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Instead, their ads are all over the place as their budgets are almost limitless as they continue to amass a long list of contributors who hope they will be able to call both of these two in the future for special favors that are not available to the general public.  Isn't that exactly what we are trying to stop? 

I am getting a lot of traction for my camapign on blogs, facebook, the Newspaper press, and a bit on radio.  It can't comare with the media buys of the other two, but most people finally know who I am and what being "for the people" is all about. My public statement on the ongoing Kanjo  / OBrien campaign financing battle is included below in it's entirety.

The idea of campaign contributions is a foreign idea to my campaign as I am not accepting any cash or in-kind contributions from anybody. One could readily conclude that both Congressman Kanjorski and Commissioner O'Brien are both receiving more contributions to their campaigns from dependent business sources than they should. The Congressman, however has been doing this for years, and because this is a national office and his campaign sins, if any, occurred while in the office he seeks again, it seems to me that his alleged sins are more egregious than the few favors Corey O'Brien may have called in.

Paul Kanjorski is a powerful person in Congress. He is senior member of the Financial Services Committee. He is also the Chairman of the Financial Services Subcommittee on Capital Markets, Insurance and Government Sponsored Enterprises. This committee has jurisdiction over securities, exchanges, and insurance matters. In other words, through these two committees, Mr. Kanjorski has a lot of power over Wall Street. Have there been any problems with Wall St. and the financial markets recently? Wall Street likes Paul Kanjorski and if you or I were them, we too would be donating to the Kanjorski campaign. Mr. Kanjorski is also a ranking member of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. How's that going?

The people of Northeastern PA know that Congressman Paul Kanjorski was instrumental in the multiple bailouts, the porkulus bill, Obabacare, the excessive spending, the deficits and the debt. These are al job-killers. What about Jobs? Corey O'Brien had nothing to do with any of that. From the one time I met Mr. O'Brien he seems like an OK guy. He is very young. It was on Paul Kanjorski's watch that the financial industries collapsed and many people in Northeastern PA lost huge chunks of their retirement funds. Paul Kanjorski reportedly has taken a lot of contributions from Wall Street even though his committee regulates Wall Street behavior. One must ask what Wall Street expects from Paul Kanjorski?


I would recommend that both campaigns stop spending and return the remainder of their war chests to wherever they got the money. Then, all three of us can get in front on the people of Northeastern PA on Public TV, no charge, and let's talk about ourselves to the people so they know something about each of us. That sounds fair to me.