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An Essay By Brian Kelly
What happened to the Democrat Party 

Something happened to the Democrat Party since I first joined. Before my dad passed away, we both noticed the big change.  The change was not good. It moved the party into being more and more socialist. In many ways, it was so far left that it left the liberals far behind in the rear view mirror. 

My father, though never a rich man, loved the American dream. He loved what was his and envied nobody. As part of those who believe in the dream, my dad believed deeply that we should all work hard, get the best wage that we can, and we should be able to keep what we earn.  As a Brewery worker, my dad thought much like other hard laborers in Northeastern Pennsylvania, and that included the miners.  

A number of my uncles earned their living from 5 AM to 5 PM in the mines, often never seeing the light of day in the short daylight of winter. The miners, the brewery workers, the coal men, and other factory workers in Northeastern PA were rugged individualists. They all loved freedom and they worked hard to enjoy the small breaks in the action. Their love of freedom and family helped them get up every day to put in that long day's work. And I can attest there are family members that even under such poor circumstances managed to be overweight. But, it just wasn't so bad! 

Work Is Good for the Heart 

My career was not as tough as what these men had to put up with in their highly physical jobs. Unions were what helped them all even the score with management so that their wages were higher than mere subsistence. I did benefit from my dad's notion of work. As a very young boy, he picked coal along the railroad tracks to assure there was something to heat the family home. I had a similar youth experience. 

When I was five years old, I am not joking when I say that my first job was as an entrepreneur. I used an old Radio Flyer Wagon or an old wheel barrow or a well-used baby carriage to collect papers and rags from my "customers" every Saturday.  I worked within a five block radius and I would knock on doors or ring the doorbells of my "customers." to pick up their old newspapers.  I would take them to the junkyard that was less than two blocks from my house. I made about a quarter to thirty-five cents a week. It gave me an understanding of what it takes to work and it put something in my pocket. It was a great life lesson. 

I later moved on to shoveling sidewalks, cutting grass, working in a 5 & 10 (Huntzinger's), and then I spent time spotting pins in a bowling alley (WB Republics Club). I finished my high school career working on a soda truck (Eagle Bottling Works -- Zep-Up) and I inherited my older brother's paper route, which I turned over to my younger brother Joe when I graduated from Meyers High School in 1965.  

At King's I was fortunate enough to get a work-study job in the maintenance department, and as I was scraping gum from the bottom of the tables in the library one day, I was invited to join the student aides in the Computing Center. That was my first white collar job. One summer before I graduated from King's, while working days at King's I got an evening job. I had the pleasure of doing the payroll for the sellers and the cashiers at Pocono Downs, another white collar job. After King's I began my career with IBM, which was most challenging and exciting. 

I tell you all this because I hope to give you the right picture. I was doing manual labor from the time I was five years-plus, though nothing like the miners of yesteryear, and I always had a blue collar job or a clerical job or I had no money. It was that simple. My father taught me of the value of unions for the working man but when I joined IBM, there were no unions. All I had to do was my job and when I did it extremely well at IBM, I was rewarded with more than I had ever dreamed of in high school or in College. 

Working for IBM was an experience of a lifetime. I have not stopped working but times have changed for me. I am ready to take on the challenge of representation for the people of Northeastern PA. I am a Democrat, but I am a traditional Democrat like my father, not one who longs for the day when an America of the future is ruled by communists. 

One of the big differentiation factors between me and the Democratic Party Leaders and our own Congressman Matt Cartwright is that I believe that if you work hard, you should keep what you earn. You should not be obligated to pay the freight for someone whose only problem in life is that they do not want to work. 

In our democracy, in our freedom, in our American dream, those who are able to amass a huge bounty and those who are able to earn even a meager living do have obligations to the poor and the sick and those struggling with life. Even though we are morally obligated to try to help the helpless, income re-distribution by government is not the way. Another objective of a country is to create a set of rugged individuals like our parents and grandparents that are prepared to help keep America strong. Yes, I am for helpless people but I am not for making people helpless. 

Having watched the Democratic Party evolve from the party of Harry Truman and Henry Scoop Jackson when I joined the party in the early 1970's, to the party of Harry Reid and Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Matt Cartwright, I would say one can only come to the conclusion that it has become an immoral, corrupt party. The party has lost its moral underpinnings and basic understanding of its roots.  The Democrat Party no longer cares about the people. It cares only about the Party. But, you already know that. 

In the past, my Party, the Democrats, were not afraid to defend and promote the freedom and rights of every American. Now in what I would have to call a contaminated state, they support the abandonment of the Constitution; the power of the government to force an unwanted and unpopular health care system on the American populace; the diminution of black Americans through abortion; money laundering of taxpayer funds through unions, and using documented Saul Alinsky strategies to demonize their opposition with the help of a one-sided corrupt press. 

Is it Democrats or their leadership or both? I wonder. I know who I am but I do not claim to know all Democrats. I am a Democrat but I do not think like the new fringe-loving Democrat Party. I ask myself for example, why would Democrats seem to love Al Sharpton? I am white and Irish. Sharpton does not make comments about the Irish but he is always chipping at the dignity of white people in America.

I am white. I have no major allegiance to the white race but I know my skin color. I was taught and I believe that all people are created equal. Mr. Sharpton is anti-white, anti-Semite, a liar, a con man, and a hustler who extorts millions from corporations. On top of that he is a habitual tax cheat with continual White House visitation privileges. Al owes millions to the IRS but they have given the Reverend a pass. I bet if I tried to find real examples, I could prove that Sharpton is anti-Black among his other scourges. To me he has few redeeming qualities. Yet he keeps appearing as the face of the Democratic Party. Is it so? Is Al Sharpton, white or black, all we Democrats have in our foot locker? What is the Democratic Party? Maybe it is not worth talking about? Maybe it is just in need of resuscitation? 

Why does the Democrat Party embrace Al Sharpton? Willie Nelson lost his farm for owing the IRS millions just as Rev. Al. Nelson did not have all the money so the IRS took everything except his guitar, which his daughter had shipped out of the country before agents arrived. Is this the new Democrat Party? 

What's different between the favored Rev. Al and the singer who produced FARM AID and many other benefits that helped Americans? Is it no longer OK in the Democrat Party to be a good guy to be permitted to live OK? By the way, Nelson is a major supporter of the Democratic Party. Too bad it does not know it. Too bad for Willie, nobody told the IRS. Or was that a Republican? 

This is not my father's Democratic Party designed for the working stiffs in the US. Instead, it has morphed into an institution that is beholden to its public-sector union clients, elite academics, the Eastern aristocracy, and of course the crony capitalists who take from the government and give the Party its major funding. Hey, the next contract must come from someplace! 

Once having conquered through chicanery, the energy workers, Obama then went on a social spree with mandates on contraception that were to help him with single women and urban voters. It did not matter that it might hurt him among Catholics in places like Pennsylvania and Ohio. Even Catholics loved him so much they would not believe that he was actually who he was. 

Clinton had already signed the Defense of Marriage Act; but Obama stopped enforcing it, and then declared himself a nouveau supporter of gay marriage the day after North Carolinians voted a traditional definition of marriage into the state's constitution. Obama could flip flop on any issue and then blame Bush or someone or something else for the reason it took him so long to come around. And, the people, wanting to believe in him, believed him as they today are believing Hillary. No blame ever sticks to Obama because he is always working for the good of Americans even if he is the one who created the problem. He is the perfect "American" to sell anybody the Brooklyn Bridge. 

Mr. Obama held his own on his flip-flops because he is the energizer bunny. Despite being killed off numerous times by people, including Sarah Palin, he simply did not accept it, picked himself up undaunted, and he kept going and going and going. Eventually some who had begun to change their minds that he may not be the great guy they had once thought. After seeing him on TV for the 1000th time again started thinking he was the real deal. He was a Pied Piper for sure and he is very good at it. And that is why so many smart people appeared dumb at his feet. 

Obama as president went out every day with a major propaganda message and he helped convince the masses even as his poll numbers dropped that he was still the Messiah. He simply looked sincere and repeated his drumbeat of lies more often than fact-checkers could refute them. 

Even with a funk of an economy and morass as everybody's new wake-up code word of the day, Obama still managed to pretend that he was the reigning emperor and king of America. He never  acknowledged that he had screwed up America. After all, he is Obama! 

There are still suck-up Democrats who will follow him to the ends of the earth despite the carnage he left in his wake. One of them of course is Hillary Clinton. Ironically, Hillary had to abandon Clintonism for Obama's brand of Nihilism for her own survival... but it did not work for her regardless. 

Democratic analyst and pollster Doug Schoen often gets it 100% right as he does not wear his liberal ideology on his chest, and he does not appear to live in the farthest block on the left. He said that Obama substituted class warfare for Clintonism." Americans felt it. Black v White. Minorities v traditional Americans. Christians v Muslims. Establishment v Outsiders... etc. etc. etc. 

Many Clinton New Democrats wish they had gotten a New Democrat President for a few more years before hard left Obama took over. But, they also seemed afraid of Obama, who had been known to be vindictive. So, they did not make waves with this ideologue who had captured everybody's Democratic Party to the point that it was no longer recognizable. Most Democrats began to see the folly in the ideology and they did not vote for more of the same in 2016. But, Obama was definitely there coaxing his once loyal constituency and there were some who fell for it. Nonethess there was an overload of Obama which had almost destroyed the country. Even Democrats voted for Trump rather than four more years of Obama with Hillary Clinton.  

Help People Help Themselves. 

Too bad Obama was not what he once seemed to be. Like Biden but Biden is worst, he cared little about any of us. Yet, we have a natural duty to help those who need help, but we should do so without institutionalizing their neediness and putting Obama in charge of the institution. Creating a permanent needy class by government taking and redistributing the small holdings of struggling citizens is not the way to truly help the poor. 

It is a way, however, for politicians to get credit for giving unearned gifts to the "needy class."   As such it is no wonder politicians, mostly Democrats, through Obama (now Biden) had opted for a major redistribution of wealth. Oh, and of course it did help the newly dependent to prefer to cast their vote for the person who gave them their grab bag full of goodies. They loved Obama but thankfully they do not love Biden as much.   

The greed of politicians has always been a huge problem. It is worst today, however. We all know that at their worst, politicians are the lowliest of the most lowly in spirit and goodness.  The welfare state, the needy state, the dependent sate, gives the political class the opportunity to buy votes using the public treasury. This is a sin unto itself and instead of saying that is how it is, our representatives should end this practice. 

The politician's disdain for being thrifty with public funds is manifest and disgusting. "Gifts" of other people's wealth from politicians is stealing and it is unconstitutional. Even if you have received such a gift, please know that it did not come from a politician. It did not come from the government. It came from your neighbor. 

Gaining without working is a way government breaks the spirit of rugged individualists and freedom lovers. Once on the take, it is tough to become rugged again and get a job.  The largesse does not help American citizens. Instead, it makes us all weaker. Being lumped into this human receiving pot takes Americans further from ever becoming self-sufficient, rugged individuals and contributing members of society with a real stake in the American Dream.  It is a way of forever darkening spirits as the receiver quickly calculates that it is better to take from the government than to work. 

Regardless of how good it makes Joe feel, the government's role is not to take from Harry to give to Joe.  It is Harry's obligation to help Joe as a human being, but not by degrading Joe into a dependent of the state. Likewise, it is Joe's obligation as he sees the hard work of those who help him, to stop taking from them as quickly as can be, and to become a part of the American Dream. 

Unfortunately, many in my party believe that government is the panacea. Government is the big pill bottle and the only medicine for whatever ails you.  I submit that it is too much government that has created and encouraged much of what is wrong with America today. The Democrat Party unfortunately is today's drug pusher if you know what I mean. 

Common Man & Democratic Party 

In today's Democratic Party, the most liberal and greedy politicians appear ready at the drop of a hat to take your hard earned dollars and squander them in full daylight. They will argue "that is the way politics works."  They take your meager wealth and liberally distribute it for projects that are so full of bad, spoiled, pork, that they stink.  Any given day, you can expect your favorite politician to appear unknowingly with the face of the trichina worm, rather than his own, showing his true liberal, greedy self. Too bad we cannot see politicians in the mirror for what they really are. 

It is no longer the common man for whom the Democratic Party Leaders work.   As much as I regret to say it, at the national level, my party's leaders seem to work instead to enrich a whole host of "others" than "we the people."  These include first and foremost, themselves, the extreme left, special interests, Harvard faculty and graduates, and more recently, Chicago faculty and graduates.  The common man is not even on the list. Their major goal of today's progressives is to grow the impact of the government in our daily lives, stealing as much of our small holdings and our freedom with each casting of the ballots. 

There is virtually no Republican opposition that has numerical significance. The eight years of Obama demoralized establishment Republicans into having to become the me-too party. It took them more than two years to accept Donald Trump as the president because he was not one of the RINO elitists. As long as the "me" is satisfied, Republicans too are OK with the plight of America. The leaders of the party of Lincoln have nestled in with Democrats to enjoy the life that Obama gave them and they fought Trump quietly during his four years of great accomplishments. They did not feel they had to fight to make America it better. And, so, they were quite content with Obama's leftovers. When Trump came on the scene they were like Deer in the headlights. Many did not know how to deal with the success of the Party. It seemed they were happier with Obama.  

Moreover, there really are few Conservative Democrats willing to stand up and be counted.  I am a Conservative Democrat and proud of it. Though in my own community, even the press thinks I am unworthy because I am not endorsed by anybody. 

I believe government is to help the people to do what we cannot do ourselves. Even the faux Blue Dogs are no longer willing to think for themselves anymore. In recent legislative battles almost all Democrats, even those who would have once labeled themselves as "blue dogs," gave up their individual vote to Nancy Pelosi's wishes or to Harry Reid's or Check Schumer's.  This is not why you sent them to Congress and so it is time to call them back. 

Worse than that perhaps, there is nobody on the opposition side brave enough to speak up. Even the Speakers won't speak for Americans. John Boehner, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell when they roamed the halls were toothless and they apparently decided that they needed only follow the leadership of the minority party. They have yet to do anything to help Americans though they have the power. The power was given to them by the conservatives, who they now bad-mouth regularly. And, so that is why there is so much disgust in the Republican / Conservative ranks and why Donald Trump made his mark, and why nobody cared that Ted Cruz was not loved by his fellow Senators. They favor treason and Cruz favors a bright and shiny City on the Hill.  

Only Republicans, I am sorry to say stood up to challenge the freedom-stealing steamrollers from my Party in both the House and the Senate. Though some, there were not many. There were few on either side with the guts to stand up to the Party Leaders steering a bad course for America. Some even took bribes for their districts in exchange for their votes. If that is politics as usual then it is time to never invite a politician back to be your representative of the Democratic Party. 


There are many conservatives in the Democratic Party but their voices have been shut off by Party Leadership.  They fear being punished by Democrat Leadership. Matt Cartwright is not one of those afraid. He has no fears because he sold out to Nancy Pelosi for perquisites from his first year in Congress.

Don't let the big shots do this to you. When you have the time, look closely, and you will see that today's Democratic Party Representatives, once a super majority in both the Senate and the House, and now serving in a slim majority role, may not give a damn about you! Make sure you check that out! When has Matt Cartwright helped Northeastern PA?

You will notice that our own cast of actors from Pennsylvania are stealing more of America from the people with each of their votes. The people and only the people can hold these representatives accountable by denying them their most precious reason for being -- your vote and their reelection. Though they no longer pay homage to the electorate, remember, until they actually shred the Constitution publicly, you can vote these bums out of office whenever you have the chance. And you should.  Matt Cartwright should be the first to go.   

These corrupt representatives and their leadership are not stupid people. In fact, they are very smart. They hear Americans from both parties as well as Independents screaming to slow down. Take it easy! What's the hurry?  Are they afraid that so many Americans will wake up that their sinister plots to change America into a Banana Republic will be foiled? 

They cannot help but hear every-day Americans pleading for them to take the time to read the anti-American and the unconstitutional legislation that their minions, the lobbyists, and their computers have conjured up for them.  They do hear but they are compelled to ignore because the people no longer matter to them. The hard left agenda trumps everything, even human life. Those on the right choose to be powerless. 

Look at our Northeastern Pennsylvania representatives and tell me the truth.  Of the lot of them, who is worth keeping?  We recently suffered through over eight years of the worst recession since the Great Depression (Obama's two terms) while Congressional Leaders created Lemmings out of our PA Legislators. Our brood from PA are for whatever Chucky and Nancy command, even though Republicans theoretically have the power. Trump got us back on the right track but Matt Cartwright voted to impeach him.

They think the solution is to tax the people and to spend, spend, spend. Throughout the history of America, recessions have always gotten worse when taxes were raised and government spending of the people's tax money was the order of the day. No wonder there is no recovery for the people. No wonder eight years later there were no jobs and 85% of the college graduates go back home to live with mom and dad.  Then, Donald Trump made America great again but the Democrats plotted to unseat him from his first day in office. We all know that! They got their way and we got Joe Biden and Matt Cartwright instead of a robust economy. Lucky?

We're Broke 

Though we may joke about it, our representatives, especially the bulk of the Democrats in the House, and all of the Democrats in the Senate (shame) are actually spending dollars loaned by Chinese peasants living behind the Great Wall. America is broke. We have no money. Our politicians spent it on their friends. They already sent too much of it to China! 

We cannot tax and spend our way out of this mess.  China is for China. Try telling your representatives you don't believe in how they are voting.  Go ahead! You will be surprised at their arrogance. If you have tried reaching one of these emboldened elite paragons of intellectuality and maturity to offer your opinions as I have, you will be favored by a returned note that confirms your worst suspicions. The raw fact is, "What you think does not matter." 

The response always explains your legislator's opinion in a bully-type response. It is always well written but the verdict is always the same. Their opinion trumps that of the people. Coincidentally, their opinion always seems to match that of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi,  and others who are the only real masters they serve.  It is no longer a euphemism to say that our representatives no longer represent us.  It is reality.  And it is one of the worst reality shows that any of us can ever get to see. 

Coins for Congress? 

I am convinced that if there were a "Coins for Congress" program to unseat the whole lot of them, many of us would quickly get our nickels and dimes out to pitch in to make the program a success.  Wouldn't it be nice if they were all gone and the new guys were already in place and the new guys chose to work for the people and not for themselves? Wait until 2022 and we will have our day. Brian Kelly will help us in NEPA. Matt Cartwright has been a ten-year dud. 

Our "representatives" do not serve us and so, simply, they have got to go, starting right here with our own long-time actors in Pennsylvania. Not getting elected is a sure cure for too many terms. It is the ultimate term limiter.  

Hold on to your nickels and dimes. I have a better way.  "Just throw the bums out!"  And, hopefully, sooner than later. You do not have to pay a nickel or a dime to have these folks extricated from their seemingly entitled comfortable seats in Washington DC. 

Today's Congress, especially the Democrats have made a big mistake.  They have forgotten to take away your freedom to vote.  They are working on that so we cannot relax. Was it a mistake?  Is it possible they have plans so that they will not need your vote?  Maybe they are hoping to bring in millions of new voters from other countries to enshrine their ability to keep their spots in Washington. 

Is Congress for Americans? 

Maybe there are thirty millions of these folks; maybe there are sixty millions. They are already living in America and can be called in to vote merely by being declared citizens? If the Democratic politicians have these new voters, maybe they do not need you or me. We are simply regular Democrats. But, it is possible the Party may think they won't need our votes.  Will we ever be able to get rid of this Congress if they create replacement voters this year, next year, or in subsequent years?  Are we looking at an Invasion of the Body Snatchers that never seemed so real?  

You know deep down that they hope that by having all these new voters, who do not contribute, even to our churches, they will always be elected. They do not mention that the love of giveaways from the people's treasury, which give the politicians their re-elections, are the rationale for their favor. 

The Democrats especially know that these new citizens will pay them back with votes. So, your regular citizen votes will be discounted and not count much in future elections. This may be the last time that the people actually can take action with their votes. If not this year, it is coming soon. In 2022, do not miss the opportunity to take control of the government back from the politicians. Do it before the replacement voters take full control.   

The fact is that in 2022, your vote still does count.  In 2016, voting was a much more valuable right than ever before in the US, and we all use it to elect Donald Trump and we returned America to a Representative Democracy (a Democratic Republic). But the Democrats are persistence and they muscled their way back into control two of the  three facets of government. The Legislative branch and the Executive Branch. Conservatives are the majority in the Judicial Branch but the Democrats are threatening to pack the court to take way this advantage.  

It all starts at home.   Every unresponsive legislator, at least 50 and probably more in the Senate (though only 1/3 are up for office) and the majority of the members of the House, need to be given their pink slips. In Northeastern PA, that means that Matt Cartwright needs to go, regardless of who we elect to represent us.  It all starts with cleaning the House at Home.  

Republicans had their chance for years and they blew it, big time.  But, now is not the time to give up. Republicans, have not tried to turn the US into a post-Romanov Russia. The Schumer /Pelosi combo, in full power now looking for lots more power than McConnell and McCarthy can muster want to create a new Communist Russia. 

This is perplexing but it is clearly their intent. Republicans to their credit have yet to appoint even one Communist Czar. The Democratic controlled Administration seems to be able to find only Communists to serve in their US Government unofficial councils. As witnessed by Van Jones, the deposed Green Czar, these folks are not quiet Communists, but a crew of Czars happy to have their ideology displayed along with their full names. 

Finally, the Republicans have not and are not stopping the movement of the country further and further to the left to fight the Democrat's stifling regulations. Donald Trump took it all on without the proper level of support from the RINO Republicans. Unfortunately, Republicans are moving the country in no direction at all as they have cowarded out of the foray. All of these Democrat regulations are being infused into de-facto law with impunity from a complicit Republican-controlled, Democrat principles dominate Congress. 

I regret to say that it is the Democrats who are doing all this to the people. If I am elected, I will do my best to stop this move post haste.  Without changing philosophies or enabling millions and millions of new voters, Democrats will not be able to win another major election for twenty-years. Enough is enough. 

My candidacy offers the Democratic Party an opportunity to get in line with the thinking of the vast majority of Americans and to stop flirting with another Bolshevik Revolution. 

Tea Parties? 

There is nothing wrong with being a Conservative Democrat. The Tea Party once got a lot of tracking as a real political party. It was never a political party. It was simply a means for the members of the middle class to express frustration at the biased government and the press who somehow and for some reason did not like the middle class -- blacks and whites. .  

Today the ideals of conservatism are embraced by the populist movement that favors Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. I cannot believe all of the one-time staunch Clintonites, who I saw quickly switching parties so they could vote for Donald Trump. This was encouraging as it showed that even Democrats can come around to understanding that we must be nice to America for America to be able to be nice to any of us. 

Congressional Leaders in both parties, and right now mostly the Democrats have an effective but freedom-stealing agenda. Congress has chosen not to listen to the voices of the people. Instead, they are stealing away our basic freedoms, rights, choices, and also a good part of our incomes. 

Obama's executive actions undermined the Constitution but were heralded by Democrats and permitted to stand by gutless Republicans. Trump helped us for four years but as we know Biden began to reverse the good from day one.  Biden has been wrong on every issue for fifty years. No wonder things are bad.

Our representatives in the Democratic Party have hijacked the Party and because they have almost absolute power (dangerous as that may be), they have also hijacked our government.  

Anybody paying attention sees the government leaders changing the idea of "change we can believe in" to the "Nightmare of Change."  Please pay attention.  Watch as there is less and less democracy in this constitutional republic. It is a shame that there is more of each of the following:  Progressivism, Marxism, Socialism, Communism, Fascism, etc. We must stop it, whether we are Democrats or Republicans, Conservatives, or Liberals. 

In order to get the right recipe for this new style of government--a government that would like to take over our very lives, the Congress and the President are currently trying to mix all of these "isms" into a big brew and throw them down our throats.  Rest assured, the mixture will not taste good. 

As the old joke ends, we will all be inclined to want to bring it back up for another vote.  In the words of President Barack Obama, the best virtual crisis creator since the Eggplant that ate Chicago, "it may be too late."  Be warned that "if he's still hungry, the whole country is through."  Well, after four years of Trump Obama is back. He may be the power behind Biden.

Where is Norman Greenbaum, the songwriter who penned the 1950's spoof tune, "The Eggplant that Ate Chicago!" when we need him most? Obama, from Chicago seems not to be content until he completely destroys America even though he is no longer president. .  

Naming Names 

It's time to name some names.  Besides our own Matt Cartwright, against whom, I am pleased to run for Congress, for the 2022 election, there are others at the national level that must be defeated. 


Northeastern PA 

So, now that we have discussed a number of things that are wrong with the Democratic Party, let me tell you how I would change government and the Democratic Party if the citizens of NEPA favor me with their votes.  

If I am fortunate enough to be elected as your Representative for the 8th District of Pennsylvania, I will proudly work to defend life and prevent taxpayer dollars from being used to fund abortion. I will actively work to protect our 2nd Amendment rights.  I will consistently vote against pork spending and will work to roll back the unprecedented growth of government and its impositions on all of our cherished, hard fought freedoms.  Obamacare will be repealed and Healthcare 2017 will be remade into something better with less government control and bureaucracy -- and no stealing from Medicare.  

I will work to repeal all of the lousy, anti-American legislation that was passed this year by our sold-out Congress.  I assure you that among other things, I am opposed to any tax increases and I would be happy to sign any pledge that I will not vote for any new taxes and I will vote to reduce the taxes that are already smothering our economy and those that are about to try to remove our air supply. 

We are near the end of this important essay. Please indulge me for a page or more while I hit on a number of other issues that will help the Democratic Party and will help the people of NEPA if I am elected. 


Way back in 2010, a completely Democratic-controlled Senate and the House passed a health care bill. The purpose was not to make health-care better as there are no paragraphs in the legislation that discuss medical advances that are needed and that will be funded. Instead it was a bureaucratic bungle of do's and don'ts to remove the doctor as the caretaker and replace him or her with the government. My party, the Democrats were thrilled and heralded this major theft of individual freedom from the people. 

The legislation simply took control of healthcare from individuals (Doctors and patients) and gave it to the government. Anticipating being the big winner, the government had already hired enough bureaucrats to institute health care rationing and that is a big part of the new Democratic health care agenda now known as Obamacare.  

Moreover, the bills in Congress provided taxpayer funds for abortions. Just in the last week of March 2016, the Little Sisters of the Poor were before the Supreme Court as Obama tried to slap a $27 million fine on their charitable work which would have ended their existence as a charity provider. 

Bart Stupak who was the stupidest Congressman in 2010 agreed to an amendment that theoretically would tentatively hold the abortion line in the House, but he was aware it would more than likely not hold when the Senate / House Conference Committee finished its work. It did not or the Sisters would not be pleading for the ability to continue to exist. 

Congress does what it wishes regardless of the wishes of the American people.  Because Paul Kanjorski and now Matt Cartwright follows the corrupt Nancy Pelosi's wishes, Cartwright is part of the problem. He is not part of the solution for NEPA nor the Democratic Party. I will work very hard to change this.  It is a top priority and it will be done. 

It is time to send Democratic Leadership -- whatever is left running in 2016-- all the phony Representatives from NEPA and elsewhere in the country, back home for good. It's time for Democrats to put up some good candidates who come from the people and are for the people.   

Campaign Spending 

Originally, I thought I could get by not spending a dime on my 2010 Congressional Campaign v Paul Kanjorski. I was wrong. I am a regular citizen who happened to be a computer consultant by trade. Until after my first campaign, when I chose to support Lou Barletta for Congress, I served Marywood University as an Assistant Professor of Business and Information Technology.  

I won't spend a bundle v Matt Cartwright but I can handle this modest Web Site that cost me about $10.00 for the domain name per year. This year I will spend no more money unless I receive some unsolicited donations. I am counting on gaining name recognition for free. Hopefully, the press to whom I send this release will help for the sake of democracy! Send your Brian Kelly check to PO Box 621, Wilkes-Barre, PA

I am taking donations for past campaigns as well as this one. I still need about $8000 to break even from my mayor campaign and the prior congressional campaign. Feel free to send in your check. Make a small donation to assist in returning democracy to America.  

I did not plan to make the Wedding, Bar Mitzvah, Baptism, or Funeral circuit in NEPA in 2010 and I will not do so in 2022. I did spend almost $5000 on signs and cards and a few ads. It mounts up fast. I plan a few media buys in 2022 so that will tickle the press in NEPA.  I will continue with press releases and new additions to the web site which you are reading.

With today's modern technologies, I don't think that a person willing to break out of the mold of regular person in order to represent his or her community should have to go broke to get elected. I also do not believe that a regular person should have to become a politician to run for office.  I don't believe that a candidate should have to solicit money from others or spend other people's money on an election campaign.  That is not my idea of a representative democracy. But, that is the way it is and this time, I will accept your donations. 

So, I will spend little of my own money and not much of anybody else's.  I will take donations to my campaign but I know from experience they will not be excessive. In my 2010 campaign I spent under $5000 of my own money. I do wish I had it back for my next vacation. Hah! I will take some free radio spots and TV spots that are offered to all candidates and I will make myself available for newspaper interviews that are available to all candidates. I do not plan to be in your face every time you turn around, asking for your vote.  But believe me, I would appreciate your vote for sure. America is at stake and I regret that Matt Cartwright has been asleep for the last ten years.   

I certainly do want to be elected as your representative so that I can help begin a turnaround of a government gone sour.  Can you believe what happened just in the first ten months of 2021? I'd like to spend the next few years sweetening the smell around Washington by removing as muck of the dirty politics as I can. 

Team for Action 

I hope to build a team and a mechanism to create as much high impact, yet simple to read legislation as possible and I hope to shepherd it to get it passed for the good of the people.  That's why most of Congress has to be thrown out in 2022 or nobody's legislation intended for the people, will have a prayer. Though I am a Democrat, my recommendation is to select the best candidate, hopefully a conservative Democrat such as myself or a Republican. Please do not vote for a hard left Democrat such as Matt Cartwright to replace a hard left Democrat or you will have little return for your vote.  The entrenched politicians have a history of protecting their sponsors. It is time for them and their sponsors to get out of Washington. 

More Information 

There is lots of stuff on my web site, briankellyforcongress.com. It will tell you about me and my ideas for a better America for Americans. If you want to read even more, I have written 293 books, many of them about the issues of today. The books are published by Lets Go Publish! (www.letsgopublish.com) and are available for purchase at amazon.com/author/brianwkelly.  


I do need your support to get elected but you don't have to invite me to breakfast or dinner.  Just vote for me by writing my name on the ballot after selecting OTHER. Tell all of your friends, family, and co-workers to vote for me for Congress.  I promise honest conservative, representation. Tell them to visit the site at www.briankellyforcongress.com. 

I know that I am the biggest contrast to anybody in Congress that you'll find in this race or any race -- ever.  I, like you, am an ordinary citizen.  I will serve the people when elected, and I do reserve the right to try for one more before I retire from public life. I will vote for term limitations so the people do not have to purge Congress regularly of people who have lost track of their real mission -- for the people. 

Paul Kanjorski & Matt Cartwright 

I think Paul Kanjorski may have been an OK guy.  I never met him but we in NEPA all knew him. I had no personal beef with him.  He was for a lot of good things, including being pro-life (though only when convenient). I credit him mostly for that.  But, he was also for a lot of bad things, the things conjured up by the Leader of the House, Nancy Pelosi-- such as Obamacare and Cap and Trade. 

Paul Kanjorski was defeated. His successor is more socialist than Kanjo could have ever dreamed. I am talking about Matt Cartwright, an otherwise nice guy. He just is not good for you or I or regular Americans as our representative. He is aligned with Biden and Pelosi. Need I say more? Cartwright is not the right person to represent the 8th District. We can do better! Why settle? 

The Plan 

My plan is to proudly represent the people of Northeastern PA when you choose to elect me. 

If you would like to learn more about how I think on critical issues, and I encourage you to do so, feel free to purchase any of my major patriotic books. As you can see by the titles, they are quite germane to the issues of today. Even if you are philosophically opposed to my candidacy for your own reasons, you can learn a lot about the environment in which we live by reading any of the following books. This should help you be better prepared to pick your own candidate for the 8th District if you believe I am not the proper candidate for you. 

Books by Brian Kelly

(available at amazon.com/author/brianwkelly)


  • Resident Visa and Pay to Go: A long-term immigration fix puts Americans first Let's Go Publish! (LGP!), an American Publisher, 2015
  • Geoffrey Parsons' Land of Fair Play, LGP! 2014
  • Sol Bloom's Epoch Story of the Constitution, LGP! 2014
  • The Bill of Rights 4 Dummmies! LGP! 2014
  • The Constitution 4 Dummmies! , LGP! 2014
  • America 4 Dummmies!, LGP! 2014
  • The Federalist Papers by Hamilton, Jay, and Madison, LGP! 2014
  • Bring on The American Party, LGP! 013
  • No Amnesty! No Way!, LGP! 2013
  • RRR: A Unique Plan for Economic Recovery and Job Creation LGP! 2012
  • Americans Need Not Apply, LGP! 2011
  • Kill the EPA! LGP! 2015
  • Jobs Jobs! Jobs!, LGP 2010
  • Healthcare Accountability, LGP!2009
  • Obama's Seven Deadly Sins. LGP! 2009
  • Taxation without Representation LGP! 2011


* all books published by Lets Go Publish! www.letsgopublish.com

* all books are available at www.bookhawkers.com 

Don't you think it is time that NEPA and the rest of the Country got some real representation?  

Thank you in advance for your support.



Brian W. Kelly

 Thank you for  being part of the quiet populist revolution to save America.