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Healthcare Accountability


Healthcare is a right!  How can it not be? Why should some have healthcare and others not have healthcare? Are these issues not at the center of the debate about who gets the bounty produced by the workers in America? 


In days gone by there would have been no dispute, the workers would get their bounty.  Almost sounds piggish to mention that in these days--when rights trump work.


The Barack Obama Healthcare plan which is aptly shortened to Obamacare could never have passed muster with the greatest Americans of our time, the founding fathers. These guys and the 5 million population that were around in the post 1750 era had a tough time asking the Crown for a Crown, if you get my drift. 


So, what is the right of man to healthcare? What are its origins?. Did the right come from Adam and Eve? Did the Apple bite mean that we all became winners in the big fruit lottery? Which of the two were doctors, Adam, the observer, or Eve, the Apple biter?  Or perhaps it was God, who deemed it so?  If there were no Doctors than how could there be healthcare at that time in our human history?  Maybe the hospitals would handle the traffic?  Whoops! no hospitals yet!


Is heat a right?  Is food a right? Do the animals come to man asking to be eaten so that man can survive?  If so, why are there hunters?  When the farmer plants is he concerned about all the others besides his family who need to be fed by his crop -- pro bono?  Should he till a little more or throw more seed because others may want of his harvest.?


Is air a right?  I think you got me on that one.  Yes, I think air is a right.  God provides air. Is milk a right? Are chocolate cupcakes a right? Is air conditioning a right? Is protection from earthquakes and tsunamis a right?


Is sitting at home while your neighbor works a right? Is sharing in the harvest when you do not participate in the planting or the harvest a right? Is taking from a friend's home the things that should have been yours if they had not become his, a right? 


How hard do you think the founding fathers had to reach to come up with the few rights that they believe all of us possess. Has two hundred and a quarter years separated us from the love of freedom those who died so we could live free gave to us: How about these rights:


"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator (who's that guy?) with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.[The only enunciated rights and please note healthcare was not one of them, nor was chocolatecare -- keep listening]    — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, [US] — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends [THE GOVERNMENT WHICH NOW LISTENS NOT TO THE PEOPLE], it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness!


What goof would have written a piece of crap like that?  Well, recent historians have tried to disguise this patriot as a slave owner who cared little about mankind. In fact, the name of the writer is Thomas Jefferson, a man who loathed all attempts to subvert freedom and who loathed the realities of government by "mortal men" even more.


All one has to do is keep reading and just like Harry Reid can gain accord with the President about nascent remarks in our time, how about a real patriot? The Patriot of whom I speak, stubborn as he was, was as good as it got even in disagreement, and he helped us all be what we are. And more importantly, he helped us know what we can be


Accursed as it is in less understanding circles, his name of course is Thomas Jefferson, and we would do well to have him among us today. No, he was not the sole author of the Declaration against England. Many other brave men stood the task and did what needed to be done. The Declaration of Independence of course is a formal explanation of why Congress had voted on July 2, 1776,  to declare independence from Great Britain.  Surely it would have been sooner if Tony Blair were King! 


So, as we evaluate our rights versus our privileges for living in the United States, it is better for all of us to think of all of our wonderments as privileges, reserved by our founding fathers of course only for citizens of the United States of America.  Let others ask and they may receive but if they demand there shall be no receipt.  There are no rights in which one man may appear and demand the rights of another.


And, to be more specific, which founding father would you suspect suggested that the work of the many shall provide for the lack of will to work of the few?


I did not think you could find that one so I will give it to you below:



Healthcare is something that one should expect if you have paid into the system. If Doctors were slaves of the state, indentured to serve without complaint, then many things could be asked of them.


But, they are human beings and so we shall not!



Thinking I had created a notion about individual accountability for healthcare as well as a new idea for funding as much care of those with no insurance as we can, I wrote a book called Healthcare Accountability.  When I originally wrote this brief essay, the printed book titled Healthcare Accountability was is in my hands. You'll love it




This book is sold at amazon.com/author/brianwkelly


The best in life to all!


Do you realize that for all the help that we taxpayers give to so many -- Medicaid, EMTALA, CHIPS, etc, there is no mechanism to account for it all. In other words if upon being treated, the patient gaining help from Medicaid or EMTALA were to become a millionaire, there would be no way to collect because we immediately forgive the bill.  EMTALA hospitals do try to collect but when they cannot, they give up.  No matter when the patient becomes a millionaire, because their is no accounting by the government that uses taxpayer dollars from the treasury, there is no accountability. Tough to believe isn't it! 


The cover text on the book is as follows:


Most Americans are aware of the major battle regarding health insurance and healthcare “reform” that was at its peak in the fall of 2009. Congress was getting ready to spend more than a trillion dollars on a government take-over of healthcare.


The purpose of the take-over was, purportedly, to improve the lives of just 17% of the people -- those that the government determined to have no access to healthcare (a determination with which many constituents tend to disagree).

What about those 17%? What do you think? Should they be on the public tab forever regardless of their status in life? In order to attain accountability, we must keep track of things. President Bush and President Obama both agreed that a database of citizen health records needs to be compiled and it is, indeed, a very good idea. In such as system, there would be records for each citizen in the United States. Biden never mentions accountability. In this way, it would be much easier to get a full picture of a patient in any medical provider’s setting. Clearly this helps in all aspects of healthcare. 


With all the rhetoric about reform, there is little to no talk about accountability. This book not only broaches the subject, it shows that it can be done and how it can be done in a lightly technical but mostly amusing style. Americans need a logical and clear blueprint that defines the terms for organization of online records and discusses the objectionable entities that are positioned to “own” your health data. Let’s keep them forever locked out.


I hope you enjoy reading this book and that you will remain vigilant and take the actions necessary to ensure
that all the people as individuals, and not the government in groupthink, determine the fate of US healthcare.


Not one person whose life is saved would deny the people of the US their just payback once they are well. It
just makes good sense. Learn how inside! I wish you the best!”


Melissa L. Sabol, Editor in Chief