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Brian Kelly for Congress PA District #8 Primary in 2022 :

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Matt Cartwright & Joe Biden "Accomplishments"

Incompetent governance;; Higher Taxes;; Costly regulations;; Shut down the Keystone Pipeline;;  Canceled oil & gas exploration in the Artic;; Opened Russian Pipeline;; Destroyed energy independence;; Begged OPEC for more drilling;; Nobody can afford gasoline;; Killed many American jobs;; Bankrupted America with give-aways;; Set inflation record for Americans;; American surrender in Afghanistan;; Botched Afghan withdrawal;; OK’s Americans left behind;; Stranded Americans in Afghanistan;; Gave in to Iran on nuclear bombs;; Groveled, kneeled and genuflected to China;; Took China cash for Big Guy from Hunter;; Promised unity but divided the nation;; Promotes Critical (Criminal) Race Theory;; Against the Constitution;; Against the 2nd Amendment;; For packing the Supreme Court with Democrats;; For creating two new Democrat States;; Puerto Rico & Washington DC States;; Rolled back Trump’s working immigration policies;; No end in sight to Biden’s invited border surge;; No Biden initiative to solve border crisis;; Open borders;;  Surrender at the southern border;; Drug dealers, human traffickers, violent criminals permitted;; Botched 2021 COVID response;; More COVID-19 deaths under Biden;; Non-citizens admitted without COVID-19 tests;; Unconstitutional vaccine mandates;; Against effective remain in Mexico policy;;  Americans unable to find one positive thing Biden has done;; Pompous Ass Biden bullies and imposes his failures on America;; Most Americans cannot take any more of Biden;;  Let’s Go Brandon!—vulgar or simply true?;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Pat & Brian Kelly Voting at Kistler School in 2010 Election. Keep Scrolling

please donate to help pay the costs of running.  Send a check to Brian Kelly for Congress PO Box 621 Wilkes-Barre PA 18701

The Tax Increases & the Chinese Foreclosure 

George Bush was continually criticized for his tax cuts and the "Bush Tax Cuts" had always been big targets for the Obama / Pelosi / Schumer Administration to get off the books until the Republicans finally cut a deal. After several bruising fights with Congress, Republicans finally permitted Obama to raise taxes on the highest-income households -- married couples with incomes exceeding $450,000. Now, the other Bush cuts are part of the tax law. Trump did a fine job in lowering taxes but Build back better by Biden will be adding tot he tax burden is his big plan passes the US Senate. 

Nonetheless tax increases are a constant theme of the current administration to pay for the budget busting spending in the major bills authored by Democrats in 2021.  The bills add to the creeping socialism and with Biden will be destroying our military while terrorists are invited to live within our shores. Matt Cartwright consistently votes for all of Obama's and Biden's big government initiatives. Cartwright loves Obama and Biden's big spending. He does not pay for it. You do! Those a few years older than millennials remember the last guy who said he was going to raise taxes. It was Walter Mondale way back in 1976  and he paid dearly for that.  You may remember what Mondale said as he was supposedly trying to bring campaign honesty to the table: 

"Mr. Reagan will raise taxes, and so will I. He won't tell you. I just did."  History shows Reagan reduced taxes as did Bush! 

Though this was to have been an innocuous comment showing that "Fritz" Mondale would be honest with voters, because it was a clear admission that taxes were going up, it was largely interpreted as a campaign pledge to raise taxes, which was very unappealing to many voters. President Obama, ironically has said from day one that the Bush Tax Cuts were toast if he got elected.  Somehow with all the rhetoric about who would pay for these, Obama got away with it without taxpayer backlash.  

Obama needed a lot of money to pay for the programs he put forth but Biden needs Fort Knox which he claims won't cost taxpayers a dime. Ahem!   Washington is currently a sea of Bidenites or Brandonites whichever phrase they like best.  The President's incessant attacks on the idea of giving people a tax break are all but unneeded now that Building Back better is in the wind.  Get your wallet out. Biden's care for the American people is clearly disingenuous at best and they actually showed that the President would rather stiff people who seem to be doing well in life rather than help solve the economic woes of the country.  

Democratic leaders of today are not like the people they lead. They are elitist establishment socialists and some are downright communists. They want the people dependent on the government and they no longer respect the working man or woman. People dependent on the government take from the working people and then vote for the government that gives them the benefits. Socialists want big tax increases so they can remain in power. Those tax increases come from the pockets of the lower middle class who are struggling.

JFK is the only Democrat in my lifetime who believed in tax decreases to give the people more of their money. I am a JFK Democrat. Most of the people in Pennsylvania who are Democrats are JFK Democrats but our leadership is Socialist / Communist.   

George Bush and Donald Trump, both of whom the socialists hate reduced taxes on the working man, just like JFK did. The first round of what came to be known as the Bush tax cuts went into effect 15 years ago. The Trump cuts are just in a few years but Biden is about to change all that. 

You may recall that when G.W. Bush took office in 2001, he inherited a recession from Bill Clinton's second term. September 11, 2001 set back the economy further. Bush saw the real need for a reduction of income tax rates, phased in slowly over time. He saw the need for other tax cuts for the middle class, such as a doubling of the child tax credit. He got all this done through Congress, not as a dictator. 

Two years later, the recession was still lingering as the tax reductions were taking effect too slowly. Congress agreed to speed up the rate reductions. Capital gains rates and the death tax were also eliminated. The economy began to take off. Tax increases never help the economy but they give Democrats bragging rights.  

There was a big problem that would come about in the next administration. Bush had given the cuts a ten year life though the cuts were in fact intended to be permanent. So, they expired at the end of 2010. Congress and Obama agreed to extend them for another two more years. 

At the end of 2012, Obama took advantage of the fiscal cliff deal to raise taxes by allowing some of the Bush tax cuts to expire. However, it made other Bush-era tax policies permanent. If this had not happened, can you imagine how bad our recession would be today? 

Still Congress did not believe the tax code was reformed well enough. The House got punished for Obamacare and Republicans took control in 2013. Despite the tax increase caused by the fiscal cliff deal, there are still some in Washington who want to raise taxes further. In fact, some—including President Obama—have gone so far as to distort the meaning of tax reform to mean tax increases. 

Americans all know that we have a huge deficit and debt problem because Washington spends money we do not have. Our debt is almost $30 trillion and by 2029, it is expected to reach $89 trillion is American can withstand such debt pressure.

If we took every dime that is made in the USA for thirty-five years as taxes, we would just about be able to pay off the debt in 2029. Though it is a tough job, Congress and the President must focus on cutting spending to fix deficits and debt, not taking even more of taxpayers’ hard-earned income. Matt Cartwright and Barack Obama have no interest in doing the right thing. You can count on Brian Kelly to fight for the people.

Tax Cuts and Budget Resources -- JFK v Reagan v Obama
If the President were a student of Democratic History, he would know that the largest tax cuts in history were propagated by the Kennedy Administration. JFK went against prevailing thought and his wise actions helped bring the country in the early 1960's out of a recession.  

Comparing the size of the JFK and the Reagan and the Bush tax cuts and the Trump cuts with their respective federal budgets shows that before Trump's biggest cuts of all time, Kennedy's tax cuts were the biggest at 8.8 percent of the budget. In 1981, Reagan's cuts were 5.3 percent of the budget.  Bush had three tax cuts from 9/11 onward. Each of the Bush's cuts were smaller than Reagan's (3.8 percent, 2.5 percent, and the last one in 2003 was 1.8 percent). Adding up all the Bush cuts you get 8.1 percent. Yes, they are substantial larger in total that Reagan's tax cut, yet smaller than Kennedy's tax cut.  

So, it was a Democrat who really started the modern notion of bailing out the economy with tax policy.  It is too bad the current President is not a good Historian. From the way he trashes the Constitution, one would think he does not understand what it is all about.  Yet, he is supposedly a Constitutional Law Professor.  Maybe he was out the day they talked about the enumerated powers. 

Each of the periods following these tax cuts resulted in years of prosperity. Despite historical evidence as to how to bring real jobs to the country, through deep tax cuts,  instead of reducing taxes, Barack Obama's solution is to increase our load and to spend his out way out of the recession. It is not working and it is threatening the solvency of the U.S.  Obamacare is another $trillion dollars of spending -- good money after bad.  It is a job killer.  Why are we not doing what JFK did now?  Is it possible that Obama is not as wise as JFK? 

Obama Faux Tax Cuts 

My wife is a very smart and very astute individual. Hey, she married me, Hah! She recognized the increase in her pay at the beginning of the year 2009. What a great deal!.. More take home money!  Outrageously, the administration claimed that they really had cut taxes.  As one would expect, with the President saying he just put more money in people's pockets and when they actually got the money, they believed there had been a real tax cut.   My wife thought her new pay amount was because she was paying less taxes.  And thus the lie. Obama lied.  He actually lied quite a bit, History proved that we had to get used to it! 

Instead of really reducing the income tax, as JFK had, Obama gave the impression he was going to reduce income taxes but it was chicanery at its best.  The Obama /Biden, and the Biden Administration are known for its lies and this happened to be one that eventually caught up with him.  Yet, everybody still loves both of them ahem! But, that is another story. 

The government bragged that it had stimulated the private economy by increasing the amount of money in every worker's paycheck. What a euphemism!  There was no lie there. It was merely deceit.  Most Americans who bought the new pay increase as a gift from the government could not believe the government would actually try to trick them. The absolute dumbest Americans thought they had received something and even the smart ones, such as my wife, were convinced something good had happened. Obama knows how to hold the aces for sure.  Nobody except some "mean Republicans" thought he was lying.  Why would the government not deliver on a promise? 

The government (Team Obama)  was not about to admit the big lie. What they failed to mention was that they did not change the total amount of taxes due, nor did they ever intend to do so.  They wanted to put some cash out and get credit for it in the polls but the never intended to give John Q. Public a real break.   The scam was simple.  They would simply not to take out as much from each pay. This means that all that money not withheld from paychecks added up to a big unpleasant surprise when the average citizen filed his or her returns this year.  

Obama had eaten up your tax refund. By giving you pennies a week that were not real, he stole your refund check.  There was nothing left for a tax refund. Surprise!  Some businesses had corrected the Obama faux plan and had begun to grab more from the paychecks even earlier so the surprise was not so disheartening for some. For the workers, the payback was a big surprise. Expect more surprises from an administration that can have both sides of its mouth engaged in conversation at the same time, saying different things. Interestingly, both sides often get it wrong. Will we eventually prove that the wrongness is Intentional? 

What a ruse! Many tax preparers reported seeing shocked taxpayers having to come up with big checks to the government when they normally expect a refund. Was this a stimulus or was it a fraud?  Should you expect more of the same?   Does the government really want to take over health care -- of course not!  Hah! They want to take over something more important to you -- your life. And, so far, with Obamacare being rammed at you so you could not stop it, they are winning.  But not for long. 

My father hated liars and so do I. This administration also claims that thousands of jobs were created or saved by their massive spending bills.  Whose jobs?  The Obama propaganda machine reports that there were lots and lots of jobs saved but nobody seems to be able to find them.  Maybe they are in Finland at the Al Gore Auto Plant.  The only jobs we know for sure were created are the 160,000 government jobs including 16,000 to 17,000 additional friendly IRS agents. Biden is looking to add 85,000 of those friendly guys. These guys were hired because they think that the American people are going to resist the redistribution of wealth (giving your money to your deadbeat neighbor) that is about to happen.  The IRS is going to assure you pay your taxes in these tough economic times. Hey if they did not get your taxes, your deadbeat neighbor might have to get a job.  

Remember before the reincarnation of Obamacare after it had died and before Nancy Pelosi got the super fiberglass pole-vault kit.  Obama was trying to claim the stimulus was a success. Somebody told him we would not be paying attention.  The unemployment statistics have yet to show any of the gains that the President claimed. But, remember, he lies.  Sorry, America, it is all a lie. In fact, there never was and so far it looks there never really will be an Obama jobs program.  

Even after he won the Obamacare bill, he was still talking about it and there has been no official rhetoric on jobs and the jobs are now again disappearing but many are taken by the illegal interlopers. It makes sense that there are no jobs because they come from business having more to spend on labor. Obamacare's trillion dollar price tag is sucking the opportunity that may have come naturally out of the economy as I speak.  Nobody invests when the government is taking their investment money.  Obamacare is designed to eliminate jobs so don't be surprised that it has. 

No Tax Increases???

President Obama and the all too complicit Congress are tickled that the middle class voted them all into office. Yeah Team! They all lied to get into office and for years Americans have been paying the price while these guys have yet to learn how to stop lying or stop spending.   Obama and Congress promised that the middle class was to be spared by any tax increases. Remember it would only be the rich ($250,000 and up) bearing the pain. But with more taxes to pay for healthcare, and $528 billion stolen taken from Medicare, taxes to pay for Obamacare, can this lie be sustained? 

To put the Medicare thing in perspective.  One point five cents of your FICA goes into Medicare.  One point five comes from your employer also so we once had 3 percent going in to pay for Medicare.  Not any more.  The $528 billion from Medicare used to fund deadbeat healthcare is not going into Medicare.  So, let's say that is 2%.  That means that just 1% is going into Medicare though you think you and your employer are paying 3%.  Oh, it is just a lie.  Yup! It's a government, Obama sponsored lie.  You still think you are paying for Medicare for your future life and the lives of those on Medicare. Nope.  The money you now put in is for Deadbeat Socialist Health care, and the folks who get the benefits never contributed to Medicare.  

Don't get mad at me.  Your Congressman voted to take your Medicare and give it to those who are not even 65 years old. How is that fair.  And, when your Medicare is gone, these guys won't be putting anything in the fund to help you. Hey, they have never put in anything yet so why start now?

Everybody who knows something about insurance suggests that there will be a huge increase in healthcare insurance premiums as a result of Obamacare, because there must be.  Now is the day of reckoning as Obama put off the badness in the bill so that he could slip out of office without getting blamed. We can say, hey what do they know.  Caterpillar and John Deere had to cut their insurance policy benefits to employees because they cannot afford Obamacare. But, don't worry, you can keep your insurance policy -- but only if it exists.  

This has nothing to do with insurance companies being as bad as they have been painted.  It's because of the Obamacare bill and it is because Obama wants you to hat insurance companies so they can get you u to tell the government to get rid of those bastards.  If you do that, the government will be the sole provider of healthcare to you and that means that President Obama will be both your Chief Medical Officer and your death counselor.   So far, with or without a tax increase, I do not like any of that. 

Tax increases on the middle class are notoriously back.  They will call them fees or something else or they will bury the tax in the gas bill or the electric bill or the pacemaker that you may need.  No matter what you want to call them, they are taxes.  Why won't they tell you.  They figure you will believe them and so while you believe them, their lies are very effective. And you are paying the taxes for their lies.    

How about this as a neat euphemism of a name -- government induced premium increases.  Is that a tax? If you are paying $5000 before Obamacare and $10,000 after Obamacare because Joe down the street is now covered, is that a tax or a premium increase?  The bottom line is it is about to cost a lot more money for you just to live.  Those who take from the public and give little back will be pleased because Obama's stash has gotten a lot bigger.  For your money, they will not thank you as they would if it were charity, instead they will thank Obama because he gave them what they needed from his stash, which of course comes from your pocket.  

Can it be that this notion exposes that the campaign promise was merely another instance of saying what the people wanted to hear. Why can we not believe what we hear from our government?  It is because they lie.  How can you tell when Obama and company are lying?  "Their lips are moving.!" Matt Cartwright, as seen by his quietness on the healthcare issues, and then his full cave-in when a vote is necessary, is in lockstep agreement with the liars in our government. Let's send him home.  

We are asked to just trust the politicians because somehow it will all work out. But, will it? Will they outspend even the additional taxes they collect?  You bet! That's why the economy is in trouble. 

Chinese Uber Alles 

When you have to forfeit the home you bought and paid for and in which you now live, because you, through your government agreed to give the full bounty of America to those who were not paying for it, you put all of America up for grabs.  You did that by voting for Obama.  Matt Cartwright did that by going along like nothing was wrong.  The Chinese are the most likely to come collecting for your home and my home.  If the Chinese own the country, then how can you or I own anything?   So, when you and all of your children and my children lose your / my home, because the government, of which you and I are a complicit and consenting member as part of the "people of the US,"  has given the Chinese that right through accumulated debt, you and I have little claim to personal solvency in a bankrupt country.  Your house and my house is already American collateral for the debt.    

When the US goes bankrupt--- we -- we all, become bankrupt as our currency has no value and our country becomes fully owned by others. There will be no face of the government to which the Chinese will ask for payment. They will take your property, since by your government's shortsighted actions, you have mortgaged it all to them.  And, that is no lie!