Above: Pat & Marty Election Night / Below: Candidate & Pat Election Day 2010-- Scroll down for more:

If you enjoy the articles on this site, please consider donating to defray the costs and help pay the costs of running.  


I have built the site myself. One of the objectives in my campaign is to prove that a regular citizen can run for Congress without going broke.  I will not take any campaign donations so that nobody has a claim on me and also so that my neighbors do not have to go broke because they want me to represent them. 

Nothing is ever as good as we would like it to be. I hope this site has the right mix of humor (hopefully it will make you smile) and information. I also hope that it helps you gain a perspective of me as your potential representative as I try  to reflect the values and opinions that I will bring to Congress if I am fortunate enough that you and many more favor me with your vote.

The best!