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He won an academic scholarship to King's College and with the help of a National Defense Student Loan, and the Work-Study Program he graduated cum laude with a degree in Data Processing, the pre-cursor degree to Business Information Technology.  While at King's, Kelly was a member of two honor societies, the King's Aquinas Society, and the Delta Epsilon Sigma National Honor Society.  Brian played varsity Baseball for the Monarchs as a catcher and then as a starting pitcher in his Junior and Senior years.

After King's, he joined the IBM Corporation as a Computer Science Systems Assistant where he spent 23 years before retiring, under a special program, as a Senior Systems Engineer.   During his IBM career, Kelly received his M.B.A. summa cum laude in Accounting and Finance from Wilkes University.  After his time at IBM (23 years), Brian accepted a position with College Misericordia as its Chief Technology Director / Internal IT Consultant. At the same time, he initiated his own IT Consulting practice, Kelly Consulting. 

After building the College Misericordia campus network, its connection to the Internet, its email and its Web servers, Kelly left College Misericordia and moved on to spend full time in his own IT business consulting practice. In 2004, Kelly joined the faculty of Marywood University and, in addition to maintaining his consulting practice, Kelly served Marywood as an Assistant Professor of Business Information Technology and as its Systemi technology assistant to the Business Information Technology Faculty. 

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