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Brian Kelly believes that a candidate for people's representative for Congress should not have to be beholden to any person or group of people and so campaign contributions will not be accepted. Please do not send any contributions so that the candidate can avoid the expense of sending checks back uncashed.  Thank you. 

Candidate's Views 

If you want to learn more about Brian Kelly's position on a number of vital issues, feel free to scan the rest of this site as the full platform and Kelly's opinion on a number of important issues can be found right here. 

Books By Brian Kelly 

For many years Brian Kelly has written technical books about IBM's large computer systems.  Most of his 63 books are highly technical in nature and are not appropriate reading for those who are not technically inclined.  

In 2008, during the Bush Administration, concerned about the unresponsiveness of both houses of Congress and other elected officials, Kelly penned the ground-breaking book, Taxation Without Representation: Can the U.S. Avoid Another Boston Tea Party? This book is available at a number of outlets including Amazon.com. 

In early fall of 2009, because a number of chapters of the 2008 book had been dedicated to the issues of the 2008 campaign, Kelly chose to revise and restructure this book, and this work resulted in the December, 2009 release of three new books.  The first is the revised version of the 2008 book known as Taxation Without Representation: 2010 - 2011 Edition.  The second is Obama's Seven Deadly Sins. The third is Healthcare Accountability.  Since the 2010 campaign, Kelly has written twenty-one more books-- Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! and Americans Need Not Apply! are just two of them. 

During the revision of the taxation book, Kelly indended to write a short chapter on Obama times.  To get attention, he decided to call the Chapter Obama's Seven Deadly Sins.  He could have called them mistakes but in many ways they represent the grievous faults of the administration. The chapter was to reflect a number of major differences of opinon between candidate Kelly and President Obama.  When the chapter reached several hundred pages, it was obvious that Kelly had himself a new book.  When the Seven Deadly Sins book came back from the editor, Melissa Glosser Sabol from Plains, PA., it had a few large pieces missing. The editor suggested the parts she excluded be the beginning of yet another new book, and that is the origin of the Healthcare Accountability Book, which is now available for sale at www.bookhawkers.com 

The only source that carries all of Kelly's current books is www.itjungle.com .  Click on the store button on the top and the new books are at the bottom of the page.  Another distributor, Amazon.com carries some of Kelly's books as well as www.mcpressonline.com. The candidate does not distribute or sell his own books.  If you choose to go to the MC Press site, on the left hand side pick authors, and then select Brian W. Kelly and you will see a number of the candidates tech books and hopeflully some of the new ones that we just discussed. 

Feel free to purchase any of the books of which you are interested as it is one of the sources of Kelly's livelihood. Since Brian is self financing his campaign as a regular taxpayer and not as a politician or a rich business owner, purchasing any of these books would help Kelly keep assuring that he can help ends meet in his family finances.  As noted above, no contributions in cash or in kind are accepted by the campaign.  Because he accepts no donations and expends no cash for his campaign. Kelly will not be submitting a campaign finance report.  

It is not that Kelly does not want to win.  He just does not want to play the politician's game. Brian is highly competent and would be pleased to be your representative--the people's representative in District 17.  He believes that Americans should not have to become politicians to replace the bad baggage that today resides in the halls of both Houses of Congress. 

Becoming a machine politician, accepting other people's money to advance a personal goal to help anybody is not his idea of Democracy. Brian thought that he could get by with very few expenditures, get on the ballot, and outline his positions on the people's need to triumph in this election.  Much to his chagrin, he learned that running for public office requires the other people in the district to have a clue as to who he is, and the media outlets are not quite willing to give such data away for free.  Kelly will engage in debates and/or other forums where he does not have to expend the finances that he rightfully refuses to accept.  But, he will personally finance small things such as fliers, business cards, signs,  and some other items that will not set his future retirement into a tizzy in the event that the people vote for more of the same.  

Brian Kelly is firing out multiple press releases per week and he also submits letters to the editor looking for "free" publicity. He believes that if the government created forums for all candidates and nobody could spend more than the free allowance, the people would receive unadulterated facts. And, what is wrong with that.  

New Book May 3, 2010

It has been awhile since after I ran for COngress in May 2010, but this was the first book released right before the Primary.

 On May 3, 2010, Brian Kelly's publisher Lets Go Publish! released a new book from Brian, his 42nd.  Since then he has written 21 more. The book title is Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! and its subtitle is "Where have they gone? When will they return?"  This book is available at www.bookhawkers.com. It is also sold at www.trumpbookshop.com


Additional Means of Communication     

Feel free to enjoy this site and then you will be the first to see the postings from this very unique candidate.

In the meantime, may God bless you and keep you!

Brian Kelly

The best.