, or Irish Dream. There is just one American Dream.  But, those distinctions of this dream are passing away as government is slowly extinguishing hope while condemning opportunity to a bitter end. 

To save the dream, to keep the light of America on for the duration, there is only one course of action to follow.  We must send this Congress home, including Matt Cartwright, and Bob Casey in two years-- never to return again. Then with a new Congress, that represents the people, we must take back our government and make it work for the people again. 

Destruction of Middle Class / Collapse of the Market 

There were some who watched and who knew what was happening as things were falling apart in 2008, but they did not have the power to stop it. Only those with superior knowledge and intellect were not surprised. Then it all came falling down. The collapse of the mortgage lending market and the collapse of the collateralized and securitized debt and derivatives market along with it was unprecedented.  I don't know who all these intellectuals were but I sure wish they had spoken up. 

16,000 IRS Agents May Be Packing Heat!

To assure that everybody pays into the cup of President Obama, just a few years ago, you may know that there are 16,000 new IRS agents being trained as we speak.  Biden is hiring 85,000 more to peer into your private life. To strengthen my middle class argument below, I first want to share two paragraphs with you written by the same perform Ferfel who I will be citing shortly.  Read this closely and say, "this can't happen in America." Then think about how they passed Obamacare. Now, all together,  "Hah!" But it is not funny: 

"...The Argentine version of IRS went absolutely nuts, became worse and worse as time goes by. Not only are they used as a tool to get as much money as possible out of what’s left of the middle class, they are also very corrupt, often freezing business accounts just to ask for a bribe if you want that … “mistake” … to be solved within a reasonable amount of time. 

All privacy laws are violated in order to collect as much money as they can. For example, during the World Soccer Cup, people that bought big screen TVs were considered high profile people and taxed heavily. They used Google maps to check who had pools in their homes and tax them accordingly because of this “luxury”. I’m not inventing anything, this was all proudly announced as smart maneuvers by the government to collect more."  

Many cynics believe that the government plan is actually to destroy the middle class so that only rich and poor live in America as it was at the turn of the century.  The President is a socialist, surrounded by Marxists, Socialists, and pure Communists.  These guys are not Democrats and they are way to the left of liberals.  The poor are easier for government to control than an educated middle class. So, taking over education in the health bill was always part of their plan.  

With poor quality education today our offspring are growing up dumber and with the government taking our money for corporate welfare, and to give deadbeats our share of the American Dream, we can count on having very little when it is over and it will never be our turn.   If this is the plan to eliminate the middle class, it is a pretty good one. It is happening all over America. 

I know that it is far-fetched to suggest that the goal is the destruction of the middle class but think about how it would happen if it were to happen, and by the way it is happening.  How would it happen.  Are you better off than you were ten years ago?  Are your neighbors?  Even if you are OK, you see what has happened in the country and how the government is interested in everybody but the elite throwing everything into a big pot and then letting the government mix up the pot so nobody really knows whose is whose and then it can redistribute as it chooses. 

Mr. Fernando Ferfel Aguierre worked to remain in the middle class as the big economic meltdown that occurred in Argentina at the turn of the century.  If you want to read about this clever man, just type Ferfal into your search engine. 

By the way, I knew I was going to like his story when I saw he was a fan of Ron Paul. He discussed in his own blogs and Facebook in great detail how middle-class people become poor during an economic meltdown as the one that occurred in Argentina.  The classroom theory actually worked like clockwork in Argentina and it is so similar to where we are now in the U.S.  that it gives me great pause. 

Aguierre Ferfal quotes in his papers the scenario related by an architecture teacher in Argentina for how the middle class, out of nowhere, are eliminated as they become poor. And unlike a disease, poor does not go away and it cannot be cured easily. Poor is not a disease. It is a condition caused by circumstances and lack of will. Even with will of course, government's desire to create more poor that depend on government is well charted over the history of communism. 

"Finding themselves unemployed one day, members of the middle class suddenly discover that they are overqualified for the jobs they can find and have to settle for anything they can obtain. Therefore unemployment sky rockets: too much to offer, too little demand. You see they prepare, study for a job they are not going to get. Just like kids studying for a job in Architecture do not become Architects simply because they wish to do so. Only 3 or 4 percent of you will actually find a job related to architecture.” 

We all sat there, letting it all sink in. After a few months, it all proved to be true. Even the amount of students that dropped out of college increased to at least 50%. They either [saw] no point in studying something that would not make much of a difference in their future salaries, had no money to keep themselves in college, or simply had to drop college to work and support their families." Could that happen to us?

This reads like a premonition. 

You and I know who the middle class is in the USA. They are everybody who knows they are not rich and they believe in their heart that they are not poor.  Many in the middle class are college educated and they make use of their degrees in their careers.  There are also other folks who do quite well such as plumbers, electricians, factory employees, and truck drivers.  Sprinkled in the suburbs, we find accountants, lower and middle managers, sales personnel, financial analysts, consultants, teachers, nurses, writers, etc. Since most manufacturing has gone overseas, most of those in the middle class are in white collar jobs. 

College graduates have more and more of a difficult time finding a job in the US. Technology and offshoring have replaced many well-paying white-collar jobs. They do not seem to be coming back. With the government spending like drunken sailors, looking for businesses to pay the freight, business has little room to bring in any new employees and in fact are cutting back several hundred thousand jobs a week.  But the government reports lies. 

Across the country, the need to cut costs (payroll taxes and benefits) is resulting in mass layoffs. It's sales people, and white collar office staff for the most part. What is happening is that the “unique” skills which command $40,000 to $80,000 (or more) annual salaries are in oversupply. So, what do we do?  We try to get a job that does not need all of our skills even though it cannot support the "middle-class lifestyle." 

In Northeastern Pennsylvania recently my sister, who is retired but has a lot of years left if she chooses to work, spoke with one of her former co-workers looking for a clerical job. This friend had once been an administrative assistant at a hospital. She said there were 500 applicants for something that was not even a good job. 

With Obamacare threatening to make paupers out of the entire medical community, it appears that service occupations like nursing and medicine are also not as safe as one might think. It really does not matter what you can do but it does matter what jobs are available.  The good jobs have been going away and with that, the middle class is shrinking. Even lousy jobs are hard to come by.  The raw fact is that if your job disappears, it may not ever come back. 

Depending on where you are in life, the road to poor from Middle class in President Biden and Advisor Obama's America is not too far away.  The President appears quite willing to nudge Americans into smaller jobs by his anti-business, and pro-tax, pro-spending policies .  That is not a formula for middle class prosperity. With most of the 435 Lapdog members of Congress and the 100 Lapdog Senators working with him, President Biden has a nice plan for you to return to your roots. Your poor roots....    As Joe Biden has described it:    Now, that is a real big f''''n deal!

Don't expect much with Lets Go Brandon as the boss of America. Hope you have enough money to skip the country and find a place that was once like America before America's placeholder, Antonin Scalia died in 2016.  Elect Brian Kelly on 2022. There is hope for NEPA and America..